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About this video 

Scott, an Environmental Policy Consultant, shares what he likes most about his job, its challenges, and his work life balance. Environmental Policy Consulting is a small field and much patience and diligence are needed to build up to it but there are many ways people can contribute to this field. And it also takes a lot of hard work to get groups to collaborate and mobilize science in order to solve environmental issues.

Degree: Biology - Environmental Planning
Job Title: Environmental Policity Consutlant

Job Summary: Arbitrators, Mediators, and Conciliators

Job Description

Arbitrators, mediators, and conciliators help resolve conflicts outside of the court system by facilitating negotiation and dialogue between disputing parties.

On-the-Job Training

Moderate-term on-the-job training

Additional Info

Arbitrators, mediators, and conciliators typically learn their skills through a combination of education, training, and work experience and have to be able to relate well to people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Quick Facts

Average salary
Average salary
National Statistic Change Location
$35,000 - $165,000
Projected job growth
Projected Job Growth
0 to 10 percent
Typical schedule
Typical schedule
Full-time, Long hours
Typical workplace
Typical workplace
Travel, Indoor, Office
Personal qualities
Personal Qualities
Detail oriented, Written communication skills, People skills, Problem solving skills, Analytical skills, Leadership ability, Verbal communication skills, Patience

Educational Path

Education requirement
Education Requirement
Bachelor's degree
Recommended majors
Recommended Majors
Public Policy
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P3.instances[0].transcript.parse_transcript_data({"transcript":"<p><span m='440'>I</span> <span m='560'>like</span> <span m='850'>the</span> <span m='960'>mix</span> <span m='1450'>of</span> <span m='1580'>people</span> <span m='1910'>that</span> <span m='1965'>I</span> <span m='2020'>get</span> <span m='2210'>to</span> <span m='2310'>work</span> <span m='2570'>with.</span> <span m='3180'>I</span> <span m='3280'>like</span> <span m='3540'>the</span> <span m='3750'>different</span> <span m='4100'>kinds</span> <span m='4520'>of</span> <span m='4800'>subjects</span> <span m='5430'>I</span> <span m='5700'>get</span> <span m='5880'>to</span> <span m='5990'>learn</span> <span m='6250'>about.</span> <span m='6710'>I</span> <span m='6800'>like</span> <span m='6990'>the</span> <span m='7080'>travel.</span> <span m='8440'>And</span> <span m='9010'>I</span> <span m='9110'>like</span> <span m='9460'>making</span> <span m='9790'>a</span> <span m='9830'>difference.</span> </p><p><span m='11100'>A</span> <span m='11190'>lot</span> <span m='11410'>of</span> <span m='11500'>times</span> <span m='11920'>people</span> <span m='12180'>say,</span> <span m='12460'>well,</span> <span m='12730'>this</span> <span m='12910'>must</span> <span m='13160'>be</span> <span m='13350'>really</span> <span m='13670'>a</span> <span m='13720'>growth</span> <span m='14060'>field.</span> <span m='14480'>And</span> <span m='14630'>I</span> <span m='14710'>say,</span> <span m='14930'>well,</span> <span m='15260'>if</span> <span m='15510'>need</span> <span m='15870'>were</span> <span m='16020'>demand,</span> <span m='16740'>I</span> <span m='16810'>would</span> <span m='16970'>be</span> <span m='17160'>busy</span> <span m='17490'>all</span> <span m='17660'>the</span> <span m='17750'>time.