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OPTICIAN: The Importance Of Time Management

About this video 

Liberty, an optician, spends her typical day helping patients pick out eyeglasses, fitting them for contact lenses, and helping the doctor. She tells us that she wishes she would have listened to her teachers more in high school instead of procrastinating on projects because she has found time management to be a very important skill to have in life.

Job Title: Optician

Job Summary: Opticians, Dispensing

Job Description

Dispensing opticians help fit eyeglasses and contact lenses, following prescriptions from ophthalmologists and optometrists. They also help customers decide which eyeglass frames or type of contact lenses to buy.

On-the-Job Training

Moderate-term on-the-job training

Additional Info

Twenty-three states require opticians to be licensed. Licensure usually requires completing formal education through an approved program or completing an apprenticeship. In addition to being licensed, states require opticians to pass one or more of the following (depending on the state): a state written exam, a state practical exam, or certification exams, described in the certification section.

Certification Requirement
Recommended by the American Board of Opticianry (ABO) and National Contact Lens Examiners (NCLE)

Quick Facts

Average salary
Average salary
National Statistic Change Location
$20,000 - $50,000
Projected job growth
Projected Job Growth
Not applicable
Typical schedule
Typical schedule
Full-time, Part-time
Typical workplace
Typical workplace
Travel, Hospital / Clinic, Indoor, Office
Personal qualities
Personal Qualities
Likes working with hands, Organizational skills, Verbal communication skills, Written communication skills, Hand-eye coordination

Educational Path

Education requirement
Education Requirement
High school degree
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P3.instances[0].transcript.parse_transcript_data({"transcript":"<p><span m='330'>Hello.</span> <span m='690'>My</span> <span m='810'>name</span> <span m='1040'>is</span> <span m='1210'>Liberty,</span> <span m='2320'>and</span> <span m='2630'>I</span> <span m='2720'>am</span> <span m='2950'>an</span> <span m='3200'>optician.</span> <span m='4400'>We</span> <span m='4530'>help</span> <span m='4790'>patients</span> <span m='5950'>pick</span> <span m='6170'>out</span> <span m='6370'>eyeglasses</span> <span m='7790'>as</span> <span m='8060'>well</span> <span m='8340'>as</span> <span m='9160'>fitting</span> <span m='9640'>patients</span> <span m='10130'>in</span> <span m='10250'>contact</span> <span m='10760'>lenses.</span> <span m='11760'>And</span> <span m='12010'>we</span> <span m='12150'>also</span> <span m='12720'>help</span> <span m='13000'>the</span> <span m='13090'>doctor</span> <span m='13500'>on</span> <span m='13620'>a</span> <span m='13660'>day-to-day</span> <span m='14070'>basis.</span> <span m='15200'>When</span> <span m='15400'>I</span> <span m='15480'>graduated</span> <span m='16090'>high</span> <span m='16329'>school,</span> <span m='16830'>I</span> <span m='16930'>started</span> <span m='17200'>working</span> <span m='17540'>at</span> <span m='17690'>LensCrafters</span> <span m='18560'>part</span> <span m='18910'>time,</span> <span m='19820'>and</span> <span m='20190'>from</span> <span m='20420'>there,</span> <span m='20710'>I</span> <span m='20770'>furthered</span> <span m='21230'>my</span> <span m='21370'>education.</span> <span m='22250'>And</span> <span m='22410'>now</span> <span m='22610'>I'm</span> <span m='22720'>working</span> <span m='23050'>at</span> <span m='23160'>a</span> <span m='23210'>private</span> <span m='23560'>doctor's</span> <span m='23990'>office.</span> </p><p><span m='25530'>Now</span> <span m='25780'>that</span> <span m='26030'>I'm</span> <span m='26130'>out</span> <span m='26310'>of</span> <span m='26390'>high</span> <span m='26580'>school,</span> <span m='27500'>I</span> <span m='27680'>wish</span> <span m='28070'>that</span> <span m='28890'>I</span> <span m='29040'>would</span> <span m='29520'>have</span> <span m='29840'>paid</span> <span m='30060'>closer</span> <span m='30520'>attention</span> <span m='31170'>in</span> <span m='31360'>class</span> <span m='32049'>and</span> <span m='32280'>also</span> <span m='33000'>to</span> <span m='33500'>the</span> <span m='33560'>advice</span> <span m='34280'>that</span> <span m='34450'>my</span> <span m='34630'>teachers</span> <span m='35075'>and</span> <span m='35520'>the</span> <span m='35860'>principals</span> <span m='36490'>gave</span> <span m='36810'>me,</span> <span m='37480'>because</span> <span m='37950'>you</span> <span m='38110'>really</span> <span m='38410'>realize</span> <span m='38940'>once</span> <span m='39110'>you're out</span> <span m='39510'>of</span> <span m='39600'>high</span> <span m='39810'>school</span> <span m='40300'>how</span> <span m='40570'>important</span> <span m='41180'>those</span> <span m='41430'>lessons</span> <span m='42250'>will</span> <span m='42580'>affect</span> <span m='42980'>your</span> <span m='43120'>everyday</span> <span m='43550'>life</span> <span m='44100'>once</span> <span m='44400'>you</span> <span m='44550'>have</span> <span m='44790'>graduated.</span> <span m='45960'>For</span> <span m='46120'>example,</span> <span m='47010'>when</span> <span m='47080'>my</span> <span m='47440'>teachers</span> <span m='47930'>would</span> <span m='48040'>always</span> <span m='48310'>tell</span> <span m='48550'>me</span> <span m='48720'>not</span> <span m='48860'>to</span> <span m='49010'>procrastinate</span> <span m='49870'>on</span> <span m='50070'>projects,</span> <span m='51560'>and</span> <span m='51780'>I never</span> <span m='52150'>listened.</span> <span m='52690'>But</span> <span m='52900'>now,</span> <span m='53270'>I</span> <span m='53430'>see</span> <span m='53980'>in</span> <span m='54090'>my</span> <span m='54200'>work</span> <span m='54550'>life</span> <span m='54920'>and</span> <span m='55250'>in my</span> <span m='55380'>personal</span> <span m='55860'>life,</span> <span m='56120'>it's</span> <span m='56290'>really</span> <span m='56570'>important</span> <span m='57000'>to have</span> <span m='57230'>time</span> <span m='57530'>management.</span> <span m='58650'>And</span> <span m='58960'>also</span> <span m='59600'>take</span> <span m='59890'>pride</span> <span m='60290'>in</span> <span m='60440'>all</span> <span m='60590'>the</span> <span m='60660'>work</span> <span m='60950'>that</span> <span m='61120'>you</span> <span m='61230'>do,</span> <span m='62030'>because</span> <span m='62360'>when</span> <span m='62490'>you</span> <span m='62610'>take</span> <span m='62900'>that</span> <span m='63120'>time</span> <span m='63470'>out,</span> <span m='63890'>your</span> <span m='64060'>work</span> <span m='64860'>tends</span> <span m='65150'>to</span> <span m='65280'>be</span> <span m='65790'>a</span> <span m='65860'>little</span> <span m='66040'>bit</span> <span m='66230'>better</span> <span m='67280'>rather</span> <span m='67580'>than</span> <span m='67780'>procrastinating.</span> </p>","file":{"id":385828,"video_id":"3432772913001","name":"2468-Liberty-Optician1","duration":69869,"thumbnail_url":null}});