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MICROBIOLOGIST, IN-DEPTH: Scientific Training Is Useful For Many Careers

About this video 

Annie, a Microbiologist who studies goes to marine sediments and springs to study the bacteria we need to live, describes what she loves most about her job, its challenges, and how hard it is to get a job in her field. She loves the independence of studying whichever questions are interesting to her, but getting the money necessary for research can be challenging. Certain jobs are competitive, but this type of scientific training is useful in many different fields.

Degree: Microbiology
Job Title: Microbiologist
Employer: University of Southern California

Job Summary: Microbiologists

Job Description

Microbiologists study the growth, development, and other characteristics of microscopic organisms such as bacteria, algae, and fungi. Most microbiologists work in research and development. Many conduct basic research with the aim of increasing scientific knowledge. Others conduct applied research, using knowledge from basic research to develop new products or solve particular problems.

On-the-Job Training


Additional Info

A bachelor’s degree in microbiology or a closely related field is needed for entry-level microbiologist jobs. A Ph.D. is needed to carry out independent research and to work in colleges and universities.

Quick Facts

Average salary
Average salary
National Statistic Change Location
$40,000 - $115,000
Projected job growth
Projected Job Growth
10 to 20 percent
Typical schedule
Typical schedule
Typical workplace
Typical workplace
Hospital / Clinic, Indoor, Office
Personal qualities
Personal Qualities
Analytical skills, Mathematical skills, Problem solving skills, Strength/stamina, Verbal communication skills, Written communication skills, Detail oriented, Technical skills

