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PRODUCTION ASSISTANT, IN-DEPTH: Build A Strong Network To Find Work In The Film Industry

About this video 

Navid goes in-depth with his story about being a production assistant working for live staged events and film productions. He shares what he likes most about his job and the challenges he faces being new in this industry. He also talks about the key thing to know about working in the film industry and the importance of building networks and connections. Plus he shares what his work-life balance is like as a production assistant.

Degree: Communications
Job Title: Produciton Assistant

Job Summary: Accountants and Auditors

Job Description

Accountants and auditors prepare and examine financial records. They ensure that financial records are accurate and that taxes are paid properly and on time. Accountants and auditors assess financial operations and work to help ensure that organizations run efficiently.

On-the-Job Training


Quick Facts

Average salary
Average salary
National Statistic Change Location
$40,000 - $110,000
Projected job growth
Projected Job Growth
10 to 20 percent
Typical schedule
Typical schedule
Full-time, Long hours
Typical workplace
Typical workplace
Indoor, Office, Hospital / Clinic, Military
Personal qualities
Personal Qualities
Analytical skills, Detail oriented, Mathematical skills, Organizational skills, Verbal communication skills, Written communication skills

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P3.instances[0].transcript.parse_transcript_data({"transcript":"<p><span m='0'>I'm</span> <span m='488'>meeting</span> <span m='976'>tons</span> <span m='1464'>of different people</span> <span m='1952'>I'm a</span> <span m='2440'>people person.</span> <span m='2928'>I like</span> <span m='3416'>to socialize.</span> <span m='4392'>Everyone has</span> <span m='4880'>a story.</span> <span m='5368'>It's just fun</span> <span m='5856'>to talk to</span> <span m='6344'>people you've</span> <span m='6832'>met, seeing</span> <span m='7320'>how they</span> <span m='7808'>got there</span> <span m='8296'>also, comparing</span> <span m='8784'>stories.</span> <span m='9272'>And you learn</span> <span m='9760'>from them.</span> <span m='10248'>They</span> <span m='10736'>learn</span> <span m='11224'>from you.</span> <span m='11712'>It's a give</span> <span m='12200'>and take.</span> </p><p><span m='13180'>Most</span> <span m='13410'>challenging</span> <span m='14520'>is,</span> <span m='16440'>besides</span> <span m='17310'>actually</span> <span m='17600'>finding</span> <span m='18020'>the</span> <span m='18260'>job,</span> <span m='18555'>when</span> <span m='18850'>you</span> <span m='18920'>get</span> <span m='19190'>it,</span> <span m='19460'>the</span> <span m='19780'>most challenging for</span> <span m='20210'>me</span> <span m='20450'>been</span> <span m='23460'>carrying out certain</span> <span m='23950'>tasks that</span> <span m='25420'>are very difficult.</span> <span m='26410'>Right</span> <span m='26880'>I</span> <span m='27260'>For me,</span> <span m='28280'>my</span> <span m='28400'>weakness</span> <span m='28770'>right</span> <span m='28910'>now</span> <span m='29120'>is</span> <span m='29910'>wires</span> <span m='30330'>and cords.</span> <span m='31030'>It</span> <span m='31390'>sounds</span> <span m='31580'>kind</span> <span m='31884'>of</span> <span m='32189'>odd.</span> <span m='32479'>But it'll</span> <span m='32769'>be like,</span> <span m='33060'>Navid,</span> <span m='33250'>can you get this</span> <span m='33700'>such</span> <span m='34010'>and such and</span> <span m='34180'>such?</span> <span m='34550'>I'll be,</span> <span m='34820'>OK.</span> <span m='35100'>I'm</span> <span m='35190'>looking</span> <span m='35430'>at</span> <span m='35500'>a</span> <span m='35540'>case.</span> <span m='36440'>I</span> <span m='36560'>have no idea</span> <span m='36680'>what</span> <span m='36880'>I'm</span> <span m='36990'>looking</span> <span m='37290'>at.</span> <span m='37850'>I might be finding</span> <span m='37920'>right</span> <span m='38080'>thing.</span> <span m='38210'>It might</span> <span m='38340'>be the</span> <span m='38470'>wrong</span> <span m='38690'>thing.</span> <span m='38950'>I</span> <span m='39080'>don't know.