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About this video 

Myla shares her story about working as a street maintenance supervisor. She talks about what a typical day looks like for her, and how she got this job. Myla says she enjoys her job because she's not in an office and meets all sorts of people while providing
"nice customer service." Plus, she gives advice to those thinking about getting into the janitorial field.

Job Title: Street Maintenance Supervisor

Job Summary: Janitors and Cleaners, Except Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners

Job Description

Janitors and building cleaning workers keep office buildings, schools, hospitals, retail stores, hotels, and other places clean, sanitary, and in good condition. Some do only cleaning, while others have a wide range of outside duties, including mowing lawns, sweeping walkways, or shoveling snow. Some janitors also monitor the heating and cooling system, ensuring that it functions properly, and may be responsible for repairing small problems with electricity or plumbing, such as leaky faucets.

On-the-Job Training

Moderate-term on-the-job training

Additional Info

Most janitors and building cleaners learn on the job. Beginners typically work with a more experienced janitor or cleaner, learning how to use and maintain machines, such as wet-and-dry vacuums and floor buffers and polishers. They may also learn on the job how to repair minor problems with the electricity or plumbing.

Certification Requirement
Recommended by the Building Service Contractors Association International and the International Sanitary Supply Association.

Quick Facts

Average salary
Average salary
National Statistic Change Location
$15,000 - $36,000
Projected job growth
Projected Job Growth
5 to 15 percent
Typical schedule
Typical schedule
Full-time, Part-time
Typical workplace
Typical workplace
Remote, Hospital / Clinic, Office, Indoor, Outdoor, Physically demanding
Personal qualities
Personal Qualities
People skills, Strength/stamina, Technical skills

