Curriculum Platform

Blended Learning: Employability Curriculum for 21st Century Jobs

21st Century Job Skills and Soft Skills

Equip your students with the right skills before they enter the workforce.

Today’s world requires far more than just a high school or college degree. To better navigate today’s competitive life and work environments, it is critically important that all students develop practical job skills and soft skills before they enter the job market. These skills can help students find jobs that fit them, perform better at interviews and be successful throughout their career.

Here are some examples of the job skills and soft skills that PathSource covers:
  • Networking
  • Time Management
  • Communication
  • Finance and
    Budget Management
  • Job and
    Career Research
  • Define an
    Education Plan

Customizable Curriculum Playlist

Create a semester long curriculum within minutes.

We have an easy-to-use modular platform for our lesson plans that enables teachers to build a curriculum for each class in under 20 minutes.The process is similar to creating a new music playlist in iTunes. Also, you can select one of the pre-built curriculum templates or use lesson plans that were customized and shared by one of your colleagues.

Video-Enhanced Learning Experience

Engage students with the class content.

We have crafted Life Skills Videos specifically for each lesson plan with interviews, advice and stories from people working in various industries. These videos give your students topic-specific advice and tips from real people in the workforce about the skill sets the lessons are designed to teach your students.

Common Core Standards

All of our lesson plans are aligned with the Common Core Standards and more.

To save your time and effort, our lesson plans were designed to align with the Common Core Standards, the National Career Development Guidelines, the American School Counselors Association National Standards for Students and the National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education.

Customizable Lesson Plans

Want to edit the class content specifically for your students? You can do it right here!

We understand that there’s not a single lesson plan that will fit every student’s needs and teachers often like to tailor class materials for each of their classes. PathSource has enhanced its platform with editing tools so that you can customize almost every element of our lesson plan online.Teachers also have the ability to create multiple versions of a lesson plan without having to edit it repeatedly.

Create Your Own Lesson Plans

Where the best from two worlds come together.

At PathSource, we have encountered many teachers who created and designed their own beautifully crafted lesson plans. A number of them requested the opportunity to use our well-developed curriculum platform to host their lesson plans. We listened and made it both possible and easy to do!

  • Make your paper-based
    curriculum available online
    with our easy-to-use tools.
  • Create assignments online
    and send them to
    your students electronically

Lesson Plan Comparsion Interface

Choose the best lesson plan version that fits your needs, side-by-side.

Lesson plans get updated from time-to-time and educators usually don’t have access to the older versions, even though sometimes those versions work better for a certain group of students. On our advanced curriculum platform, we give you the ability to compare two different versions of the lesson plan side-by-side so that you can choose the best materials for your students.

Automated Blended Learning System

Everything can be scheduled with just a few mouse clicks.

We have created an automation system on our platform to help you get everything done quickly. Simply put a class date on your selected lesson plan and our system will help you make sure your students receive their assignments and required class materials on time. We will notify your students about any available assignments and send them reminders when the assignments are coming due.

Accessible Online and Offline

Only print the class materials you need. Save some trees!

Although we have an online platform, teachers can still utilize our content in an offline setting. The PathSource platform includes an advanced custom-printing tool that enables teachers to print only the class materials that they want to use offline. This tool works for assignments, lesson plan notes and handouts as well.

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