</span> <span m='39860'>I</span> <span m='39980'>always</span> <span m='40240'>have</span> <span m='40300'>to ask</span> <span m='40510'>someone.</span> <span m='40660'>I'll be like,</span> <span m='40730'>hey, is this</span> <span m='40880'>what</span> <span m='41310'>that</span> <span m='41570'>is?</span> <span m='42440'>Does this go</span> <span m='42630'>here? Does</span> <span m='42790'>that</span> <span m='43120'>do</span> <span m='43220'>that?</span> <span m='43910'>But</span> <span m='44200'>it's still a</span> <span m='44610'>learning</span> <span m='44820'>process.</span> <span m='45270'>And</span> <span m='45490'>when</span> <span m='45900'>you</span> <span m='45990'>get</span> <span m='46100'>the</span> <span m='46340'>hang</span> <span m='46600'>of</span> <span m='46710'>it,</span> <span m='47180'>which I'm</span> <span m='47490'>starting to,</span> <span m='48240'>and</span> <span m='48545'>you</span> <span m='48850'>hopefully</span> <span m='49120'>learn,</span> <span m='51110'>you just</span> <span m='51310'>go up, and up,</span> <span m='51740'>and</span> <span m='52150'>up.</span> </p><p><span m='52560'>Key</span> <span m='53049'>decision</span> <span m='53538'>that I</span> <span m='54027'>took?</span> <span m='55494'>Well, luckily,</span> <span m='55983'>I've</span> <span m='56472'>got this</span> <span m='56961'>certain</span> <span m='57450'>job</span> <span m='57939'>through</span> <span m='58428'>a</span> <span m='58917'>friend</span> <span m='59406'>who</span> <span m='59895'>actually</span> <span m='60384'>works for</span> <span m='60873'>the</span> <span m='61362'>company that</span> <span m='61851'>I'm</span> <span m='62340'>PA'ing for.</span> <span m='62829'>He</span> <span m='63318'>works</span> <span m='63807'>there full time.</span> <span m='64296'>And he's like,</span> <span m='64785'>hey, Navid,</span> <span m='65274'>will you help</span> <span m='65763'>for</span> <span m='66252'>this</span> <span m='66741'>gig in San Francisco?</span> <span m='67230'>I'm like,</span> <span m='67719'>yeah, of course,</span> <span m='68208'>I'm totally down.</span> <span m='68697'>And I got</span> <span m='69186'>this job.</span> </p><p><span m='69675'>So</span> <span m='70164'>the key</span> <span m='70653'>thing</span> <span m='71142'>to any</span> <span m='71631'>job in</span> <span m='72120'>the film industry</span> <span m='72609'>is</span> <span m='73098'>actually</span> <span m='73587'>knowing people.</span> <span m='74565'>That's</span> <span m='75080'>how</span> <span m='75310'>you</span> <span m='76160'>are</span> <span m='76250'>able</span> <span m='76500'>to</span> <span m='76580'>find</span> <span m='76940'>jobs.</span> <span m='77930'>You</span> <span m='78070'>might</span> <span m='78390'>know</span> <span m='78660'>so much,</span> <span m='79120'>but</span> <span m='79580'>it</span> <span m='80040'>doesn't</span> <span m='80500'>mean anything</span> <span m='80960'>until</span> <span m='81420'>someone</span> <span m='81880'>can</span> <span m='82340'>vouch for you and say,</span> <span m='82800'>hey,</span> <span m='83260'>this guy's good.</span> <span m='83900'>Bring</span> <span m='84120'>him</span> <span m='84260'>on.</span> <span m='86168'>For instance,</span> <span m='86662'>through</span> <span m='87156'>this gig, I</span> <span m='87650'>met someone else</span> <span m='88144'>who's a</span> <span m='88638'>stage manager</span> <span m='89132'>who says,</span> <span m='89626'>give me</span> <span m='90120'>your</span> <span m='90614'>email.</span> <span m='91108'>I have other</span> <span m='91602'>projects.</span> <span m='92096'>I can get you</span> <span m='92590'>along on</span> <span m='93084'>them also.</span> <span m='93578'>So it becomes</span> <span m='94072'>like a</span> <span m='94566'>chain</span> <span m='95060'>that</span> <span m='95554'>just keeps</span> <span m='96048'>growing and</span> <span m='96542'>growing and growing.</span> <span m='97036'>So</span> <span m='97530'>it's</span> <span m='98024'>about</span> <span m='98518'>contacts and</span> <span m='99012'>effort</span> </p><p><span m='99506'>At first</span> <span m='100000'>it</span> <span m='100494'>was</span> <span m='100988'>until,</span> <span m='101482'>like</span> <span m='101976'>I</span> <span m='102470'>said,</span> <span m='102964'>my very</span> <span m='103458'>first</span> <span m='103952'>main</span> <span m='104446'>gig</span> <span m='104940'>that I</span> <span m='105434'>got was on</span> <span m='105928'>a feature</span> <span m='106422'>film in LA.