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EVENT PLANNER, IN-DEPTH: Gets To Travel And Meet People

About this video 

Elizabeth goes in-depth about her career as an event planner.
What she likes most about her job is the traveling and the opportunity to hone skills when doing events repeatedly. And she adds that staying on top of technology, which is ever-changing, makes her job challenging. The key decision for her to get into this field was applying despite the fact that she didn't have a lot of experience.

Degree: English Language and Literature
Job Title: Event Planner

Job Summary: Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners

Job Description

Meeting, convention, and event planners coordinate all aspects of professional meetings and events. They choose meeting locations, arrange transportation, and coordinate other details. Whether it is a wedding, educational conference, or business convention, meetings and events bring people together for a common purpose. Meeting, convention, and event planners work to ensure that this purpose is achieved seamlessly.

They coordinate every detail of events, from beginning to end. Before a meeting, for example, planners will meet with clients to estimate attendance and determine the meeting’s purpose. During the meeting, they handle meeting logistics such as registering guests and setting up audio/visual equipment for speakers. After the meeting, they survey attendees to find out what topics interested them the most.

Meeting, convention, and event planners also search for potential meeting sites, such as hotels and convention centers. They consider the lodging and services that the facility can provide, how easy it will be for people to get there, and the attractions that the surrounding area has to offer. More recently, planners also consider whether an online meeting can achieve the same objectives as a face-to-face meeting.

On-the-Job Training

Short-term on-the-job training

Certification Requirement
Recommended by the Convention Industry Council.

Quick Facts

Average salary
Average salary
National Statistic Change Location
$30,000 - $75,000
Projected job growth
Projected Job Growth
40 to 50 percent
Typical schedule
Typical schedule
Full-time, Long hours
Typical workplace
Typical workplace
Office, Indoor
Personal qualities
Personal Qualities
Patience, Problem solving skills, Written communication skills, Verbal communication skills, Technical skills, People skills, Organizational skills

