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CEO OF VENTURE AVIATOR, IN-DEPTH: Continuous Innovation, So Many Oportunities

About this video 

Don goes in-depth with his story of being a CEO. He shares what he likes most about his job and what he finds most challenging about running a business. He also talks about the important decisions he's made in his life to put himself where he is today.

Degree: MBA in Management - PhD Computer Science
Job Title: CEO

Job Summary: Chief Executives

Job Description

Top executives devise strategies and policies to ensure that an organization meets its goals. They plan, direct, and coordinate operational activities of companies and public or private-sector organizations.

On-the-Job Training


Additional Info

Top executives must have related work experience. Top executives in some companies are promoted from within their organization. However, other companies may prefer to hire from outside the organization.

Chief executives typically need extensive managerial experience. Executives also are expected to have experience in the organization’s area of specialty. Most general and operations managers hired from outside an organization need lower level supervisory or management experience in a related field.

Certification Requirement
Recommended by the Institute of Certified Professional Managers.

Quick Facts

Average salary
Average salary
National Statistic Change Location
$75,000 - $170,000
Projected job growth
Projected Job Growth
0 to 10 percent
Typical schedule
Typical schedule
Full-time, Irregular
Typical workplace
Typical workplace
Indoor, Office, Travel, Hospital / Clinic
Personal qualities
Personal Qualities
Leadership ability, Organizational skills, Problem solving skills, Verbal communication skills, Written communication skills, Analytical skills, Creativity, Networking, People skills, Teamwork

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P3.instances[0].transcript.parse_transcript_data({"transcript":"<p><span m='380'>The</span> <span m='420'>fact</span> <span m='680'>that</span> <span m='900'>I</span> <span m='1300'>get</span> <span m='1560'>to</span> <span m='2640'>decide</span> <span m='2990'>what</span> <span m='3160'>to do</span> <span m='3560'>every morning</span> <span m='3800'>when I</span> <span m='3960'>wake up.</span> <span m='5190'>What's</span> <span m='5440'>challenging</span> <span m='6000'>is</span> <span m='6270'>that</span> <span m='6570'>I</span> <span m='6630'>have</span> <span m='6790'>to</span> <span m='6910'>keep</span> <span m='7150'>a</span> <span m='7220'>lot</span> <span m='7400'>of</span> <span m='7550'>balls</span> <span m='7830'>up in</span> <span m='7950'>the air</span> <span m='8320'>at the same</span> <span m='8690'>time,</span> <span m='9852'>and</span> <span m='10240'>I</span> <span m='10390'>don't</span> <span m='10570'>just</span> <span m='10730'>do</span> <span m='10830'>one</span> <span m='11110'>thing.</span> <span m='11400'>I</span> <span m='11430'>have</span> <span m='11890'>to keep many</span> <span m='12160'>things</span> <span m='14160'>moving</span> <span m='14430'>forward</span> <span m='14800'>at</span> <span m='14850'>the</span> <span m='14930'>same</span> <span m='15140'>time.</span> </p><p><span m='15950'>I</span> <span m='16090'>decided</span> <span m='17332'>to</span> <span m='17710'>leave</span> <span m='18010'>the</span> <span m='18140'>UK</span> <span m='18480'>and</span> <span m='18790'>come</span> <span m='19000'>to</span> <span m='19260'>California</span> <span m='19600'>to do</span> <span m='20020'>my</span> <span m='20120'>MBA,</span> <span m='20610'>and</span> <span m='21200'>that</span> <span m='21390'>opened</span> <span m='21690'>up</span> <span m='21880'>some</span> <span m='22080'>new</span> <span m='22350'>opportunities</span> <span m='22830'>for me.</span> <span m='23480'>I</span> <span m='23620'>mean</span> <span m='23850'>I</span> <span m='23900'>work</span> <span m='24140'>in</span> <span m='24240'>technology,</span> <span m='24920'>and</span> <span m='25120'>so</span> <span m='26130'>the</span> <span m='26310'>internet,</span> <span m='26810'>technology,</span> <span m='29100'>continuous</span> <span m='29550'>innovation</span> <span m='30090'>for</span> <span m='30450'>continuous</span> <span m='30730'>opportunity.</span> <span m='31540'>The</span> <span m='31680'>latest</span> <span m='31940'>being</span> <span m='32210'>Google</span> <span m='32540'>glass.</span> <span m='33390'>We're</span> <span m='33720'>now</span> <span m='33900'>building</span> <span m='34270'>applications</span> <span m='34680'>for</span> <span m='34950'>Google</span> <span m='35220'>glass,</span> <span m='35550'>so</span> <span m='35640'>that's</span> <span m='35890'>a</span> <span m='35950'>whole</span> <span m='36170'>new</span> <span m='37420'>set</span> <span m='37630'>of</span> <span m='37740'>opportunities</span> <span m='38045'>for the</span> <span m='38350'>future.</span> </p><p><span m='39640'>Right</span> <span m='39850'>now,</span> <span m='40040'>I'm</span> <span m='40140'>not</span> <span m='40340'>great.</span> <span m='41080'>But</span> <span m='41610'>that</span> <span m='41790'>comes</span> <span m='42070'>with</span> <span m='42340'>building</span> <span m='42780'>a</span> <span m='42830'>new</span> <span m='43000'>company.</span> <span m='43780'>So</span> <span m='44520'>it's a</span> <span m='44810'>lot of</span> <span m='45010'>sacrifice</span> <span m='45740'>at</span> <span m='45870'>the</span> <span m='46490'>early</span> <span m='46790'>stages</span> <span m='47220'>of</span> <span m='47330'>building</span> <span m='47680'>a</span> <span m='47750'>company.</span> <span m='48860'>Hopefully,</span> <span m='49190'>one</span> <span m='49430'>day,</span> <span m='49680'>we'll</span> <span m='49890'>sit</span> <span m='50215'>around</span> <span m='50540'>and</span> <span m='50720'>I'll</span> <span m='51060'>be</span> <span m='51420'>sitting on</span> <span m='51530'>the</span> <span m='51620'>beach</span> <span m='52630'>drinking</span> <span m='52960'>champagne.</span> <span m='53480'>So</span> <span m='54270'>that's</span> <span m='54510'>the</span> <span m='54620'>nature</span> <span m='54920'>of</span> <span m='55070'>a</span> <span m='55120'>start-up.</span> <span m='55430'>There's a</span> <span m='55740'>lot</span> <span m='55930'>of</span> <span m='56040'>work</span> <span m='56540'>early</span> <span m='56770'>on.</span> </p>","file":{"id":305195,"video_id":"2791534192001","name":"1420-Don-p-CEO2 IN-DEPTH","duration":57540,"thumbnail_url":null}});

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