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CONSTRUCTION OPERATOR: We Run All The Equipment Out Here

About this video 

Kip shares his story working as Construction Operator. He and the workers are responsible for running all the equipment and checking to make sure everything is safe and ready to go before starting work.
Kip talks about how he got into the field of construction and how technology has changed the equipment. He also shares the challenges he faces on the job and provides advice to young people wanting to get into construction.

Job Title: Operator

Job Summary: Crane and Tower Operators

Job Description

Material moving machine operators use machinery to transport various objects. Crane and tower operators use tower and cable equipment to lift and move materials, machinery, or other heavy objects. Operators extend and retract horizontal arms and lower and raise hooks attached to cables at the end of their crane or tower. Operators are usually guided by other workers on the ground using hand signals or a radio. Most crane and tower operators work at construction sites or major ports, where they load and unload cargo. Some also work in iron and steel mills.

On-the-Job Training

Long-term on-the-job training

Additional Info

Several states and many cities require crane operators to be licensed. To get a license, operators typically must complete a skills test in which they show that they can control a crane. They also usually must pass a written exam that tests their knowledge of safety rules and procedures.

Certification Requirement

Quick Facts

Average salary
Average salary
National Statistic Change Location
$20,000 - $50,000
Projected job growth
Projected Job Growth
10 to 20 percent
Typical schedule
Typical schedule
Typical workplace
Typical workplace
Outdoor, Indoor
Personal qualities
Personal Qualities
Likes working with hands, Technical skills

