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BARISTA: You Get To Know Coffee Better The More You Work With It

About this video 

Luis shares his story about being a barista at a popular science museum in San Francisco. He talks about what a typical day looks like for him as well as explaining how he makes coffee with a certain type of expresso machine. Luis says this job is easy and fun and gets him by while he works his dream career.

Degree: Dance
Job Title: Barista
Employer: Exploratorium

Job Summary: Food Cooking Machine Operators and Tenders

Job Description

Food processing operators include food batchmakers and food cooking machine operators and tenders. These workers may set up, operate, and tend cooking equipment that mixes, blends, cooks, or otherwise processes ingredients used to manufacture food products.

On-the-Job Training

Short-term on-the-job training

Quick Facts

Average salary
Average salary
National Statistic Change Location
$20,000 - $40,000
Projected job growth
Projected Job Growth
Not applicable
Typical schedule
Typical schedule
Typical workplace
Typical workplace
Indoor, Physically demanding, Hospital / Clinic, Military, Home, Office, Travel
Personal qualities
Personal Qualities
Detail oriented, Hand-eye coordination, Strength/stamina, Teamwork, Technical skills

Educational Path

Education requirement
Education Requirement
Trade/vocational School
High school degree
Associate degree
Recommended majors
Recommended Majors
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P3.instances[0].transcript.parse_transcript_data({"transcript":"<p><span m='0'>My</span> <span m='335'>current</span> <span m='670'>job</span> <span m='1000'>right</span> <span m='1160'>now</span> <span m='1430'>is,</span> <span m='1670'>I'm a barista</span> <span m='2050'>at</span> <span m='2220'>the cafe</span> <span m='2515'>in the</span> <span m='2810'>Exploratorium.</span> </p><p><span m='4140'>A</span> <span m='4220'>typical</span> <span m='4340'>day</span> <span m='4700'>would be</span> <span m='5060'>coming</span> <span m='5450'>in</span> <span m='5870'>and</span> <span m='6080'>counting</span> <span m='6380'>your</span> <span m='6510'>bank</span> <span m='6840'>for your</span> <span m='6990'>register,</span> <span m='7960'>setting</span> <span m='8510'>up</span> <span m='8590'>your</span> <span m='8690'>coffee</span> <span m='8990'>station,</span> <span m='11000'>and</span> <span m='11440'>pretty</span> <span m='11600'>much</span> <span m='11960'>making</span> <span m='12210'>sure</span> <span m='12510'>the</span> <span m='12610'>whole</span> <span m='12760'>counter's</span> <span m='13040'>clean,</span> <span m='13400'>the</span> <span m='13450'>whole</span> <span m='13580'>store's</span> <span m='13920'>clean,</span> <span m='14750'>getting ready to</span> <span m='15100'>go</span> <span m='16140'>for</span> <span m='16379'>a</span> <span m='16420'>long eight</span> <span m='16890'>hour</span> <span m='17210'>shift.</span> <span m='18830'>And</span> <span m='19230'>pretty</span> <span m='19630'>much, you</span> <span m='19690'>just</span> <span m='19940'>kind</span> <span m='20060'>of</span> <span m='20110'>wait</span> <span m='20240'>around</span> <span m='20690'>for</span> <span m='20880'>customers to</span> <span m='21060'>come in,</span> <span m='21460'>which</span> <span m='21520'>usually</span> <span m='21780'>happens</span> <span m='22070'>around</span> <span m='22300'>11:00.</span> <span m='23583'>Lunchtime</span> <span m='24310'>usually is when the</span> <span m='24570'>rush</span> <span m='24840'>comes.</span> <span m='28280'>And the at the end</span> <span m='28690'>of</span> <span m='28910'>the</span> <span m='29020'>day,</span> <span m='29630'>you pretty much</span> <span m='29850'>have to</span> <span m='29980'>clean</span> <span m='30250'>up</span> <span m='30360'>the</span> <span m='30440'>whole</span> <span m='30590'>store</span> <span m='31050'>with</span> <span m='31270'>the</span> <span m='31800'>other</span> <span m='31930'>person that's</span> <span m='32259'>closing.