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JEWELRY MAKER/PAINTER: Take Advantage Of The Opportunity To Learn Everyday

About this video 

Ricky, a painter and jewelry maker, spends his typical day designing and then creating jewelry pieces. He became interested in jewelry making after meeting a jewelry maker, who he actually works with today, at his artist's studio complex. He advises not slacking off in making connections with people and really taking advantage of the opportunity to learn everyday.

Degree: Art - Psychology
Job Title: Jewelry Maker and Painter
Employer: Self-Employed

Job Summary: Jewelers and Precious Stone and Metal Workers

Job Description

Jewelers and precious stone and metal workers design, manufacture, and sell jewelry. They also adjust, repair, and appraise gems and jewelry.

On-the-Job Training

Long-term on-the-job training

Quick Facts

Average salary
Average salary
National Statistic Change Location
$20,000 - $60,000
Projected job growth
Projected Job Growth
-10 to 0 percent
Typical schedule
Typical schedule
Full-time, Part-time, Varies Widely, Flexible
Typical workplace
Typical workplace
Indoor, Office, Remote, Home
Personal qualities
Personal Qualities
Artistic, Creativity, Detail oriented, Likes working with hands, People skills, Hand-eye coordination

Educational Path

Education requirement
Education Requirement
High school degree
Recommended majors
Recommended Majors
Fine Arts
Metal Working
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P3.instances[0].transcript.parse_transcript_data({"transcript":"<p><span m='160'>Hi.</span> <span m='270'>My</span> <span m='420'>name's</span> <span m='740'>Ricky</span> <span m='1040'>Hianne.</span> <span m='1220'>And</span> <span m='1410'>I'm a</span> <span m='1780'>jewelry</span> <span m='2110'>maker</span> <span m='2420'>and</span> <span m='2510'>a</span> <span m='2570'>painter.</span> </p><p><span m='4690'>My</span> <span m='4830'>typical</span> <span m='5200'>day</span> <span m='6920'>involves</span> <span m='7640'>designing</span> <span m='8220'>jewelry</span> <span m='8670'>and</span> <span m='8840'>then</span> <span m='10010'>making</span> <span m='10380'>it.</span> <span m='12218'>I</span> <span m='13460'>cut</span> <span m='13720'>leather</span> <span m='14190'>and</span> <span m='14510'>dye</span> <span m='14980'>it,</span> <span m='15120'>and then</span> <span m='15530'>shape</span> <span m='16600'>and</span> <span m='18070'>put</span> <span m='18230'>it</span> <span m='18300'>together--</span> <span m='18660'>the clasp</span> <span m='18810'>and things</span> <span m='18900'>like that.</span> </p><p><span m='20560'>I</span> <span m='20920'>was</span> <span m='21180'>an</span> <span m='21290'>art</span> <span m='21640'>student</span> <span m='22140'>in</span> <span m='22380'>college.</span> <span m='23370'>I</span> <span m='24160'>actually</span> <span m='24490'>got</span> <span m='24630'>involved</span> <span m='24950'>with</span> <span m='25130'>jewelry</span> <span m='25440'>making</span> <span m='25810'>because</span> <span m='26410'>I</span> <span m='26610'>run</span> <span m='26810'>an</span> <span m='27130'>artist's</span> <span m='27750'>studio</span> <span m='28190'>complex</span> <span m='29230'>and</span> <span m='29430'>I</span> <span m='29490'>met</span> <span m='30210'>the</span> <span m='31110'>other</span> <span m='31290'>jewelry</span> <span m='31620'>maker</span> <span m='31880'>that</span> <span m='32049'>I</span> <span m='32090'>work</span> <span m='32340'>with</span> <span m='32670'>and</span> <span m='33050'>we</span> <span m='34760'>designed</span> <span m='35240'>a</span> <span m='35290'>new</span> <span m='35440'>brand</span> <span m='35750'>together.</span> <span m='37360'>I'm</span> <span m='37520'>a</span> <span m='37580'>painter,</span> <span m='37980'>but</span> <span m='38260'>I've</span> <span m='38660'>kind</span> <span m='38870'>of</span> <span m='38940'>branched</span> <span m='39360'>out</span> <span m='39640'>into</span> <span m='39780'>jewelry</span> <span m='40170'>making</span> <span m='40470'>myself.</span> </p><p><span m='41330'>What</span> <span m='41520'>I</span> <span m='41570'>would</span> <span m='41720'>tell</span> <span m='41870'>my</span> <span m='41990'>high</span> <span m='42140'>school</span> <span m='42390'>self</span> <span m='42730'>is</span> <span m='43120'>to</span> <span m='43960'>really</span> <span m='44260'>put</span> <span m='44440'>the</span> <span m='44540'>work</span> <span m='44800'>in.</span> <span m='45630'>I</span> <span m='45710'>think</span> <span m='46050'>that</span> <span m='46750'>in</span> <span m='46900'>high</span> <span m='47070'>school</span> <span m='47420'>I</span> <span m='48600'>kind</span> <span m='48990'>of</span> <span m='49150'>slacked</span> <span m='49570'>off</span> <span m='49750'>a</span> <span m='49800'>little</span> <span m='50000'>bit,</span> <span m='50160'>and</span> <span m='50280'>didn't</span> <span m='50500'>appreciate</span> <span m='51910'>the</span> <span m='52020'>classes</span> <span m='52460'>I</span> <span m='52520'>was</span> <span m='52700'>taking,</span> <span m='53070'>or</span> <span m='53170'>the</span> <span m='53980'>connection</span> <span m='54370'>that</span> <span m='54490'>was</span> <span m='54620'>making</span> <span m='54950'>with</span> <span m='55640'>teachers</span> <span m='56060'>and</span> <span m='56190'>other</span> <span m='57030'>people.</span> <span m='57320'>And</span> <span m='57430'>I</span> <span m='57490'>think</span> <span m='57720'>that</span> <span m='58330'>what</span> <span m='58490'>really</span> <span m='58720'>paid</span> <span m='58970'>off</span> <span m='59170'>is</span> <span m='60820'>taking</span> <span m='61210'>in</span> <span m='61350'>all</span> <span m='61500'>of</span> <span m='61600'>the</span> <span m='61700'>things</span> <span m='61960'>that</span> <span m='62070'>you</span> <span m='62150'>can</span> <span m='62290'>take</span> <span m='62530'>in,</span> <span m='62870'>and really</span> <span m='63080'>taking</span> <span m='63420'>advantage</span> <span m='63880'>of</span> <span m='64730'>an</span> <span m='64890'>opportunity</span> <span m='65500'>to</span> <span m='65600'>learn</span> <span m='65840'>more</span> <span m='66070'>every</span> <span m='66290'>day.</span> </p>","file":{"id":359265,"video_id":"3224047198001","name":"2062-Ricky-JewelryMaker1","duration":67524,"thumbnail_url":null}});