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YOGA INSTRUCTOR, IN-DEPTH: I Get To Help People Feel Better

About this video 

Jessica, a yoga instructor, describes the challenges of her job, what she likes most, her key decisions, how to get into the industry, and work-life balance. She tells us that she loves helping people feel better, but sometimes that results in forgetting to take care of herself and managing her time. It takes paying a lot of attention to maintain a balance.

Degree: Ecology
Job Title: Yoga Instructor

Job Summary: Fitness Trainers and Aerobics Instructors

Job Description

Fitness trainers and instructors lead, instruct, and motivate individuals or groups in exercise activities, including cardiovascular exercise (exercises for the heart and blood system), strength training, and stretching. They work with people of all ages and skill levels.

On-the-Job Training

Short-term on-the-job training

Additional Info

Some group fitness instructors and personal fitness trainers work other full-time jobs and teach fitness classes or offer personal training sessions during the week or on the weekend. Fitness trainers and instructors may work nights, weekends, or holidays. Some travel to different gyms or to clients' homes to teach classes or offer personal training sessions.

Certification Requirement
REequired by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

Quick Facts

Average salary
Average salary
National Statistic Change Location
$20,000 - $65,000
Projected job growth
Projected Job Growth
20 to 30 percent
Typical schedule
Typical schedule
Full-time, Irregular
Typical workplace
Typical workplace
Hospital / Clinic, Indoor, Physically demanding
Personal qualities
Personal Qualities
People skills, Problem solving skills, Strength/stamina, Verbal communication skills

Educational Path

Education requirement
Education Requirement
High school degree
Recommended majors
Recommended Majors
Physical Sciences
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P3.instances[0].transcript.parse_transcript_data({"transcript":"<p><span m='0'>What</span> <span m='360'>I like</span> <span m='720'>most about this</span> <span m='1080'>job is</span> <span m='1410'>that</span> <span m='2750'>I</span> <span m='3040'>get</span> <span m='3180'>to</span> <span m='3260'>help</span> <span m='3450'>people</span> <span m='3730'>feel</span> <span m='3920'>better.</span> <span m='4840'>The</span> <span m='5230'>most</span> <span m='5740'>challenging</span> <span m='6610'>about</span> <span m='6860'>this</span> <span m='7020'>job</span> <span m='7210'>is</span> <span m='8180'>taking</span> <span m='8520'>care</span> <span m='8740'>of</span> <span m='8790'>myself</span> <span m='9410'>and</span> <span m='9590'>managing</span> <span m='9990'>my</span> <span m='10110'>time</span> <span m='10430'>because</span> <span m='11110'>I'm</span> <span m='11320'>pretty</span> <span m='11540'>much</span> <span m='11750'>my</span> <span m='11910'>own</span> <span m='12050'>boss</span> <span m='12570'>and</span> <span m='14280'>with</span> <span m='15310'>the</span> <span m='15690'>internet,</span> <span m='16239'>and</span> <span m='16780'>smart phones,</span> <span m='17480'>and</span> <span m='17570'>everything</span> <span m='17920'>you're</span> <span m='18320'>always</span> <span m='18680'>available</span> <span m='19100'>to</span> <span m='19170'>people.</span> <span m='19570'>And</span> <span m='19760'>so</span> <span m='19940'>being</span> <span m='20260'>able</span> <span m='20510'>to</span> <span m='22030'>turn</span> <span m='22280'>that</span> <span m='22470'>off</span> <span m='22980'>and</span> <span m='23190'>really</span> <span m='23430'>just</span> <span m='23700'>have</span> <span m='23810'>me time</span> <span m='24790'>is</span> <span m='24980'>challenging.</span> </p><p><span m='26380'>Being</span> <span m='26770'>born.</span> <span m='30220'>Probably</span> <span m='30530'>going</span> <span m='30780'>to</span> <span m='30890'>Africa.</span> <span m='32290'>It's</span> <span m='32350'>not</span> <span m='32650'>hard.</span> <span m='33810'>I</span> <span m='33970'>don't</span> <span m='34100'>want</span> <span m='34200'>to</span> <span m='34280'>jinx</span> <span m='34590'>myself.</span> <span m='35780'>I</span> <span m='35900'>have</span> <span m='36470'>been</span> <span m='36700'>successful</span> <span m='37210'>at</span> <span m='37280'>finding</span> <span m='37570'>work</span> <span m='37770'>in</span> <span m='37870'>my</span> <span m='37990'>field.</span> <span m='38430'>I</span> <span m='38520'>know</span> <span m='38680'>a</span> <span m='38750'>lot</span> <span m='38920'>of</span> <span m='38990'>people who</span> <span m='39290'>have</span> <span m='39430'>tried</span> <span m='40180'>and</span> <span m='40600'>found</span> <span m='40820'>it</span> <span m='40850'>very</span> <span m='41070'>challenging.</span> </p><p><span m='42910'>Yeah,</span> <span m='43230'>my</span> <span m='43460'>work</span> <span m='43770'>life</span> <span m='43960'>balance</span> <span m='44850'>could</span> <span m='45110'>use</span> <span m='45370'>some</span> <span m='45460'>help.</span> <span m='47010'>Well,</span> <span m='48050'>it's</span> <span m='48580'>always--</span> <span m='51140'>I</span> <span m='51220'>know</span> <span m='51770'>some</span> <span m='52540'>people</span> <span m='52920'>do</span> <span m='53170'>their</span> <span m='53310'>training</span> <span m='53890'>and</span> <span m='54010'>then</span> <span m='54170'>they're</span> <span m='54300'>done</span> <span m='54570'>and</span> <span m='54830'>they</span> <span m='55150'>just</span> <span m='55760'>focus</span> <span m='56150'>on</span> <span m='56290'>work.</span> <span m='56570'>And</span> <span m='56700'>I</span> <span m='57430'>really</span> <span m='57740'>enjoy</span> <span m='58010'>training</span> <span m='58400'>so</span> <span m='58550'>I</span> <span m='58630'>continue</span> <span m='59750'>to</span> <span m='59950'>train</span> <span m='60370'>regularly</span> <span m='64069'>both</span> <span m='64379'>in</span> <span m='64470'>yoga and</span> <span m='64790'>body</span> <span m='65040'>work.</span> <span m='65450'>And</span> <span m='65720'>so</span> <span m='68060'>that</span> <span m='68350'>feeds</span> <span m='68750'>me</span> <span m='68900'>but</span> <span m='69060'>it</span> <span m='69150'>also</span> <span m='69400'>takes</span> <span m='69730'>away</span> <span m='70020'>from</span> <span m='70680'>just</span> <span m='70940'>doing</span> <span m='70960'>regular</span> <span m='71390'>fun</span> <span m='71640'>stuff.</span> <span m='71860'>So</span> <span m='72640'>it</span> <span m='72750'>just</span> <span m='72950'>takes</span> <span m='73210'>paying</span> <span m='73430'>attention</span> <span m='73810'>to</span> <span m='73890'>balance.</span> </p>","file":{"id":349994,"video_id":"3166951266001","name":"19370-Jessica-p-Yoga instructor2 In-depth","duration":75953,"thumbnail_url":null}});