VIDEO GAME ARTIST: Combining Passions For Art And Video Games To Create Rewarding Career

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Gabby talks about how much she loves being a Video Game Artist, and gives a lot of specific advice for making it into her field.

Degree: Graphic Communications
Job Title: Video Game Artist

Job Summary: Game Developer

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Game developer is an umbrella title for different roles in a development team that works together to create games. A game developer can be a game programmer, game architect, game designer, game artist, etc. They use computers to structure, design, test and publish games for different platforms.

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Average salary
Average salary
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$60,000 - $145,000
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Projected Job Growth
20 to 40 percent
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Typical schedule
Full-time, Flexible, Irregular, Long hours
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Typical workplace
Home, Indoor, Office
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Personal Qualities
Creativity, Problem solving skills, Teamwork, Technical skills, Artistic, Detail oriented, Patience, Mathematical skills

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Education Requirement
Bachelor's degree
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P3.instances[0].transcript.parse_transcript_data({"transcript":"<p><span m='0'>Hi,</span> <span m='477'>I'm Gabby.</span> <span m='954'>I'm from XMG Studio.</span> <span m='1431'>I'm</span> <span m='1908'>an artist for the</span> <span m='2385'>studio.</span> <span m='2862'>We</span> <span m='3340'>make</span> <span m='3500'>video</span> <span m='3790'>games for</span> <span m='4080'>a</span> <span m='4180'>living,</span> <span m='4630'>so I</span> <span m='5122'>do the</span> <span m='5614'>art behind all of the</span> <span m='6106'>video games.</span> <span m='7090'>And so</span> <span m='7580'>what</span> <span m='7860'>I</span> <span m='8170'>do</span> <span m='8430'>usually</span> <span m='8810'>is</span> <span m='9220'>work</span> <span m='9717'>with</span> <span m='10214'>a team of about five</span> <span m='10711'>people.</span> <span m='11208'>We</span> <span m='11705'>have a producer</span> <span m='12202'>[INAUDIBLE]</span> <span m='12699'>games.</span> <span m='13196'>We have</span> <span m='13693'>developers</span> <span m='14190'>who actually</span> <span m='14687'>program the game.</span> <span m='15184'>And then we have</span> <span m='15681'>artists like myself</span> <span m='16178'>who do the</span> <span m='16675'>art</span> <span m='17172'>and</span> <span m='17669'>the</span> <span m='18166'>user interface</span> <span m='18663'>behind the games.</span> </p><p><span m='19160'>It's a lot of fun.</span> <span m='19657'>I spend</span> <span m='20154'>days</span> <span m='20651'>just</span> <span m='21148'>drawing</span> <span m='22142'>and</span> <span m='22639'>doing what I</span> <span m='23136'>love the</span> <span m='23633'>best.</span> <span m='24627'>I like to make games.</span> <span m='25124'>We get to make</span> <span m='25621'>video</span> <span m='25703'>games</span> <span m='25786'>that</span> <span m='25952'>[INAUDIBLE]</span> <span m='26118'>to people.</span> <span m='26615'>So it's</span> <span m='27112'>a lot</span> <span m='27609'>of fun,</span> <span m='28106'>a really</span> <span m='28603'>fun job.</span> </p><p><span m='29597'>I went to</span> <span m='30094'>school for</span> <span m='30591'>graphic design,</span> <span m='31088'>but I</span> <span m='31585'>did a bunch</span> <span m='32082'>of illustration</span> <span m='32579'>on my own time,</span> <span m='33076'>which was</span> <span m='33573'>really helpful.</span> <span m='34567'>And</span> <span m='35064'>school was really</span> <span m='35561'>awesome.