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About this video 

Kevin, a water quality scientist and consultant, describes the challenges of his job, what he likes most, his key decisions, how difficult getting into the industry is, and work-life balance. He tells us that interest in his field comes in spurts and waves, but there is more interest currently because of the drought in California.

Degree: Microbiology
Job Title: Water Quality Scientist

Job Summary: Environmental Scientists and Specialists, Including Health

Job Description

Environmental scientists and specialists use their knowledge of the natural sciences to protect the environment. They identify problems and find solutions that minimize hazards to the health of the environment and the population.

On-the-Job Training


Quick Facts

Average salary
Average salary
National Statistic Change Location
$40,000 - $110,000
Projected job growth
Projected Job Growth
15 to 25 percent
Typical schedule
Typical schedule
Typical workplace
Typical workplace
Indoor, Office, Outdoor
Personal qualities
Personal Qualities
Analytical skills, Problem solving skills, Verbal communication skills, Written communication skills, Detail oriented, Technical skills

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P3.instances[0].transcript.parse_transcript_data({"transcript":"<p><span m='0'>Interacting</span> <span m='970'>with</span> <span m='1120'>a</span> <span m='1320'>variety</span> <span m='1750'>of</span> <span m='1800'>different</span> <span m='2060'>clients</span> <span m='2520'>and</span> <span m='2680'>different</span> <span m='3100'>problems,</span> <span m='3630'>and</span> <span m='3760'>the</span> <span m='3870'>problem</span> <span m='4220'>solving</span> <span m='4510'>that</span> <span m='4640'>goes</span> <span m='4810'>along</span> <span m='5040'>with</span> <span m='5220'>it.</span> <span m='5440'>Usually,</span> <span m='6950'>people</span> <span m='7230'>just</span> <span m='7390'>don't</span> <span m='7540'>know</span> <span m='7640'>what</span> <span m='7760'>the</span> <span m='7850'>law</span> <span m='8070'>is.</span> <span m='8460'>And</span> <span m='8530'>it's</span> <span m='8880'>kind</span> <span m='9010'>of</span> <span m='9080'>my</span> <span m='9230'>job</span> <span m='9470'>to</span> <span m='9530'>say,</span> <span m='9870'>hey, this</span> <span m='10040'>is</span> <span m='10170'>what</span> <span m='10350'>the</span> <span m='10450'>law</span> <span m='10680'>is,</span> <span m='11170'>and</span> <span m='11410'>this</span> <span m='11580'>is</span> <span m='11620'>how</span> <span m='11730'>you</span> <span m='11840'>can</span> <span m='11970'>best</span> <span m='12160'>comply</span> <span m='12490'>with</span> <span m='12650'>it.</span> </p><p><span m='13480'>Deadlines,</span> <span m='15200'>deadlines,</span> <span m='15630'>deadlines,</span> <span m='16030'>deadlines.</span> <span m='16670'>In</span> <span m='16760'>time</span> <span m='17010'>management,</span> <span m='17290'>it</span> <span m='17570'>helps</span> <span m='17820'>with</span> <span m='17930'>that</span> <span m='18130'>though.</span> <span m='18320'>So</span> <span m='18560'>having</span> <span m='18790'>really</span> <span m='18950'>good</span> <span m='19070'>time</span> <span m='19250'>management</span> <span m='19630'>skills,</span> <span m='20440'>and</span> <span m='20550'>being</span> <span m='20700'>able</span> <span m='20820'>to</span> <span m='20880'>plan</span> <span m='21190'>your</span> <span m='21380'>day</span> <span m='21730'>and</span> <span m='21890'>your</span> <span m='22000'>weeks</span> <span m='22790'>definitely</span> <span m='23050'>helps.</span> <span m='24220'>Going</span> <span m='24500'>to</span> <span m='24540'>university,</span> <span m='26540'>I</span> <span m='26850'>probably</span> <span m='27270'>would</span> <span m='27390'>not</span> <span m='27570'>have</span> <span m='27810'>the</span> <span m='28260'>training</span> <span m='28700'>necessary</span> <span m='29270'>in</span> <span m='29350'>order</span> <span m='29470'>to</span> <span m='29600'>do</span> <span m='29840'>this</span> <span m='30080'>job</span> <span m='30370'>without</span> <span m='30752'>it.</span> </p><p><span m='31900'>It's</span> <span m='32040'>a bit</span> <span m='32130'>of a niche</span> <span m='32360'>field.</span> <span m='33740'>With</span> <span m='33950'>the</span> <span m='34050'>drought</span> <span m='34330'>right</span> <span m='34510'>now,</span> <span m='34710'>there's</span> <span m='34940'>a</span> <span m='35030'>lot</span> <span m='35230'>of</span> <span m='35690'>interest,</span> <span m='36210'>of</span> <span m='36290'>course,</span> <span m='36780'>more so</span> <span m='37070'>in</span> <span m='37300'>what</span> <span m='37450'>I'm</span> <span m='37560'>doing.</span> <span m='37930'>So</span> <span m='39430'>it's</span> <span m='39820'>like</span> <span m='40100'>anything.</span> <span m='40580'>It comes</span> <span m='40810'>in</span> <span m='40920'>spurts and</span> <span m='41300'>waves</span> <span m='41610'>in</span> <span m='41730'>terms</span> <span m='42040'>of</span> <span m='42080'>the</span> <span m='43040'>where</span> <span m='43200'>the</span> <span m='43300'>interest</span> <span m='43770'>and</span> <span m='43820'>where</span> <span m='43930'>the</span> <span m='44040'>money's</span> <span m='44450'>going</span> <span m='44960'>at</span> <span m='45100'>any</span> <span m='45650'>given</span> <span m='45900'>time.</span> </p><p><span m='47580'>My</span> <span m='47770'>work-life</span> <span m='48220'>balance</span> <span m='48610'>isn't</span> <span m='48890'>very</span> <span m='49210'>good.</span> <span m='49550'>Honestly</span> <span m='50460'>I</span> <span m='50570'>worked</span> <span m='50830'>a</span> <span m='50880'>lot.</span> <span m='51610'>I</span> <span m='51700'>just</span> <span m='51900'>came</span> <span m='52080'>from</span> <span m='52240'>work,</span> <span m='52450'>actually.</span> <span m='52870'>And</span> <span m='52970'>it</span> <span m='53070'>is</span> <span m='53270'>Saturday.</span> <span m='55580'>Yeah,</span> <span m='55880'>I</span> <span m='56140'>work</span> <span m='56370'>a</span> <span m='56420'>lot.</span> <span m='56760'>60</span> <span m='57110'>hours</span> <span m='57420'>a</span> <span m='57470'>week</span> <span m='57740'>has</span> <span m='57910'>been</span> <span m='58090'>the</span> <span m='58140'>norm</span> <span m='58440'>lately.</span> </p>","file":{"id":361817,"video_id":"3248087752001","name":"2124-Kevin-p-WaterQualityScientist2 In-depth","duration":59885,"thumbnail_url":null}});