Educational Path

Education requirement
Education Requirement
Bachelor's degree
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P3.instances[0].transcript.parse_transcript_data({"transcript":"<p><span m='0'>The thing</span> <span m='410'>I</span> <span m='480'>like</span> <span m='690'>best</span> <span m='970'>about</span> <span m='1240'>my</span> <span m='1400'>job</span> <span m='3490'>is</span> <span m='4000'>travel,</span> <span m='4520'>meeting</span> <span m='4830'>people,</span> <span m='5160'>going</span> <span m='5400'>to</span> <span m='5530'>different</span> <span m='6370'>places.</span> <span m='8109'>Sometimes</span> <span m='8670'>there's</span> <span m='9505'>a</span> <span m='9840'>similarity</span> <span m='10470'>that</span> <span m='10650'>runs</span> <span m='11020'>between</span> <span m='11660'>events,</span> <span m='12120'>but</span> <span m='12680'>they're</span> <span m='12830'>always</span> <span m='13200'>a</span> <span m='13270'>little</span> <span m='13430'>bit</span> <span m='13600'>different.</span> <span m='14140'>So</span> <span m='14320'>that's</span> <span m='14610'>a</span> <span m='14710'>little</span> <span m='15040'>bit</span> <span m='15140'>of</span> <span m='15200'>a</span> <span m='15280'>challenge,</span> <span m='16140'>but</span> <span m='16360'>at</span> <span m='16460'>the</span> <span m='16530'>same</span> <span m='16860'>time</span> <span m='17800'>you</span> <span m='18520'>can</span> <span m='18810'>really</span> <span m='19970'>acquire</span> <span m='21440'>and</span> <span m='21930'>hone</span> <span m='22420'>your</span> <span m='22910'>skills</span> <span m='24840'>while</span> <span m='25050'>you're</span> <span m='25780'>doing</span> <span m='26030'>the</span> <span m='26130'>same</span> <span m='26390'>thing</span> <span m='26590'>over</span> <span m='26840'>and</span> <span m='26980'>over</span> <span m='27090'>again.</span> <span m='27310'>Make</span> <span m='27470'>it</span> <span m='27550'>a</span> <span m='27570'>little</span> <span m='27750'>better</span> <span m='28040'>each</span> <span m='28260'>time,</span> <span m='28830'>a</span> <span m='28870'>little</span> <span m='28990'>bit</span> <span m='29270'>easier</span> <span m='29500'>to do.</span> </p><p><span m='29930'>The</span> <span m='30000'>challenging</span> <span m='30800'>parts,</span> <span m='31480'>I</span> <span m='32020'>would say</span> <span m='32360'>the</span> <span m='32439'>technology.</span> <span m='33130'>Because</span> <span m='33450'>it's</span> <span m='33810'>ever</span> <span m='34100'>changing.</span> <span m='35310'>There's</span> <span m='35900'>always</span> <span m='36310'>something</span> <span m='36620'>that's</span> <span m='36980'>come</span> <span m='37300'>out</span> <span m='37900'>that</span> <span m='38590'>we</span> <span m='38760'>may</span> <span m='39020'>or</span> <span m='39120'>may</span> <span m='39300'>not</span> <span m='40510'>be</span> <span m='40790'>up</span> <span m='41030'>with.</span> <span m='42570'>And</span> <span m='43050'>just</span> <span m='43520'>keeping</span> <span m='43840'>abreast</span> <span m='44240'>of</span> <span m='44320'>that</span> <span m='44700'>has</span> <span m='46060'>been</span> <span m='46210'>challenging.</span> <span m='46880'>I</span> <span m='47110'>would</span> <span m='47290'>say</span> <span m='48270'>the</span> <span m='48470'>key</span> <span m='48940'>decision</span> <span m='50250'>was</span> <span m='50890'>working</span> <span m='51250'>for</span> <span m='51400'>a</span> <span m='51480'>company</span> <span m='52160'>that</span> <span m='52930'>took</span> <span m='53110'>a</span> <span m='53160'>chance</span> <span m='53510'>on</span> <span m='53650'>somebody</span> <span m='53980'>who didn't</span> <span m='54340'>have</span> <span m='54470'>a</span> <span m='54510'>lot</span> <span m='54730'>of</span> <span m='54800'>experience</span> <span m='55730'>and</span> <span m='56230'>gave them</span> <span m='56620'>a</span> <span m='56680'>position</span> <span m='57640'>that</span> <span m='58280'>requireed</span> <span m='59420'>learning</span> <span m='59830'>on the fly.</span> <span m='61170'>And</span> <span m='62480'>being</span> <span m='62820'>able</span> <span m='63240'>to</span> <span m='64123'>be</span> <span m='64566'>a</span> <span m='65010'>contributer</span> <span m='65680'>right</span> <span m='65990'>from</span> <span m='66330'>the</span> <span m='66470'>get</span> <span m='66730'>go,</span> <span m='66870'>without</span> <span m='67290'>as</span> <span m='67450'>much</span> <span m='67650'>experience</span> <span m='68310'>as</span> <span m='68630'>they</span> <span m='68730'>would have</span> <span m='69155'>liked.