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LINE COOK: Started Baking Pastries In High School, Became Career

About this video 

Culinary Art school leads one to success as a Line Cook for an upscale restaurant in San Francisco.

Degree: Cooking and Related Culinary Arts
Job Title: Line Cook

Job Summary: Chefs and Cooks

Job Description

Chefs and cooks oversee the daily food preparation at restaurants or other places where food is served. They direct kitchen staff and handle any food-related concerns.

On-the-Job Training

Short-term on-the-job training

Additional Info

A growing number of chefs and head cooks receive formal training at community colleges, technical schools, culinary arts schools, and 2-year or 4-year institutions. Students in culinary programs spend most of their time in kitchens practicing their cooking skills. These programs cover all aspects of kitchen work, including menu planning, food sanitation procedures, and purchasing and inventory methods. Most formal training programs also require students to get experience in a commercial kitchen through an internship, apprenticeship, or out-placement program.

Certification Requirement
Recommended by the American Culinary Federation.

Quick Facts

Average salary
Average salary
National Statistic Change Location
$25,000 - $70,000
Projected job growth
Projected Job Growth
Not applicable
Typical schedule
Typical schedule
Full-time, Irregular, Long hours, Varies Widely
Typical workplace
Typical workplace
Hospital / Clinic, Indoor, Home, Military
Personal qualities
Personal Qualities
Creativity, Leadership ability, Likes working with hands, Organizational skills, Teamwork

