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GRADUATE ASSISTANT: Reaching Out And Wanting To Help

About this video 

As a graduate assistant, you work with the professors in the field of Social Science, such as Psychology and Counseling professors. It is important to enjoy researching and understanding cultures, with a strong desire to help others and make a difference.

Degree: Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Professions - Counseling and Guidance - Psychology
Job Title: Social Science Graduate Assistant
Employer: St. Thompson University

Job Summary: Graduate Teaching Assistants

Job Description

Graduate Teaching Assistants assist faculty or other instructional staff in postsecondary institutions by performing teaching or teaching-related duties, such as teaching lower level courses, developing teaching materials, preparing and giving examinations, and grading examinations or papers. Graduate teaching assistants must be enrolled in a graduate school program. Graduate assistants who primarily perform non-teaching duties, such as research, should be reported in the occupational category related to the work performed.

On-the-Job Training


Quick Facts

Average salary
Average salary
National Statistic Change Location
$27,000 - $35,000
Projected job growth
Projected Job Growth
8 to 14 percent
Typical schedule
Typical schedule
Flexible, Full-time, Irregular, Part-time
Typical workplace
Typical workplace
Indoor, Office
Personal qualities
Personal Qualities
Detail oriented, Leadership ability, Networking, Organizational skills, People skills, Public speaking ability, Verbal communication skills, Written communication skills

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P3.instances[0].transcript.parse_transcript_data({"transcript":"<p><span m='0'>Hold on.</span> <span m='804'>Go ahead.</span> </p><p><span m='1610'>Hi.</span> <span m='1830'>I'm</span> <span m='1980'>currently</span> <span m='2390'>a</span> <span m='2430'>graduate</span> <span m='2860'>assistant</span> <span m='3630'>in</span> <span m='3730'>Miami</span> <span m='4130'>at</span> <span m='4530'>St. Thomas</span> <span m='4930'>University.</span> <span m='6020'>And</span> <span m='6380'>what I</span> <span m='6580'>do</span> <span m='6690'>on</span> <span m='6810'>a</span> <span m='6860'>daily</span> <span m='7120'>basis</span> <span m='7440'>is</span> <span m='9080'>I</span> <span m='9180'>work</span> <span m='9390'>with</span> <span m='9520'>different</span> <span m='9830'>professors</span> <span m='10580'>in</span> <span m='10880'>the</span> <span m='11000'>social</span> <span m='11230'>sciences</span> <span m='11320'>department.</span> <span m='12170'>So</span> <span m='12820'>I</span> <span m='12890'>work</span> <span m='13200'>with the</span> <span m='13360'>counseling</span> <span m='13990'>professors.</span> <span m='14335'>I work</span> <span m='14680'>with</span> <span m='14990'>psychology</span> <span m='15580'>professors.</span> <span m='16499'>I was</span> <span m='16850'>a</span> <span m='17010'>psychology</span> <span m='18230'>major.</span> </p><p><span m='19080'>And</span> <span m='19220'>what</span> <span m='19360'>I</span> <span m='19410'>wanted</span> <span m='19810'>to do</span> <span m='19930'>when</span> <span m='20330'>I</span> <span m='20540'>started this</span> <span m='20835'>profession</span> <span m='21130'>was</span> <span m='21930'>I</span> <span m='22020'>wanted</span> <span m='22345'>to help</span> <span m='22670'>other</span> <span m='23040'>people.</span> <span m='23660'>Cliche</span> <span m='23970'>as that</span> <span m='24210'>sounds,</span> <span m='24610'>but</span> <span m='24700'>that's</span> <span m='24920'>what</span> <span m='25030'>it</span> <span m='25210'>was.</span> <span m='25400'>I</span> <span m='25470'>wanted</span> <span m='25630'>to</span> <span m='25730'>help</span> <span m='25960'>other</span> <span m='26130'>people.</span> <span m='26530'>And</span> <span m='26690'>the</span> <span m='26790'>more</span> <span m='26960'>I</span> <span m='26990'>got</span> <span m='27170'>into</span> <span m='27460'>it,</span> <span m='28370'>the</span> <span m='28600'>more</span> <span m='28820'>I</span> <span m='28850'>wanted</span> <span m='29150'>to</span> <span m='29220'>do</span> <span m='29400'>research,</span> <span m='29730'>the</span> <span m='30060'>more I</span> <span m='30355'>wanted</span> <span m='30650'>to</span> <span m='31075'>focus</span> <span m='31500'>on</span> <span m='33200'>topics</span> <span m='33640'>such</span> <span m='33850'>as</span> <span m='34030'>feminism,</span> <span m='34920'>multiculturalism,</span> <span m='35520'>different</span> <span m='36008'>things</span> <span m='36496'>out there.</span> </p><p><span m='37960'>One</span> <span m='38280'>thing</span> <span m='38690'>I</span> <span m='39050'>wish</span> <span m='39390'>I</span> <span m='39450'>would've</span> <span m='39740'>known</span> <span m='39820'>or</span> <span m='40230'>I could</span> <span m='40450'>have</span> <span m='40750'>done</span> <span m='41370'>before</span> <span m='41600'>starting</span> <span m='41960'>my</span> <span m='42310'>major</span> <span m='42666'>is</span> <span m='43380'>experience</span> <span m='43730'>other</span> <span m='44080'>cultures</span> <span m='45650'>during</span> <span m='45850'>my</span> <span m='45980'>undergraduate,</span> <span m='46290'>so</span> <span m='46600'>by</span> <span m='46890'>traveling</span> <span m='47390'>to</span> <span m='47500'>different</span> <span m='47860'>places</span> <span m='48280'>like</span> <span m='48760'>going to</span> <span m='49240'>Haiti</span> <span m='49720'>and</span> <span m='50200'>helping</span> <span m='50540'>out</span> <span m='50700'>there,</span> <span m='51180'>going</span> <span m='51390'>to</span> <span m='51590'>Spain,</span> <span m='52040'>going</span> <span m='52260'>to</span> <span m='52840'>check</span> <span m='53210'>all</span> <span m='53380'>these</span> <span m='53520'>different</span> <span m='53890'>opportunities</span> <span m='54190'>that they</span> <span m='54490'>had</span> <span m='54790'>that I</span> <span m='55090'>didn't take</span> <span m='55390'>advantage</span> <span m='55690'>because</span> <span m='55990'>I</span> <span m='56290'>thought</span> <span m='56590'>it was</span> <span m='56890'>too</span> <span m='57190'>expensive.</span> <span m='57790'>But</span> <span m='59290'>that's</span> <span m='59590'>it.</span> </p>","file":{"id":167950,"video_id":"2705578106001","name":"121587241","duration":60233,"thumbnail_url":null}});