What We Do

PathSource connects education and jobs.

PathSource is America’s premier career navigation and education software. We use short informational interviews on video and curricular tools to empower people to select careers, figure out what to do with their lives and then learn what it takes to get there.

Thousands of informational interviews on video serve as the core of PathSource’s flagship video library. They are surrounded by an interest inventory, pop up questions, online assignments and career data. Our efficacy data shows that this platform is uniquely capable of helping students find a passion, engage in the classroom and gain real world role models outside the realm of sports and music.

After the video library and career database enable students to find their passion,

PathSource’s online curriculum for 21st century job skills and soft skills gives students the ability to find a job or internship and keep it. It teaches them basic, critical skills and helps them avoid making foolish mistakes. The curriculum is modular, enabling business and career exploration teachers to build a customized semester-long curriculum in under 10 minutes.

Students using PathSource learn to be proactive – so that life doesn’t just happen to them.

PathSource shortens the front end of the process of searching for a good fitting career from months and years down to hours. Welcome to America’s leading career exploration platform.

Where We Are

Address: 1633 Bayshore Highway, Suite 222, Burlingame, CA 94010