Educational Path

Education requirement
Education Requirement
Associate degree
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P3.instances[0].transcript.parse_transcript_data({"transcript":"<p><span m='1560'>So</span> <span m='2500'>my</span> <span m='2790'>name is</span> <span m='3020'>Alex</span> <span m='3280'>Smith.</span> <span m='3940'>I</span> <span m='4280'>work</span> <span m='4590'>as</span> <span m='4870'>a</span> <span m='5120'>line cook</span> <span m='5480'>in</span> <span m='5690'>San</span> <span m='6120'>Francisco.</span> <span m='7620'>So</span> <span m='8010'>that's</span> <span m='8790'>basically</span> <span m='9800'>what</span> <span m='9910'>I</span> <span m='10020'>do</span> <span m='10540'>every</span> <span m='10750'>day.</span> </p><p><span m='10990'>So</span> <span m='11290'>I</span> <span m='11380'>go</span> <span m='11560'>into</span> <span m='11800'>a</span> <span m='11820'>restaurant.</span> <span m='12890'>I</span> <span m='13300'>prep</span> <span m='13570'>out</span> <span m='13980'>my</span> <span m='14090'>station</span> <span m='14960'>for</span> <span m='15100'>service.</span> <span m='15740'>And</span> <span m='16660'>I</span> <span m='16900'>cook</span> <span m='17140'>a whole bunch</span> <span m='17420'>of</span> <span m='17470'>food for a</span> <span m='17890'>whole bunch of people.</span> <span m='18730'>And</span> <span m='19340'>I</span> <span m='19470'>love</span> <span m='19630'>it.</span> <span m='19820'>I</span> <span m='20050'>really</span> <span m='20250'>do.</span> </p><p><span m='20970'>I</span> <span m='21500'>went</span> <span m='21800'>to</span> <span m='22290'>CCA,</span> <span m='22810'>California</span> <span m='23340'>Culinary</span> <span m='23990'>Academy</span> <span m='24210'>in</span> <span m='24350'>San</span> <span m='24680'>Francisco.</span> <span m='26130'>I moved</span> <span m='26485'>out</span> <span m='26840'>here</span> <span m='27000'>from the</span> <span m='27260'>Midwest.</span> <span m='27520'>That was</span> <span m='28020'>a very</span> <span m='28520'>big</span> <span m='28760'>change,</span> <span m='29920'>culture</span> <span m='30225'>shock,</span> <span m='30530'>if you</span> <span m='30910'>will.</span> </p><p><span m='33250'>I</span> <span m='36110'>got</span> <span m='36400'>started</span> <span m='37230'>in</span> <span m='37360'>high</span> <span m='37540'>school.</span> <span m='38130'>I</span> <span m='38420'>liked</span> <span m='38620'>to</span> <span m='38760'>bake</span> <span m='40000'>pastries and</span> <span m='40420'>stuff,</span> <span m='41400'>very</span> <span m='41700'>mediocre</span> <span m='42170'>things,</span> <span m='43030'>very</span> <span m='43448'>amateurish.</span> <span m='44284'>And</span> <span m='45540'>I</span> <span m='45710'>decided</span> <span m='46050'>that</span> <span m='46170'>it</span> <span m='46980'>was</span> <span m='47110'>something that</span> <span m='47420'>I could</span> <span m='47730'>do</span> <span m='48040'>because</span> <span m='48420'>I</span> <span m='48470'>didn't</span> <span m='48750'>really</span> <span m='49360'>have any</span> <span m='49778'>other</span> <span m='50196'>ideas</span> <span m='51450'>with</span> <span m='52020'>what I</span> <span m='52210'>wanted</span> <span m='52510'>to do with</span> <span m='52810'>my</span> <span m='52910'>life</span> <span m='53340'>basically.</span> </p><p><span m='55956'>So</span> <span m='56380'>I</span> <span m='56470'>decided</span> <span m='57070'>to</span> <span m='57820'>look</span> <span m='58030'>at</span> <span m='58250'>culinary</span> <span m='58760'>schools.</span> <span m='59090'>And</span> <span m='59420'>my</span> <span m='59473'>uncle,</span> <span m='59526'>who</span> <span m='59580'>lives</span> <span m='60020'>in</span> <span m='60220'>East</span> <span m='60500'>Bay,</span> <span m='61280'>told</span> <span m='61580'>me</span> <span m='61790'>to</span> <span m='62200'>check</span> <span m='62450'>out schools</span> <span m='62740'>in</span> <span m='63030'>San Francisco</span> <span m='63530'>because it's a</span> <span m='64030'>food mecca.</span> <span m='64530'>And it's</span> <span m='64795'>great</span> <span m='65060'>out</span> <span m='65230'>here.</span> <span m='66730'>So</span> <span m='67530'>I</span> <span m='68720'>spontaneously</span> <span m='69195'>decided</span> <span m='69670'>to</span> <span m='70310'>check</span> <span m='70570'>out</span> <span m='70800'>a</span> <span m='71110'>bunch</span> <span m='71320'>of</span> <span m='71930'>culinary</span> <span m='72380'>schools</span> <span m='72810'>in the Bay</span> <span m='73240'>Area.</span> <span m='73720'>And</span> <span m='74200'>I</span> <span m='74680'>stumbled upon</span> <span m='75160'>CCA,</span> <span m='75640'>and</span> <span m='76600'>here I</span> <span m='77080'>am.</span> </p><p><span m='79480'>I</span> <span m='79560'>guess</span> <span m='79890'>the</span> <span m='80080'>only</span> <span m='80530'>advice</span> <span m='81010'>that</span> <span m='81150'>I</span> <span m='81260'>have</span> <span m='82160'>is</span> <span m='82940'>to</span> <span m='84386'>pick</span> <span m='84880'>a</span> <span m='85260'>career</span> <span m='85620'>path</span> <span m='86488'>that</span> <span m='87344'>you</span> <span m='87772'>want.</span> <span m='88200'>It</span> <span m='88510'>sucks</span> <span m='89480'>having</span> <span m='89920'>to</span> <span m='90670'>work</span> <span m='90990'>at a</span> <span m='91220'>job</span> <span m='91600'>that you</span> <span m='92090'>don't like.</span> <span m='92580'>And</span> <span m='93550'>where</span> <span m='94555'>all you</span> <span m='94960'>do</span> <span m='95215'>on a</span> <span m='95470'>daily</span> <span m='95942'>basis is</span> <span m='96414'>just come in,</span> <span m='96886'>do your job, and</span> <span m='97360'>leave</span> <span m='97730'>because</span> <span m='98010'>that's</span> <span m='98200'>all you</span> <span m='98510'>really</span> <span m='98740'>want to</span> <span m='99020'>do.</span> </p><p><span m='99840'>So</span> <span m='101010'>I would say</span> <span m='101470'>pick</span> <span m='101640'>something</span> <span m='101910'>that</span> <span m='102290'>you really,</span> <span m='102590'>really</span> <span m='102810'>enjoy</span> <span m='103270'>doing,</span> <span m='103980'>even if</span> <span m='104350'>it's</span> <span m='105630'>gardening</span> <span m='106710'>or</span> <span m='107685'>cooking,</span> <span m='108560'>like</span> <span m='109020'>me,</span> <span m='109480'>or</span> <span m='109940'>just</span> <span m='110400'>doodling</span> <span m='110820'>stuff.</span> <span m='111240'>Because</span> <span m='112080'>there's</span> <span m='112500'>so</span> <span m='112840'>many</span> <span m='113180'>options out</span> <span m='113260'>there.</span> </p><p><span m='115844'>And I</span> <span m='116265'>would</span> <span m='116690'>also</span> <span m='116850'>say</span> <span m='119142'>you have</span> <span m='119584'>to</span> <span m='120026'>be</span> <span m='120468'>able to</span> <span m='122240'>work</span> <span m='122510'>hard for</span> <span m='122815'>it.</span> <span m='123120'>You have</span> <span m='123400'>want to</span> <span m='123630'>work</span> <span m='124033'>hard for</span> <span m='124436'>it.</span> <span m='124840'>Otherwise,</span> <span m='124950'>you're not</span> <span m='125230'>going to</span> <span m='125550'>get</span> <span m='125870'>it</span> <span m='126276'>because</span> <span m='127494'>nobody</span> <span m='128110'>got</span> <span m='128380'>anywhere</span> <span m='128685'>without,</span> <span m='129896'>you</span> <span m='130349'>know,</span> <span m='131708'>busting</span> <span m='132161'>their butt</span> <span m='133760'>working</span> <span m='134060'>overtime</span> <span m='135560'>doing all</span> <span m='135860'>that</span> <span m='136160'>stuff.</span> <span m='136460'>So,</span> <span m='137660'>yeah.</span> </p>","file":{"id":167867,"video_id":"2700370452001","name":"124729150","duration":138577,"thumbnail_url":null}});