</span> <span m='36058'>That really</span> <span m='36555'>gave me the</span> <span m='37052'>right--</span> <span m='37549'>I did a</span> <span m='38046'>co-op</span> <span m='38294'>program</span> <span m='38543'>school,</span> <span m='39040'>which it's</span> <span m='39537'>really</span> <span m='40034'>helpful</span> <span m='40531'>if you can find</span> <span m='41028'>a</span> <span m='41193'>co-op</span> <span m='41359'>program</span> <span m='41525'>because</span> <span m='42022'>it gives you the</span> <span m='42519'>experience</span> <span m='43016'>that you need.</span> </p><p><span m='43513'>And</span> <span m='45998'>I've</span> <span m='46495'>always been</span> <span m='46992'>a big fan</span> <span m='47489'>of video games.</span> <span m='49477'>Even as a young kind, I</span> <span m='49974'>always wanted</span> <span m='50471'>to make</span> <span m='50968'>video games.</span> <span m='51465'>And so</span> <span m='51962'>I</span> <span m='52459'>just</span> <span m='52956'>wanted</span> <span m='53453'>to</span> <span m='53950'>go to school</span> <span m='54447'>for something</span> <span m='54944'>that I loved</span> <span m='55441'>and also</span> <span m='55938'>something</span> <span m='56435'>that would help me on the</span> <span m='56932'>career path</span> <span m='57429'>to</span> <span m='57926'>making</span> <span m='58423'>video games</span> <span m='58920'>for a living.</span> </p><p><span m='59914'>So what I like best about</span> <span m='60411'>my job</span> <span m='60908'>is that I get to</span> <span m='61902'>again,</span> <span m='62430'>to spend</span> <span m='63100'>my</span> <span m='63360'>whole</span> <span m='63670'>day</span> <span m='63930'>just</span> <span m='64190'>drawing and</span> <span m='64560'>painting.</span> <span m='64930'>And I'm a</span> <span m='65300'>creative</span> <span m='65776'>person, so I</span> <span m='66252'>love</span> <span m='66728'>doing that.</span> <span m='67204'>But I</span> <span m='67680'>think the most</span> <span m='68160'>rewarding</span> <span m='68520'>part is that</span> <span m='68700'>you're</span> <span m='68980'>seeing</span> <span m='69479'>somebody</span> <span m='69978'>playing your</span> <span m='70477'>game</span> <span m='70976'>is the best--</span> <span m='71974'>I love</span> <span m='72473'>making games,</span> <span m='72972'>but the absolute</span> <span m='73471'>best part</span> <span m='73970'>is seeing</span> <span m='74968'>a little</span> <span m='75470'>boy</span> <span m='75550'>or a little</span> <span m='75790'>girl</span> <span m='76180'>playing</span> <span m='76480'>this</span> <span m='76780'>game</span> <span m='77200'>and saying,</span> <span m='77685'>I love this</span> <span m='78170'>game so much.</span> <span m='78655'>That is the</span> <span m='79140'>most rewarding</span> <span m='79625'>experience.</span> </p><p><span m='80595'>The best advice</span> <span m='81080'>I can give to you</span> <span m='81565'>if you want</span> <span m='82050'>to get into</span> <span m='82535'>video games</span> <span m='83020'>is just</span> <span m='83505'>always</span> <span m='83990'>keep</span> <span m='84475'>practicing</span> <span m='84960'>what you're doing.</span> <span m='85445'>So if you</span> <span m='85930'>want to get</span> <span m='86415'>into art,</span> <span m='86900'>just make sure</span> <span m='87385'>that you're doing it</span> <span m='87870'>every</span> <span m='88180'>day.</span> <span m='88535'>It's the only</span> <span m='88890'>way that you're</span> <span m='89387'>going to get better</span> <span m='89884'>at anything</span> <span m='90381'>is to practice</span> <span m='90878'>a lot.</span> </p><p><span m='92369'>Programming,</span> <span m='92866'>if you're a</span> <span m='93363'>programmer,</span> <span m='93860'>you know, make games</span> <span m='94357'>on your own</span> <span m='94854'>free time,</span> <span m='95351'>even if they're</span> <span m='95848'>just</span> <span m='96345'>little, simple</span> <span m='96842'>ones.</span> <span m='97339'>It's going to help</span> <span m='97836'>you get better.</span> <span m='98333'>And if you're an</span> <span m='98830'>artist, make sure you</span> <span m='99327'>draw and paint</span> <span m='99824'>every day.