Educational Path

Education requirement
Education Requirement
High school degree
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P3.instances[0].transcript.parse_transcript_data({"transcript":"<p><span m='140'>I'm</span> <span m='400'>a</span> <span m='660'>street</span> <span m='1020'>maintenance</span> <span m='1650'>supervisor.</span> <span m='2620'>I've</span> <span m='2740'>been</span> <span m='2880'>here</span> <span m='3070'>for</span> <span m='3220'>14</span> <span m='3800'>years.</span> <span m='4836'>Pretty</span> <span m='5322'>busy.</span> <span m='7752'>Just</span> <span m='8238'>the</span> <span m='8724'>regular</span> <span m='9210'>hustle</span> <span m='9696'>and bustle.</span> </p><p><span m='12140'>A</span> <span m='12220'>lot</span> <span m='12480'>of</span> <span m='12950'>cleaning,</span> <span m='14158'>but</span> <span m='14586'>it's</span> <span m='15014'>wonderful.</span> <span m='15870'>It's</span> <span m='16300'>in the</span> <span m='16570'>open,</span> <span m='16970'>it's</span> <span m='17415'>fresh.</span> <span m='18750'>You</span> <span m='18880'>get</span> <span m='19090'>to</span> <span m='19180'>meet</span> <span m='19870'>people</span> <span m='20290'>every</span> <span m='20560'>day,</span> <span m='22790'>send</span> <span m='22960'>people</span> <span m='23250'>to</span> <span m='23890'>the</span> <span m='24020'>university</span> <span m='24730'>and</span> <span m='25090'>stuff,</span> <span m='26710'>regular</span> <span m='27990'>conversation.</span> <span m='30126'>Good--</span> <span m='31010'>what</span> <span m='31452'>do</span> <span m='31900'>you</span> <span m='32210'>call</span> <span m='32500'>that?</span> <span m='34720'>Customer</span> <span m='35180'>service.</span> <span m='37020'>Nice</span> <span m='37200'>customer</span> <span m='37605'>service.</span> </p><p><span m='38610'>So</span> <span m='38950'>I'm</span> <span m='39210'>just</span> <span m='39700'>a</span> <span m='40080'>manual</span> <span m='40550'>street</span> <span m='40910'>sweeper.</span> <span m='41590'>So</span> <span m='41940'>I</span> <span m='42170'>go</span> <span m='42420'>from</span> <span m='43470'>lots</span> <span m='43870'>of</span> <span m='43940'>block</span> <span m='44580'>cleaning</span> <span m='45250'>and</span> <span m='48022'>picking</span> <span m='48484'>up</span> <span m='48946'>trash,</span> <span m='49408'>and</span> <span m='50800'>just</span> <span m='51160'>sweeping</span> <span m='51750'>and</span> <span m='52200'>making</span> <span m='52410'>an</span> <span m='52600'>area</span> <span m='53010'>look</span> <span m='53270'>a</span> <span m='53530'>little</span> <span m='53740'>bit</span> <span m='53940'>tidy.</span> <span m='54310'>That's about</span> <span m='54746'>it.</span> </p><p><span m='56054'>I got</span> <span m='56490'>into this</span> <span m='56770'>job</span> <span m='57155'>fresh</span> <span m='57540'>out of</span> <span m='57962'>high school.</span> <span m='59230'>So</span> <span m='60240'>my</span> <span m='60360'>career</span> <span m='60720'>path</span> <span m='61270'>was</span> <span m='62600'>probably</span> <span m='63120'>janitorial</span> <span m='63800'>service.</span> <span m='64870'>So</span> <span m='65790'>I</span> <span m='66140'>worked</span> <span m='66490'>for</span> <span m='66660'>this</span> <span m='66810'>company</span> <span m='67210'>doing</span> <span m='67480'>janitorial</span> <span m='67952'>service.</span> <span m='68424'>And</span> <span m='68896'>then</span> <span m='69370'>a</span> <span m='69510'>position</span> <span m='70020'>came</span> <span m='70340'>open,</span> <span m='71200'>and</span> <span m='71330'>I applied</span> <span m='71630'>for it,</span> <span m='71860'>and</span> <span m='72300'>I</span> <span m='72410'>got</span> <span m='72700'>it.</span> </p><p><span m='73970'>Great</span> <span m='74370'>customer</span> <span m='74760'>skills,</span> <span m='76200'>like</span> <span m='77160'>just</span> <span m='77640'>being</span> <span m='78120'>able</span> <span m='78495'>to</span> <span m='78870'>talk</span> <span m='79160'>to</span> <span m='79270'>people,</span> <span m='79640'>embrace</span> <span m='80050'>people,</span> <span m='81010'>smiling.</span> <span m='83510'>Something</span> <span m='84210'>that</span> <span m='84550'>a</span> <span m='84760'>office</span> <span m='85250'>job</span> <span m='85720'>doesn't</span> <span m='86200'>offer you</span> <span m='86680'>that much,</span> <span m='87160'>because you're</span> <span m='87640'>behind the</span> <span m='88120'>desk and</span> <span m='88600'>a computer.</span> <span m='90040'>The</span> <span m='90260'>advice</span> <span m='90550'>I would</span> <span m='90860'>give to</span> <span m='91220'>anyone</span> <span m='91710'>that's</span> <span m='92930'>looking</span> <span m='93400'>to get</span> <span m='93620'>into</span> <span m='93800'>this</span> <span m='94310'>field,</span> <span m='95070'>I</span> <span m='95250'>would</span> <span m='95400'>say</span> <span m='96072'>hold</span> <span m='96410'>your head</span> <span m='96795'>up,</span> <span m='97180'>smile.</span> <span m='97780'>Don't</span> <span m='98020'>be</span> <span m='98170'>ashamed--</span> <span m='98906'>this</span> <span m='99250'>is</span> <span m='99750'>just work,</span> <span m='100400'>everybody</span> <span m='100700'>got</span> <span m='101000'>to</span> <span m='101300'>do</span> <span m='101600'>it.</span> </p>","file":{"id":290484,"video_id":"2711051380001","name":"1138-Myla-p-StreetMaintenanceSupervisor","duration":102586,"thumbnail_url":null}});