</span> <span m='106916'>It</span> <span m='107410'>was awesome .</span> <span m='107904'>It was a great</span> <span m='108398'>experience.</span> <span m='108892'>But</span> <span m='109386'>I got</span> <span m='109880'>through my</span> <span m='110374'>cousin's</span> <span m='110868'>husband's</span> <span m='111362'>friend.</span> <span m='112350'>So</span> <span m='113338'>it's</span> <span m='113832'>an</span> <span m='114326'>odd</span> <span m='114820'>chain. And</span> <span m='115314'>my first ever</span> <span m='115808'>internship that I</span> <span m='116302'>in the industry</span> <span m='116796'>was</span> <span m='117290'>two summers</span> <span m='118310'>ago.</span> <span m='118950'>I</span> <span m='119040'>got</span> <span m='119340'>that</span> <span m='119690'>through</span> <span m='120182'>my mom's</span> <span m='120674'>cousin's</span> <span m='121166'>neighbor's</span> <span m='121658'>daughter.</span> <span m='122642'>So it's</span> <span m='123134'>really</span> <span m='123626'>weird</span> <span m='124118'>how</span> <span m='124610'>things </span> <span m='125102'>work.</span> </p><p><span m='126578'>Like</span> <span m='127070'>I said,</span> <span m='127562'>it's about who</span> <span m='128054'>you know and</span> <span m='128546'>building a</span> <span m='129038'>network.</span> <span m='130022'>When I am</span> <span m='130514'>working,</span> <span m='131006'>it's constant</span> <span m='131498'>work,</span> <span m='131990'>no matter</span> <span m='132482'>how many</span> <span m='132974'>days it</span> <span m='133466'>is.</span> <span m='133958'>Like</span> <span m='134450'>I said,</span> <span m='134942'>for that feature</span> <span m='135434'>film,</span> <span m='135926'>that was a</span> <span m='136418'>two-and-a half-month</span> <span m='136910'>process,</span> <span m='137402'>where every</span> <span m='137894'>day--</span> <span m='138878'>majority</span> <span m='139370'>of</span> <span m='139862'>the week, five</span> <span m='140354'>out of seven</span> <span m='140846'>days, we'd be </span> <span m='141338'>shooting,</span> <span m='141830'>shooting,</span> <span m='142322'>shooting, have a week</span> <span m='142814'>break,</span> <span m='143306'>and then shoot,</span> <span m='143798'>shoot, shoot,</span> <span m='144290'>shoot,</span> <span m='144782'>shoot.</span> <span m='145766'>And</span> <span m='146258'>then when</span> <span m='146750'>I was done,</span> <span m='148226'>I was idle</span> <span m='148718'>for a long time</span> <span m='149210'>until</span> <span m='149702'>I</span> <span m='150240'>found my next job.</span> <span m='150810'>I might</span> <span m='150960'>have been</span> <span m='151000'>idle</span> <span m='151170'>for</span> <span m='151420'>like</span> <span m='151620'>two</span> <span m='151750'>months,</span> <span m='152050'>not</span> <span m='152350'>doing</span> <span m='152650'>anything,</span> <span m='153850'>saving up my</span> <span m='154150'>money,</span> <span m='155050'>trying to</span> <span m='155350'>find more work</span> <span m='155650'>until</span> <span m='155950'>something</span> <span m='156550'>did</span> <span m='156850'>come</span> <span m='157150'>back up,</span> <span m='157450'>where I</span> <span m='157750'>would</span> <span m='158050'>work, work,</span> <span m='158350'>work,</span> <span m='158650'>work,</span> <span m='158950'>work.</span> <span m='159250'>I'm done.</span> <span m='159850'>I'm done.</span> <span m='160150'>I'm waiting.</span> <span m='160450'>I'm waiting.</span> <span m='161050'>I'm searching.</span> <span m='161350'>I'm looking.</span> <span m='161950'>OK,</span> <span m='162250'>I found something.</span> <span m='162550'>Work,</span> <span m='162850'>work,</span> <span m='163150'>work,</span> <span m='163450'>and so</span> <span m='163750'>on</span> <span m='164050'>and</span> <span m='164350'>so</span> <span m='164650'>forth.</span> </p>","file":{"id":315506,"video_id":"2877025517001","name":"1507-Navid-p-ProductionAssistant2 IN-DEPTH","duration":165884,"thumbnail_url":null}});

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