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SALES ASSOCIATE/ACTRESS: Selling Shoes, Handbags & Jewelry To Support Acting Career

About this video 

Theresa is a Sales Associate at a retail store for women's shoes, handbags and jewelry. She really likes her job; not only is it fun, but it also supports her passion for acting on the stage. Theresa says that math, science, and English are important subjects from high school that she uses in her everyday life now.

Degree: Acting
Job Title: Sales Associate/Actress

Job Summary: Retail Salespersons

Job Description

Retail sales workers include both those who sell retail merchandise and products, such as clothing, furniture, and automobiles, (called retail salespersons) and those who sell spare and replacement parts and equipment, especially car parts, (called parts salespersons). Both groups help customers find the products they want and process customers' payments.

On-the-Job Training

Moderate on-the-job training can be expected.

Quick Facts

Average salary
Average salary
National Statistic Change Location
$10,000 - $30,000
Projected job growth
Projected Job Growth
14 to 20 percent
Typical schedule
Typical schedule
Full-time, Irregular, Flexible, Part-time
Typical workplace
Typical workplace
Personal qualities
Personal Qualities
People skills, Verbal communication skills

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P3.instances[0].transcript.parse_transcript_data({"transcript":"<p><span m='0'>Hi,</span> <span m='350'>my</span> <span m='700'>name</span> <span m='790'>is</span> <span m='1000'>Theresa,</span> <span m='1680'>and</span> <span m='1900'>I'm</span> <span m='2050'>here</span> <span m='2990'>in</span> <span m='3140'>the</span> <span m='3210'>shoe</span> <span m='3410'>store.</span> <span m='3820'>And</span> <span m='4250'>I</span> <span m='4600'>sell</span> <span m='4850'>shoes</span> <span m='5400'>and</span> <span m='5500'>handbags</span> <span m='6310'>and</span> <span m='7470'>fancy</span> <span m='7780'>jewelery.</span> <span m='9160'>And</span> <span m='9400'>it's</span> <span m='9730'>really fun.</span> <span m='10610'>So</span> <span m='11310'>part</span> <span m='11560'>of</span> <span m='11620'>that</span> <span m='12050'>is</span> <span m='13410'>the</span> <span m='13520'>morning</span> <span m='14360'>of</span> <span m='14450'>checking</span> <span m='14690'>in</span> <span m='15310'>shoes,</span> <span m='15940'>and</span> <span m='16675'>we'll get</span> <span m='16940'>lots of</span> <span m='17270'>shipments</span> <span m='17750'>of</span> <span m='18920'>shoes</span> <span m='19250'>from</span> <span m='19660'>all</span> <span m='19970'>over</span> <span m='20160'>the</span> <span m='20240'>place,</span> <span m='21800'>and</span> <span m='21970'>then</span> <span m='22490'>putting</span> <span m='22760'>them</span> <span m='22970'>on</span> <span m='23080'>the</span> <span m='23170'>shelves,</span> <span m='24280'>checking</span> <span m='25150'>that</span> <span m='25420'>we</span> <span m='25520'>have</span> <span m='25750'>all</span> <span m='25830'>the</span> <span m='25930'>right</span> <span m='26190'>sizes.</span> <span m='26830'>And</span> <span m='27010'>we</span> <span m='27110'>have</span> <span m='27300'>another</span> <span m='27610'>store that's in</span> <span m='27860'>the</span> <span m='28210'>city,</span> <span m='28690'>so</span> <span m='29000'>we</span> <span m='29150'>distribute</span> <span m='29630'>it</span> <span m='29790'>to</span> <span m='29910'>them.</span> <span m='30940'>And</span> <span m='31140'>then</span> <span m='31290'>when</span> <span m='32130'>customers</span> <span m='32670'>come</span> <span m='32860'>in,</span> <span m='33690'>there's</span> <span m='34530'>greeting</span> <span m='34840'>people</span> <span m='35940'>and</span> <span m='37190'>checking</span> <span m='37630'>with</span> <span m='37810'>them,</span> <span m='38120'>seeing</span> <span m='38450'>where</span> <span m='38650'>they</span> <span m='38880'>are,</span> <span m='39720'>and</span> <span m='39900'>helping</span> <span m='40250'>them</span> <span m='41150'>find</span> <span m='41400'>the</span> <span m='41470'>perfect</span> <span m='42020'>shoe.</span> </p><p><span m='43640'>So</span> <span m='43950'>I</span> <span m='44130'>went</span> <span m='44380'>to</span> <span m='44860'>college.</span> <span m='45360'>I went</span> <span m='45560'>to</span> <span m='45730'>Sonoma</span> <span m='46140'>State.</span> <span m='47190'>And</span> <span m='47340'>when</span> <span m='47470'>I</span> <span m='47540'>was</span> <span m='47760'>there I</span> <span m='48100'>studied</span> <span m='48510'>theater.</span> <span m='50026'>And</span> <span m='51630'>since</span> <span m='52080'>graduating,</span> <span m='52770'>I've</span> <span m='53090'>been</span> <span m='55260'>doing</span> <span m='55420'>a</span> <span m='55460'>lot</span> <span m='55570'>of</span> <span m='55630'>stage</span> <span m='55940'>work.</span> <span m='57020'>And</span> <span m='57330'>so</span> <span m='58290'>this</span> <span m='59710'>work</span> <span m='60070'>has</span> <span m='60460'>helped</span> <span m='60660'>support</span> <span m='61050'>me</span> <span m='61490'>do</span> <span m='61640'>that,</span> <span m='62750'>which</span> <span m='63210'>is</span> <span m='63360'>my</span> <span m='64280'>true</span> <span m='64569'>passion</span> <span m='65129'>and</span> <span m='65610'>joy</span> <span m='66020'>in</span> <span m='66465'>life.</span> <span m='67290'>What</span> <span m='67800'>I</span> <span m='67870'>wish</span> <span m='68260'>I</span> <span m='68330'>knew</span> <span m='68590'>in</span> <span m='68700'>high</span> <span m='68960'>school</span> <span m='70100'>are</span> <span m='70340'>things</span> <span m='70860'>like</span> <span m='71140'>math</span> <span m='72650'>and</span> <span m='74020'>science</span> <span m='74920'>and</span> <span m='75530'>all</span> <span m='75900'>those</span> <span m='76020'>subjects--</span> <span m='76760'>English,</span> <span m='78110'>environment,</span> <span m='80240'>are</span> <span m='80340'>really</span> <span m='80540'>valuable.</span> <span m='81340'>And</span> <span m='81430'>I</span> <span m='81500'>use</span> <span m='81790'>them</span> <span m='82020'>in</span> <span m='82100'>ways</span> <span m='82380'>that</span> <span m='82480'>I</span> <span m='82530'>never</span> <span m='82900'>imagined</span> <span m='83620'>that</span> <span m='84050'>I</span> <span m='84590'>could</span> <span m='84845'>or</span> <span m='85100'>would.</span> <span m='85900'>But</span> <span m='87200'>they're</span> <span m='87440'>all</span> <span m='88930'>super</span> <span m='90220'>useful</span> <span m='90680'>in</span> <span m='90740'>my</span> <span m='90870'>everyday</span> <span m='91310'>life.</span> </p>","file":{"id":314988,"video_id":"2871373581001","name":"1502-Theresa-ShoeRetail1","duration":93089,"thumbnail_url":null}});