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P3.instances[0].transcript.parse_transcript_data({"transcript":"<p><span m='100'>Operator.</span> <span m='720'>Safety</span> <span m='1100'>is</span> <span m='1250'>a</span> <span m='1300'>big</span> <span m='1510'>issue</span> <span m='1880'>out</span> <span m='2009'>here.</span> <span m='2190'>We</span> <span m='2330'>have</span> <span m='2510'>to</span> <span m='2640'>do</span> <span m='2800'>a</span> <span m='2850'>lot</span> <span m='3070'>of</span> <span m='3120'>safety</span> <span m='3560'>issues.</span> <span m='5370'>Basically,</span> <span m='5725'>we</span> <span m='6080'>run</span> <span m='6320'>all</span> <span m='6480'>the</span> <span m='6580'>equipment</span> <span m='6990'>out</span> <span m='7190'>here.</span> <span m='8500'>From</span> <span m='8780'>the</span> <span m='9060'>trucks</span> <span m='9620'>to</span> <span m='9720'>the</span> <span m='9890'>cranes</span> <span m='10965'>to</span> <span m='11290'>the</span> <span m='11772'>backhoes,</span> <span m='12254'>everything.</span> </p><p><span m='13220'>We</span> <span m='13460'>get here</span> <span m='13870'>about</span> <span m='14160'>6</span> <span m='14390'>o'clock.</span> <span m='14850'>We</span> <span m='14970'>can't</span> <span m='15200'>start</span> <span m='15520'>the</span> <span m='15610'>job</span> <span m='15990'>here</span> <span m='16370'>in</span> <span m='16520'>Berkeley</span> <span m='17020'>until</span> <span m='17220'>7:30</span> <span m='17860'>because that's</span> <span m='18310'>the</span> <span m='19020'>regulation</span> <span m='20095'>of</span> <span m='20500'>the</span> <span m='20850'>city.</span> <span m='21600'>So</span> <span m='21980'>I</span> <span m='22090'>get</span> <span m='22310'>here.</span> <span m='22730'>I</span> <span m='22780'>go</span> <span m='22960'>through</span> <span m='23200'>all</span> <span m='23410'>the</span> <span m='23490'>cranes.</span> <span m='23765'>We</span> <span m='24040'>check</span> <span m='24340'>oil,</span> <span m='24720'>we check</span> <span m='25030'>all the</span> <span m='25430'>maintenance</span> <span m='25830'>stuff.</span> <span m='26560'>And</span> <span m='26780'>pretty</span> <span m='27030'>much,</span> <span m='27560'>we</span> <span m='27820'>do</span> <span m='27970'>everything</span> <span m='28330'>that</span> <span m='28480'>we</span> <span m='28590'>have</span> <span m='28810'>to</span> <span m='28910'>do</span> <span m='29000'>before we</span> <span m='29360'>get the</span> <span m='29630'>day</span> <span m='29960'>started.</span> <span m='30480'>And</span> <span m='30921'>then</span> <span m='31803'>we just</span> <span m='32244'>move on</span> <span m='32685'>from</span> <span m='33126'>there.</span> </p><p><span m='34010'>I've</span> <span m='34100'>been</span> <span m='34360'>in</span> <span m='34460'>the</span> <span m='34550'>trade</span> <span m='34920'>all</span> <span m='35050'>my</span> <span m='35190'>life.</span> <span m='37530'>My</span> <span m='38010'>best</span> <span m='38240'>friend</span> <span m='38510'>actually</span> <span m='38800'>got</span> <span m='39020'>me</span> <span m='39880'>into</span> <span m='40140'>the</span> <span m='40260'>crane</span> <span m='40500'>operating.</span> <span m='41760'>So</span> <span m='42590'>that's where</span> <span m='43082'>I got it.</span> <span m='44560'>The</span> <span m='44650'>technology</span> <span m='45240'>has</span> <span m='45430'>become</span> <span m='46440'>more</span> <span m='48160'>intense.</span> <span m='49640'>It's</span> <span m='49870'>not</span> <span m='50130'>just</span> <span m='50380'>jump</span> <span m='51330'>on</span> <span m='51470'>the</span> <span m='51870'>equipment</span> <span m='52270'>and run it.</span> <span m='52980'>A lot</span> <span m='53260'>of</span> <span m='53360'>it's</span> <span m='53500'>digital,</span> <span m='54180'>a</span> <span m='54350'>lot</span> <span m='54540'>of</span> <span m='54650'>it's</span> <span m='54990'>electronic.</span> <span m='56480'>If</span> <span m='56870'>you</span> <span m='56980'>don't</span> <span m='57200'>pay</span> <span m='57350'>attention,</span> <span m='58630'>somebody</span> <span m='58950'>can</span> <span m='59110'>get</span> <span m='59270'>hurt,</span> <span m='59630'>and</span> <span m='59830'>that's</span> <span m='60050'>not</span> <span m='60220'>what</span> <span m='60360'>we</span> <span m='60450'>want</span> <span m='60630'>out</span> <span m='60800'>here.</span> </p><p><span m='62130'>We're</span> <span m='62460'>pretty</span> <span m='62890'>lenient</span> <span m='63320'>out</span> <span m='63510'>here.</span> <span m='64410'>We can</span> <span m='64550'>do</span> <span m='64709'>a</span> <span m='64810'>lot</span> <span m='65069'>of</span> <span m='65150'>stuff.