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P3.instances[0].transcript.parse_transcript_data({"transcript":"<p><span m='780'>I</span> <span m='870'>love</span> <span m='1190'>that</span> <span m='1400'>I</span> <span m='1460'>have</span> <span m='1670'>a</span> <span m='1720'>lot</span> <span m='1880'>of</span> <span m='1960'>independence</span> <span m='2620'>in</span> <span m='2680'>my</span> <span m='2820'>career.</span> <span m='3500'>I</span> <span m='3540'>get</span> <span m='3780'>to</span> <span m='3920'>study</span> <span m='4590'>and</span> <span m='4710'>ask</span> <span m='5000'>questions</span> <span m='5710'>that</span> <span m='5870'>are</span> <span m='6020'>interesting</span> <span m='6560'>to</span> <span m='6710'>me.</span> <span m='9290'>The</span> <span m='9380'>drawback</span> <span m='9910'>with</span> <span m='10110'>that</span> <span m='10380'>is</span> <span m='10560'>that</span> <span m='10740'>I</span> <span m='10870'>have</span> <span m='11180'>to</span> <span m='12140'>be</span> <span m='12390'>constantly</span> <span m='13190'>on</span> <span m='13420'>the</span> <span m='13500'>search</span> <span m='14440'>for</span> <span m='14880'>funding</span> <span m='15330'>for</span> <span m='15550'>my</span> <span m='15720'>work</span> <span m='16160'>and</span> <span m='16400'>for</span> <span m='16560'>what</span> <span m='16720'>I</span> <span m='16800'>do.</span> <span m='17350'>And</span> <span m='18830'>also I</span> <span m='19130'>have</span> <span m='19360'>to</span> <span m='19590'>spend</span> <span m='19800'>a</span> <span m='19850'>lot</span> <span m='19990'>of</span> <span m='20030'>time</span> <span m='20250'>convincing</span> <span m='20670'>people</span> <span m='20990'>that</span> <span m='21220'>what</span> <span m='21450'>I</span> <span m='21530'>do</span> <span m='21770'>is</span> <span m='21900'>cool</span> <span m='22530'>and</span> <span m='23000'>worthy</span> <span m='23330'>of</span> <span m='23420'>study.</span> </p><p><span m='26140'>It's</span> <span m='26300'>a</span> <span m='26360'>double-edged</span> <span m='26830'>sword,</span> <span m='27140'>so</span> <span m='27290'>it can</span> <span m='27460'>be</span> <span m='27610'>very</span> <span m='27830'>stressful</span> <span m='28590'>on</span> <span m='28740'>one</span> <span m='28920'>hand.</span> <span m='30740'>And</span> <span m='31530'>it</span> <span m='31650'>can</span> <span m='31780'>be</span> <span m='31940'>very</span> <span m='32159'>personal.</span> <span m='32890'>So</span> <span m='33660'>it's</span> <span m='34080'>easy</span> <span m='34370'>to</span> <span m='34450'>feel</span> <span m='34650'>bad</span> <span m='35160'>if</span> <span m='35280'>somebody</span> <span m='35650'>doesn't</span> <span m='35930'>agree</span> <span m='36180'>with</span> <span m='36340'>you.</span> <span m='37890'>But</span> <span m='38620'>I</span> <span m='38690'>think</span> <span m='40070'>overall</span> <span m='41370'>I</span> <span m='41490'>really</span> <span m='41780'>like</span> <span m='42350'>having</span> <span m='43285'>the</span> <span m='43540'>independence</span> <span m='44060'>to</span> <span m='44160'>study</span> <span m='44460'>what</span> <span m='44590'>I'm</span> <span m='44780'>interested</span> <span m='45240'>in</span> <span m='45740'>and</span> <span m='48890'>getting</span> <span m='49160'>to</span> <span m='50050'>ask</span> <span m='50320'>my own</span> <span m='50630'>questions.</span> </p><p><span m='52180'>So</span> <span m='52660'>is</span> <span m='52820'>it</span> <span m='53010'>hard</span> <span m='53280'>to</span> <span m='53340'>get</span> <span m='53480'>a</span> <span m='53560'>job in</span> <span m='53820'>my</span> <span m='53930'>field?</span> <span m='57190'>I</span> <span m='57280'>think</span> <span m='57530'>that</span> <span m='58600'>it</span> <span m='59070'>can</span> <span m='59610'>be</span> <span m='59770'>difficult.</span> <span m='62140'>I</span> <span m='62580'>think</span> <span m='63280'>there's</span> <span m='63800'>a</span> <span m='63860'>lot</span> <span m='64030'>of</span> <span m='64090'>competition</span> <span m='64780'>sometimes</span> <span m='65290'>in</span> <span m='65390'>science</span> <span m='65920'>in</span> <span m='66110'>terms</span> <span m='66480'>of</span> <span m='67070'>getting</span> <span m='67350'>certain</span> <span m='67760'>jobs</span> <span m='68420'>or</span> <span m='69150'>falling</span> <span m='69480'>into</span> <span m='69680'>certain</span> <span m='70100'>career</span> <span m='70390'>tracks.</span> <span m='71882'>But</span> <span m='72360'>I</span> <span m='72530'>know</span> <span m='72700'>there is</span> <span m='72970'>a</span> <span m='73050'>lot</span> <span m='73340'>out</span> <span m='73570'>there.</span> </p><p><span m='73900'>And</span> <span m='74110'>I</span> <span m='74170'>know</span> <span m='74490'>that</span> <span m='75630'>having</span> <span m='76480'>this</span> <span m='76660'>type</span> <span m='76870'>of</span> <span m='76950'>scientific</span> <span m='77400'>training</span> <span m='77830'>is</span> <span m='77920'>useful</span> <span m='78290'>for</span> <span m='78480'>a</span> <span m='78550'>lot</span> <span m='78750'>of</span> <span m='78830'>fields.</span> <span m='79490'>And</span> <span m='79850'>I</span> <span m='79940'>think</span> <span m='80810'>I</span> <span m='80960'>have</span> <span m='81110'>a</span> <span m='81170'>lot</span> <span m='81350'>of</span> <span m='81430'>friends</span> <span m='81840'>who</span> <span m='82280'>have,</span> <span m='83070'>since</span> <span m='83500'>graduate</span> <span m='83920'>school</span> <span m='84240'>or</span> <span m='84320'>whatnot,</span> <span m='84780'>gone</span> <span m='85010'>into</span> <span m='85220'>industry</span> <span m='86050'>or</span> <span m='88090'>into</span> <span m='88640'>other</span> <span m='89180'>consulting</span> <span m='89780'>fields</span> <span m='90710'>and</span> <span m='91090'>have</span> <span m='91230'>been</span> <span m='91450'>really,</span> <span m='91720'>really</span> <span m='91950'>successful,</span> <span m='94360'>and</span> <span m='96100'>still</span> <span m='96410'>get</span> <span m='96590'>to</span> <span m='97160'>bring</span> <span m='97530'>some</span> <span m='97800'>part</span> <span m='98390'>of</span> <span m='99170'>what</span> <span m='99450'>they've</span> <span m='99600'>done</span> <span m='100510'>with</span> <span m='100760'>their</span> <span m='100910'>PhDs</span> <span m='101610'>or</span> <span m='101720'>with</span> <span m='101900'>their</span> <span m='102030'>education</span> <span m='102700'>into</span> <span m='103210'>their</span> <span m='103575'>future</span> <span m='104230'>careers.</span> </p>","file":{"id":320339,"video_id":"2929096770001","name":"1615-Annie-Microbiologist2","duration":105001,"thumbnail_url":null}});