</span> <span m='33630'>And</span> <span m='34030'>that</span> <span m='34430'>usually</span> <span m='34910'>takes</span> <span m='35210'>thirty</span> <span m='35520'>minutes.</span> <span m='35730'>So it's a pretty</span> <span m='36130'>easy</span> <span m='36320'>job</span> <span m='36850'>for</span> <span m='36940'>the</span> <span m='37020'>most</span> <span m='37320'>part.</span> <span m='37770'>Pretty</span> <span m='37970'>fun</span> <span m='38200'>once</span> <span m='38440'>you get</span> <span m='38680'>a</span> <span m='38810'>good group of</span> <span m='39220'>people</span> <span m='39550'>to</span> <span m='39610'>work</span> <span m='39830'>with.</span> </p><p><span m='40080'>There's</span> <span m='40730'>an</span> <span m='41130'>espresso</span> <span m='42940'>machine</span> <span m='43210'>training,</span> <span m='43570'>I guess</span> <span m='43690'>you</span> <span m='43830'>could</span> <span m='44010'>say.</span> <span m='45500'>Starbucks,</span> <span m='45780'>they</span> <span m='45870'>just</span> <span m='46060'>have</span> <span m='46170'>automated.</span> <span m='46610'>You just press a</span> <span m='46890'>button,</span> <span m='48000'>and then</span> <span m='48220'>you add</span> <span m='48370'>all</span> <span m='48460'>the</span> <span m='48530'>ingredients</span> <span m='49740'>and</span> <span m='50190'>steam</span> <span m='50460'>the</span> <span m='50550'>milk</span> <span m='51530'>to a certain</span> <span m='51870'>consistency.</span> <span m='54040'>Versus,</span> <span m='55190'>what we</span> <span m='55300'>have</span> <span m='55480'>here</span> <span m='55590'>is</span> <span m='55790'>the</span> <span m='55850'>manual</span> <span m='56210'>espresso</span> <span m='56510'>machine,</span> <span m='56840'>where you</span> <span m='57040'>have to pack the</span> <span m='57510'>espresso,</span> <span m='58920'>put it</span> <span m='59050'>in</span> <span m='59290'>the</span> <span m='59500'>machine,</span> <span m='60610'>time</span> <span m='60890'>the</span> <span m='61150'>shot,</span> <span m='62310'>see if</span> <span m='62400'>it's</span> <span m='64330'>pouring</span> <span m='64630'>out</span> <span m='64930'>perfectly.</span> <span m='65450'>And if it</span> <span m='65900'>does, then it's</span> <span m='66350'>good to go.</span> <span m='67700'>It's</span> <span m='67950'>pretty</span> <span m='68230'>easy</span> <span m='68430'>for</span> <span m='68520'>the</span> <span m='68610'>most</span> <span m='68850'>part,</span> <span m='69230'>if you just</span> <span m='69640'>get</span> <span m='69720'>the</span> <span m='69810'>hang</span> <span m='69990'>of</span> <span m='70090'>it.</span> <span m='72340'>I don't know</span> <span m='72800'>how to</span> <span m='73260'>explain it.</span> <span m='74180'>It's like an</span> <span m='76680'>easier version</span> <span m='77090'>of being</span> <span m='77230'>a bartender,</span> <span m='77810'>I</span> <span m='78060'>guess you could</span> <span m='78280'>say.</span> </p><p><span m='78940'>My career</span> <span m='79420'>path</span> <span m='79900'>is, I want to be</span> <span m='80380'>a dancer.</span> <span m='80860'>So I'm just</span> <span m='81300'>kind</span> <span m='81410'>of</span> <span m='81460'>making</span> <span m='81620'>money</span> <span m='82440'>on the</span> <span m='82940'>side.</span> <span m='84150'>So right</span> <span m='84320'>now,</span> <span m='85535'>I'm in</span> <span m='85830'>a</span> <span m='86120'>hip hop</span> <span m='86600'>dance group,</span> <span m='86850'>which</span> <span m='87960'>is</span> <span m='88160'>my</span> <span m='88580'>dream.</span> <span m='89630'>So I</span> <span m='89910'>do</span> <span m='90060'>that</span> <span m='90420'>as,</span> <span m='91920'>I guess, a</span> <span m='92420'>hobby</span> <span m='92880'>for</span> <span m='92970'>now.