</span> <span m='100321'>It's going</span> <span m='100818'>to help you</span> <span m='101315'>get better.</span> <span m='101812'>And</span> <span m='102309'>make sure</span> <span m='102806'>that you're</span> <span m='103303'>also</span> <span m='103800'>out there</span> <span m='104297'>talking</span> <span m='104794'>to people</span> <span m='105291'>and getting to know</span> <span m='105788'>people.</span> <span m='106285'>That also really</span> <span m='106782'>helps as well.</span> </p><p><span m='107279'>The biggest</span> <span m='107776'>challenge</span> <span m='108273'>about working in the</span> <span m='108770'>gaming industry</span> <span m='109267'>is that</span> <span m='109764'>it's</span> <span m='110261'>really hard to</span> <span m='110800'>get into.</span> <span m='111215'>It's</span> <span m='111630'>very, very--</span> <span m='113230'>like a lot of</span> <span m='113290'>people</span> <span m='113670'>want to</span> <span m='113870'>get into it,</span> <span m='114352'>so there's</span> <span m='114834'>a lot of competition.</span> <span m='115798'>So</span> <span m='116280'>the best</span> <span m='116762'>[INAUDIBLE]</span> <span m='117244'>advice I can give</span> <span m='117726'>is</span> <span m='118690'>just</span> <span m='119172'>network.</span> <span m='120136'>Meet people</span> <span m='120618'>in the industry</span> <span m='121100'>and just</span> <span m='121582'>reach out</span> <span m='122064'>and email</span> <span m='122546'>people in</span> <span m='123028'>the industry.</span> </p><p><span m='123510'>Just ask</span> <span m='123992'>questions</span> <span m='124474'>and be</span> <span m='124956'>polite.</span> <span m='126270'>Make sure that</span> <span m='126630'>your</span> <span m='126980'>portfolio,</span> <span m='127330'>if you want to</span> <span m='127730'>get into art,</span> <span m='128009'>make sure that</span> <span m='128494'>your</span> <span m='128979'>portfolio</span> <span m='129464'>is</span> <span m='129949'>specifically</span> <span m='130919'>game</span> <span m='131404'>art,</span> <span m='131889'>things that</span> <span m='132374'>show off the</span> <span m='132859'>things you can do</span> <span m='133344'>for games, the</span> <span m='133829'>things that you</span> <span m='134314'>can make for</span> <span m='134799'>games.</span> <span m='135284'>That's really</span> <span m='135769'>helpful.</span> </p><p><span m='136254'>You think</span> <span m='136739'>you're the best.</span> <span m='137224'>You think</span> <span m='137709'>that you</span> <span m='138194'>have the</span> <span m='138679'>best art</span> <span m='139164'>but</span> <span m='139233'>there's</span> <span m='139302'>always</span> <span m='139371'>going</span> <span m='139441'>to</span> <span m='139510'>be</span> <span m='139579'>somebody</span> <span m='139649'>better than you.</span> <span m='140134'>The best</span> <span m='140630'>thing</span> <span m='140960'>you can do</span> <span m='141290'>is just</span> <span m='141600'>be</span> <span m='141780'>proud of</span> <span m='142216'>what you do</span> <span m='142652'>and always</span> <span m='143090'>try</span> <span m='143390'>be better.</span> <span m='143855'>And</span> <span m='144320'>always work</span> <span m='144778'>to be the</span> <span m='145236'>best that you</span> <span m='145694'>can be.</span> <span m='147530'>Work hard</span> <span m='147880'>with your</span> <span m='148230'>developers</span> <span m='148510'>as well</span> <span m='148810'>and</span> <span m='149110'>learn a</span> <span m='149410'>bit of coding</span> <span m='150310'>even if you--</span> <span m='150610'>if you think it's</span> <span m='150910'>going to help</span> <span m='151810'>because</span> <span m='152110'>it makes it</span> <span m='152410'>easier for them,</span> <span m='152710'>it makes</span> <span m='153010'>it easier</span> <span m='153310'>for you</span> <span m='154210'>if you can</span> <span m='154510'>work together</span> <span m='154810'>as a team.</span> 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