</span> <span m='69700'>I</span> <span m='69820'>just</span> <span m='69990'>like</span> <span m='70190'>it.</span> <span m='71470'>We</span> <span m='71530'>get</span> <span m='71690'>out,</span> <span m='71980'>we</span> <span m='72070'>get</span> <span m='72210'>to</span> <span m='72340'>speak</span> <span m='72650'>with</span> <span m='72820'>everybody.</span> <span m='73270'>We get</span> <span m='73480'>to see</span> <span m='73660'>a</span> <span m='73710'>lot</span> <span m='73900'>of</span> <span m='73970'>people.</span> <span m='74230'>We get</span> <span m='74460'>to go</span> <span m='74600'>to</span> <span m='74680'>different</span> <span m='74960'>job</span> <span m='75220'>sites.</span> <span m='75830'>When</span> <span m='76240'>we</span> <span m='76330'>have</span> <span m='76490'>to</span> <span m='76590'>do</span> <span m='76740'>the</span> <span m='76820'>jobs</span> <span m='77115'>in</span> <span m='77410'>the</span> <span m='77540'>cities,</span> <span m='77935'>there's</span> <span m='78330'>a lot,</span> <span m='78715'>a</span> <span m='79100'>lot</span> <span m='79320'>of</span> <span m='79400'>stuff</span> <span m='79780'>going on.</span> <span m='80160'>So</span> <span m='80430'>you</span> <span m='80670'>really</span> <span m='80890'>have to</span> <span m='81180'>pay</span> <span m='81410'>attention.</span> </p><p><span m='82120'>Being</span> <span m='82360'>in</span> <span m='82440'>the</span> <span m='82530'>city</span> <span m='82770'>is</span> <span m='82890'>probably</span> <span m='83150'>the</span> <span m='83250'>most</span> <span m='83520'>challenging</span> <span m='84540'>aspect</span> <span m='85010'>of</span> <span m='85120'>our</span> <span m='85280'>job.</span> <span m='85820'>There's</span> <span m='86020'>a</span> <span m='86080'>lot</span> <span m='86340'>of</span> <span m='86430'>rules</span> <span m='86700'>in</span> <span m='86790'>the</span> <span m='86880'>cities.</span> <span m='87640'>We</span> <span m='87810'>have</span> <span m='87990'>to</span> <span m='88070'>deal</span> <span m='88260'>with</span> <span m='88540'>OSHA,</span> <span m='88985'>which is</span> <span m='89430'>a</span> <span m='89550'>big</span> <span m='90050'>third-party</span> <span m='90820'>safety.</span> <span m='91880'>We</span> <span m='92260'>have to</span> <span m='92640'>deal with</span> <span m='92900'>a</span> <span m='92950'>lot</span> <span m='93240'>of</span> <span m='93300'>stuff</span> <span m='93600'>like</span> <span m='93830'>that.</span> <span m='94800'>There's</span> <span m='95150'>so</span> <span m='95340'>many rules</span> <span m='95550'>and regulations.</span> <span m='96590'>As</span> <span m='96770'>you can</span> <span m='97000'>tell,</span> <span m='97280'>I'm wearing</span> <span m='97510'>a hard</span> <span m='97930'>hat.</span> <span m='98320'>I</span> <span m='98710'>live</span> <span m='98880'>in</span> <span m='98940'>my hard</span> <span m='99360'>hat</span> <span m='99580'>and my</span> <span m='100050'>safety</span> <span m='100460'>vest.</span> <span m='101220'>If</span> <span m='101440'>you</span> <span m='101590'>do</span> <span m='101750'>construction,</span> <span m='102010'>this is</span> <span m='102450'>what</span> <span m='102610'>you</span> <span m='102690'>have</span> <span m='102870'>to</span> <span m='102970'>do.</span> </p><p><span m='103740'>Wow,</span> <span m='104200'>there's</span> <span m='104370'>a</span> <span m='104420'>lot</span> <span m='104720'>of</span> <span m='104760'>advice that</span> <span m='105220'>you can</span> <span m='105470'>give.</span> <span m='105820'>The</span> <span m='105890'>best</span> <span m='106330'>one</span> <span m='106500'>is,</span> <span m='107060'>I</span> <span m='107240'>think,</span> <span m='108976'>to</span> <span m='109840'>basically</span> <span m='113950'>find</span> <span m='114120'>a</span> <span m='114180'>mentor</span> <span m='114660'>in</span> <span m='114810'>the</span> <span m='114880'>construction</span> <span m='115490'>field</span> <span m='116050'>and</span> <span m='116650'>follow</span> <span m='117000'>him.</span> <span m='117880'>If</span> <span m='118070'>it's</span> <span m='118200'>something</span> <span m='118500'>you</span> <span m='118670'>like,</span> <span m='119390'>then</span> <span m='119540'>run</span> <span m='119750'>with</span> <span m='119880'>it.</span> <span m='120600'>But</span> <span m='121160'>find</span> <span m='121400'>you</span> <span m='121500'>a</span> <span m='121590'>mentor.</span> <span m='121990'>There's</span> <span m='122160'>a</span> <span m='122250'>lot</span> <span m='122460'>of us</span> <span m='122550'>out here</span> <span m='122850'>that mentor</span> <span m='123150'>kids.</span> </p>","file":{"id":290539,"video_id":"2711343826001","name":"1186-Kip-p-ConstructionOperator","duration":124483,"thumbnail_url":null}});