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About this video 

Rich is the Founder of Watershed Discovery Foundation, which teaches elementary and middle-school kids about pollution and how to keep water clean. (His bus is a mobile wet laboratory that travels to schools.) He was inspired to pursue a career in Environmental Science when he discovered a creek running through his ranch and wanted to figure out how to keep it clean.

Job Title: Founder/Teacher

Job Summary: Elementary-Middle School Teachers, Except Special Education

Job Description

A teacher has the unique and special responsibility of helping to develop and mold the lives of students. Teaching should be something you love to do, as opposed to being just a job. Students will appreciate a teacher with a passion for their subject, as this passion is infectious, and makes students more receptive to what is being taught.

On-the-Job Training

Short-term on-the-job training

Additional Info

All states require public school teachers to have a state-issued certification or license. Most states require teachers to major in a content area, such as math or science. Some states require etachers to have a master’s degree for career advancement. All states offer an alternative route to certification for people who already have a bachelor’s degree but lack the education courses required for certification.

Quick Facts

Average salary
Average salary
National Statistic Change Location
$30,000 - $80,000
Projected job growth
Projected Job Growth
10 to 20 percent
Typical schedule
Typical schedule
Typical workplace
Typical workplace
Indoor, Physically demanding, Office
Personal qualities
Personal Qualities
Creativity, Leadership ability, Patience, Verbal communication skills, Written communication skills, Empathy, People skills, Public speaking ability