</span> <span m='94240'>And</span> <span m='94690'>I've been</span> <span m='94760'>doing</span> <span m='94870'>that</span> <span m='95240'>for</span> <span m='95540'>seven</span> <span m='95860'>years.</span> <span m='97130'>And</span> <span m='97480'>as</span> <span m='97590'>a</span> <span m='97660'>barista,</span> <span m='98290'>I got a</span> <span m='98420'>job at</span> <span m='98820'>Starbucks</span> <span m='99155'>when</span> <span m='99490'>I was</span> <span m='99840'>19.</span> <span m='102250'>And I've been</span> <span m='103220'>sticking</span> <span m='103450'>to</span> <span m='103640'>a barista</span> <span m='104050'>for</span> <span m='106200'>five</span> <span m='106320'>years</span> <span m='106790'>now.</span> <span m='107730'>I mean,</span> <span m='108200'>it's a fun</span> <span m='108610'>job.</span> <span m='109000'>I</span> <span m='109130'>like</span> <span m='109430'>making</span> <span m='109540'>coffee.</span> <span m='109880'>I've</span> <span m='109950'>tried a different</span> <span m='110400'>job</span> <span m='110610'>at</span> <span m='110770'>first,</span> <span m='111210'>but</span> <span m='111685'>I kind of just</span> <span m='112160'>enjoy working with</span> <span m='112635'>people</span> <span m='113585'>and</span> <span m='114535'>interacting</span> <span m='115010'>with</span> <span m='115485'>customers.</span> <span m='115960'>And</span> <span m='116435'>having a good</span> <span m='116910'>team to work with is</span> <span m='117385'>always fun.</span> </p><p><span m='118800'>Different</span> <span m='119040'>types</span> <span m='119230'>of</span> <span m='119310'>beans,</span> <span m='120220'>how</span> <span m='120320'>strong</span> <span m='120620'>they</span> <span m='120800'>are,</span> <span m='121190'>how they're</span> <span m='121430'>roasted,</span> <span m='122450'>what's the difference</span> <span m='122803'>between</span> <span m='123510'>decaf and</span> <span m='123970'>regular</span> <span m='124480'>beans,</span> <span m='128289'>and just</span> <span m='128490'>how to</span> <span m='128889'>taste the</span> <span m='129139'>coffee</span> <span m='130300'>the</span> <span m='130389'>right</span> <span m='130590'>way,</span> <span m='130750'>I</span> <span m='130800'>guess you could</span> <span m='131130'>say.</span> <span m='133760'>You</span> <span m='133840'>kind of</span> <span m='133960'>get to</span> <span m='134400'>know</span> <span m='134670'>coffee</span> <span m='135140'>the</span> <span m='135210'>more</span> <span m='135360'>you</span> <span m='135450'>work</span> <span m='135600'>with</span> <span m='135730'>it.</span> <span m='135910'>I</span> <span m='136280'>didn't</span> <span m='136380'>like it at</span> <span m='136650'>first,</span> <span m='137200'>but once you</span> <span m='137440'>start</span> <span m='137865'>working</span> <span m='138290'>around</span> <span m='138570'>it</span> <span m='138650'>more</span> <span m='138965'>and get</span> <span m='139280'>the effects</span> <span m='139780'>of it,</span> <span m='140280'>once you keep</span> <span m='140780'>drinking it,</span> <span m='141280'>it just kind of makes</span> <span m='141780'>your day</span> <span m='142280'>better.</span> <span m='143280'>Give it a shot</span> <span m='143510'>if you</span> <span m='143720'>don't</span> <span m='143820'>like</span> <span m='144060'>coffee.</span> <span m='144420'>I didn't</span> <span m='144830'>like it</span> <span m='145330'>when I first started,</span> <span m='146330'>but</span> <span m='146830'>it's a fun</span> <span m='147000'>job.</span> <span m='147750'>It's good to</span> <span m='148198'>be in</span> <span m='149094'>if you're</span> <span m='149542'>in school.</span> <span m='150810'>You get tips,</span> <span m='152065'>get to</span> <span m='152510'>work with people,</span> <span m='153795'>and you make</span> <span m='154190'>drinks.</span> <span m='155390'>It's fun.</span> </p>","file":{"id":290470,"video_id":"2711042402001","name":"1117-Luis-p-Barista","duration":157107,"thumbnail_url":null}});