</span> <span m='18200'>But</span> <span m='18490'>the</span> <span m='18660'>challenging</span> <span m='19200'>thing</span> <span m='19450'>is</span> <span m='19630'>really</span> <span m='19850'>getting</span> <span m='20190'>people</span> <span m='20520'>to</span> <span m='20860'>realize</span> <span m='21560'>that</span> <span m='21670'>they</span> <span m='21790'>have</span> <span m='22030'>to</span> <span m='22140'>work</span> <span m='22410'>extra</span> <span m='22780'>hard</span> <span m='23200'>to</span> <span m='23340'>do</span> <span m='23510'>collaboration</span> <span m='24940'>to</span> <span m='25160'>mobilize</span> <span m='25690'>science</span> <span m='26330'>and</span> <span m='26460'>to</span> <span m='26540'>get</span> <span m='26700'>different</span> <span m='27050'>points</span> <span m='27370'>of</span> <span m='27440'>view</span> <span m='27590'>together</span> <span m='28520'>to</span> <span m='29410'>solve</span> <span m='29720'>environmental</span> <span m='30300'>issues.</span> <span m='30860'>The</span> <span m='31050'>key</span> <span m='31230'>step</span> <span m='31410'>was</span> <span m='32180'>honestly</span> <span m='33120'>deciding</span> <span m='33590'>to</span> <span m='33650'>go</span> <span m='33780'>back</span> <span m='34170'>to</span> <span m='34390'>MIT</span> <span m='34890'>for</span> <span m='35030'>my</span> <span m='35160'>doctorate</span> <span m='36130'>and</span> <span m='36550'>working</span> <span m='36830'>very</span> <span m='37060'>hard</span> <span m='37370'>for</span> <span m='37480'>six</span> <span m='37790'>years</span> <span m='38120'>and</span> <span m='38220'>working</span> <span m='38560'>through</span> <span m='38810'>that</span> <span m='39160'>process,</span> <span m='40440'>coming</span> <span m='40740'>out</span> <span m='40890'>the</span> <span m='41010'>other</span> <span m='41220'>end</span> <span m='41480'>and</span> <span m='41622'>forming</span> <span m='42050'>my</span> <span m='42230'>own</span> <span m='42370'>company.</span> </p><p><span m='43480'>It's</span> <span m='43630'>a</span> <span m='43660'>very</span> <span m='43840'>small</span> <span m='44220'>field.</span> <span m='44920'>And</span> <span m='45060'>it</span> <span m='45160'>takes</span> <span m='45410'>a</span> <span m='45470'>lot</span> <span m='45740'>of</span> <span m='46200'>patience</span> <span m='46810'>and</span> <span m='46940'>diligence</span> <span m='47420'>to</span> <span m='47530'>build</span> <span m='48150'>up</span> <span m='48280'>to</span> <span m='48460'>it.</span> <span m='48580'>But</span> <span m='48730'>there</span> <span m='48860'>are</span> <span m='48880'>a</span> <span m='48930'>lot</span> <span m='49100'>of</span> <span m='49150'>different</span> <span m='49410'>ways</span> <span m='49720'>people</span> <span m='49980'>can</span> <span m='50140'>contribute</span> <span m='50650'>to</span> <span m='50850'>it.</span> <span m='51280'>I</span> <span m='51430'>tend</span> <span m='51710'>to</span> <span m='51790'>work</span> <span m='52140'>a</span> <span m='52230'>lot,</span> <span m='52660'>but</span> <span m='53010'>I</span> <span m='53120'>do</span> <span m='53340'>a</span> <span m='53400'>lot</span> <span m='53610'>of</span> <span m='53680'>hiking</span> <span m='54300'>and</span> <span m='55140'>enjoying</span> <span m='55910'>music</span> <span m='56560'>and</span> <span m='57640'>cooking</span> <span m='57950'>with</span> <span m='58100'>friends</span> <span m='58920'>and</span> <span m='59440'>enjoying</span> <span m='59860'>my</span> <span m='60000'>family.</span> <span m='60550'>So</span> <span m='61750'>I</span> <span m='61860'>try</span> <span m='62040'>to</span> <span m='62130'>keep</span> <span m='62300'>it</span> <span m='62410'>balanced.</span> </p>","file":{"id":335839,"video_id":"3046454477001","name":"1744-Scott-p-EnvironmentalPolicyConsultant2 IN-depth","duration":63391,"thumbnail_url":null}});