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P3.instances[0].transcript.parse_transcript_data({"transcript":"<p><span m='150'>My</span> <span m='230'>name</span> <span m='430'>is</span> <span m='540'>Rich</span> <span m='760'>Allen,</span> <span m='1340'>and</span> <span m='1820'>I'm</span> <span m='1910'>with</span> <span m='2090'>the</span> <span m='2160'>Watershed</span> <span m='2700'>Discovery</span> <span m='3190'>Foundation.</span> <span m='4490'>And</span> <span m='5190'>we</span> <span m='5730'>teach</span> <span m='6120'>water</span> <span m='7100'>and</span> <span m='7390'>clean</span> <span m='7650'>water</span> <span m='7940'>concepts</span> <span m='8710'>to</span> <span m='10580'>kids,</span> <span m='10950'>primarily</span> <span m='11620'>elementary</span> <span m='12330'>and</span> <span m='12750'>middle</span> <span m='13010'>school</span> <span m='13320'>kids.</span> <span m='13940'>And</span> <span m='14930'>the</span> <span m='15010'>bus</span> <span m='15280'>that</span> <span m='15510'>I'm</span> <span m='15620'>sitting</span> <span m='15970'>on</span> <span m='16190'>right</span> <span m='16420'>now</span> <span m='16790'>is</span> <span m='17010'>a</span> <span m='17940'>mobile</span> <span m='19190'>wet</span> <span m='19550'>lab</span> <span m='19890'>that</span> <span m='20160'>we</span> <span m='20410'>take</span> <span m='20630'>around</span> <span m='20970'>to</span> <span m='21060'>elementary</span> <span m='21670'>and</span> <span m='21750'>middle</span> <span m='21970'>schools</span> <span m='22510'>to</span> <span m='22650'>teach</span> <span m='23010'>kids</span> <span m='24430'>concepts</span> <span m='25140'>about</span> <span m='25650'>pollution</span> <span m='26260'>and</span> <span m='26400'>water,</span> <span m='26960'>and</span> <span m='27410'>how</span> <span m='27580'>to</span> <span m='27660'>keep</span> <span m='27890'>water</span> <span m='28210'>clean.</span> </p><p><span m='29540'>My</span> <span m='29770'>educational</span> <span m='30480'>career</span> <span m='30660'>path,</span> <span m='31020'>I</span> <span m='31390'>got</span> <span m='31590'>into</span> <span m='32420'>being</span> <span m='32659'>interested</span> <span m='33160'>in</span> <span m='33290'>water</span> <span m='34590'>because</span> <span m='34870'>I</span> <span m='34940'>have</span> <span m='35090'>a</span> <span m='35140'>creek</span> <span m='35470'>that</span> <span m='35610'>runs</span> <span m='35930'>through</span> <span m='36120'>a</span> <span m='36190'>ranch</span> <span m='36600'>that</span> <span m='36780'>I</span> <span m='36940'>own.</span> <span m='37650'>And</span> <span m='38280'>I</span> <span m='38340'>was</span> <span m='38510'>interested</span> <span m='38990'>in</span> <span m='39120'>keeping</span> <span m='39520'>that</span> <span m='39900'>creek</span> <span m='40260'>clean,</span> <span m='40690'>so</span> <span m='40840'>I</span> <span m='40900'>wanted</span> <span m='41220'>to</span> <span m='41290'>figure</span> <span m='41690'>out</span> <span m='42370'>what</span> <span m='42900'>I</span> <span m='43040'>could</span> <span m='43300'>do</span> <span m='44200'>as</span> <span m='44580'>a</span> <span m='44790'>steward</span> <span m='45350'>of</span> <span m='45460'>the</span> <span m='45560'>land</span> <span m='46540'>to</span> <span m='47790'>keep</span> <span m='48000'>that</span> <span m='48170'>creek</span> <span m='48480'>clean,</span> <span m='48810'>and</span> <span m='48870'>make</span> <span m='49030'>sure</span> <span m='49170'>the</span> <span m='49250'>water</span> <span m='49690'>that</span> <span m='50690'>left</span> <span m='51020'>our</span> <span m='51140'>ranch</span> <span m='51480'>was as</span> <span m='51770'>clean</span> <span m='52095'>as</span> <span m='52912'>the water</span> <span m='53404'>that came</span> <span m='53896'>in.</span> <span m='54390'>And</span> <span m='56370'>one</span> <span m='56580'>thing</span> <span m='56770'>led</span> <span m='56970'>to</span> <span m='57110'>another,</span> <span m='57670'>and</span> <span m='57980'>I</span> <span m='58290'>ended</span> <span m='58630'>up</span> <span m='59180'>with</span> <span m='59370'>a</span> <span m='59430'>career</span> <span m='59970'>in</span> <span m='61020'>environmental</span> <span m='61810'>science.</span> </p><p><span m='63060'>I</span> <span m='63450'>think</span> <span m='63600'>one</span> <span m='63800'>thing</span> <span m='64010'>that</span> <span m='64150'>I</span> <span m='64680'>would</span> <span m='64890'>do</span> <span m='65069'>differently</span> <span m='66610'>if</span> <span m='66950'>I</span> <span m='67030'>were</span> <span m='67150'>coming</span> <span m='67450'>up</span> <span m='67580'>today</span> <span m='68130'>is</span> <span m='68490'>I</span> <span m='68590'>would</span> <span m='68940'>learn</span> <span m='69950'>lots</span> <span m='70460'>of</span> <span m='70550'>different</span> <span m='70910'>things</span> <span m='71260'>about</span> <span m='71500'>different</span> <span m='71810'>disciplines.</span> <span m='72920'>I</span> <span m='73250'>think</span> <span m='73460'>what</span> <span m='73590'>we</span> <span m='73710'>tend</span> <span m='73950'>to</span> <span m='74020'>do</span> <span m='74220'>is</span> <span m='74350'>we</span> <span m='74530'>tend to</span> <span m='74790'>get</span> <span m='74810'>very</span> <span m='75140'>narrow</span> <span m='76110'>in</span> <span m='76830'>studying</span> <span m='77450'>what</span> <span m='77620'>it</span> <span m='77690'>is</span> <span m='77880'>we're</span> <span m='78030'>interested</span> <span m='78550'>in.</span> <span m='79250'>But</span> <span m='79690'>I</span> <span m='79820'>think</span> <span m='80330'>having</span> <span m='80690'>a</span> <span m='80740'>broader</span> <span m='81240'>understanding</span> <span m='81820'>of</span> <span m='81890'>what's</span> <span m='82110'>going</span> <span m='82340'>on</span> <span m='82500'>in</span> <span m='82590'>our</span> <span m='82720'>world,</span> <span m='83430'>and</span> <span m='84185'>you know,</span> <span m='84460'>history,</span> <span m='84760'>and</span> <span m='85100'>mathematics,</span> <span m='85960'>and</span> <span m='86100'>sciences--</span> <span m='87220'>all of</span> <span m='87530'>those</span> <span m='87800'>things.</span> <span m='88090'>It's</span> <span m='88230'>really</span> <span m='88460'>important</span> <span m='88860'>to</span> <span m='88930'>have</span> <span m='89150'>at</span> <span m='89230'>least a</span> <span m='89490'>working</span> <span m='89950'>understanding</span> <span m='90960'>of</span> <span m='91100'>all</span> <span m='91390'>of</span> <span m='91520'>those</span> <span m='92480'>areas</span> <span m='93020'>of</span> <span m='93130'>study,</span> <span m='93980'>to</span> <span m='94460'>work</span> <span m='94710'>in</span> <span m='94850'>any</span> <span m='95090'>particular</span> <span m='95670'>area</span> <span m='95970'>of</span> <span m='96270'>study.</span> </p>","file":{"id":381871,"video_id":"3407325237001","name":"2420-Rich-WatershedDiscovery1","duration":97710,"thumbnail_url":null}});