</span> </p><p><span m='69580'>I</span> <span m='69780'>think</span> <span m='70030'>it's</span> <span m='70170'>getting</span> <span m='70390'>easier.</span> <span m='71910'>It</span> <span m='72340'>ebbs</span> <span m='72770'>and flows.</span> <span m='73190'>So</span> <span m='74010'>usually</span> <span m='74320'>the</span> <span m='74410'>first</span> <span m='74680'>thing</span> <span m='74870'>to</span> <span m='74980'>go</span> <span m='77060'>in</span> <span m='77360'>any</span> <span m='77940'>type</span> <span m='78310'>of</span> <span m='78700'>marketing,</span> <span m='80630'>for</span> <span m='80910'>right</span> <span m='80960'>or</span> <span m='81290'>wrong, is</span> <span m='81770'>events.</span> <span m='83540'>We</span> <span m='83680'>happen</span> <span m='83960'>to</span> <span m='84080'>think</span> <span m='84360'>that</span> <span m='84550'>events</span> <span m='85954'>are</span> <span m='87358'>an</span> <span m='87826'>integral</span> <span m='88762'>part of</span> <span m='89230'>marketing,</span> <span m='89700'>something</span> <span m='90000'>that</span> <span m='90310'>is</span> <span m='90540'>really</span> <span m='91510'>important</span> <span m='92480'>to</span> <span m='92580'>be</span> <span m='92710'>able</span> <span m='92870'>to</span> <span m='93440'>reach</span> <span m='93690'>out</span> <span m='93880'>to</span> <span m='93980'>people</span> <span m='94590'>and</span> <span m='95760'>meet</span> <span m='96000'>people</span> <span m='96590'>face</span> <span m='96840'>to</span> <span m='96940'>face.</span> <span m='97900'>But</span> <span m='101930'>sometimes</span> <span m='103040'>that's</span> <span m='103800'>not in</span> <span m='104110'>the</span> <span m='104180'>cards.</span> <span m='105320'>So</span> <span m='105640'>that's</span> <span m='106020'>the</span> <span m='106320'>difficulty</span> <span m='106570'>that</span> <span m='106640'>we</span> <span m='107600'>have to face.</span> <span m='109040'>So</span> <span m='109290'>that</span> <span m='109820'>affects</span> <span m='110160'>the</span> <span m='110240'>job</span> <span m='110490'>market</span> <span m='110830'>then.</span> </p><p><span m='111090'>Well,</span> <span m='112020'>it</span> <span m='113220'>used</span> <span m='113510'>to</span> <span m='113580'>be</span> <span m='113740'>a</span> <span m='113790'>little</span> <span m='114030'>bit</span> <span m='114840'>more</span> <span m='116240'>work</span> <span m='116960'>than</span> <span m='117400'>life.</span> <span m='118720'>And</span> <span m='119080'>since</span> <span m='119450'>that</span> <span m='120070'>time,</span> <span m='121320'>I've</span> <span m='122230'>had</span> <span m='122500'>to</span> <span m='122760'>adjust</span> <span m='123760'>what</span> <span m='124200'>I</span> <span m='124310'>do</span> <span m='124730'>in</span> <span m='125130'>terms</span> <span m='125220'>of events.</span> <span m='126160'>Some</span> <span m='126450'>event</span> <span m='126810'>jobs</span> <span m='127280'>require</span> <span m='128030'>25%</span> <span m='128580'>to</span> <span m='128680'>35%</span> <span m='129440'>travel.</span> <span m='130320'>And</span> <span m='130810'>I have</span> <span m='131009'>children,</span> <span m='131440'>so</span> <span m='131530'>I</span> <span m='131630'>can't</span> <span m='131920'>do</span> <span m='132060'>that.</span> <span m='132730'>So</span> <span m='133270'>that's</span> <span m='134020'>kind</span> <span m='134290'>of</span> <span m='134380'>forced</span> <span m='134840'>me</span> <span m='135200'>into</span> <span m='136340'>a</span> <span m='136830'>more</span> <span m='137060'>of</span> <span m='137150'>a</span> <span m='137200'>project</span> <span m='137720'>manager.</span> <span m='139246'>To</span> <span m='139660'>do</span> <span m='140330'>stuff</span> <span m='140780'>that</span> <span m='141380'>is</span> <span m='142440'>laying</span> <span m='142690'>the</span> <span m='142780'>foundation</span> <span m='143190'>for</span> <span m='143600'>events</span> <span m='143840'>rather</span> <span m='144070'>than</span> <span m='144230'>the</span> <span m='144350'>execution.</span> <span m='145360'>And</span> <span m='145550'>that's</span> <span m='145770'>fine.</span> </p>","file":{"id":291116,"video_id":"2711672558001","name":"1116-Elizabeth-p-EventPlanner2 In-Depth","duration":146936,"thumbnail_url":null}});

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