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TOUR BOAT CAPTAIN, IN-DEPTH: You Have To Plan Ahead For Slow Seasons

About this video 

Kerstin, a tour boat captain, describes the challenges of her job, what she likes most, her key decisions, how to get into the industry, and work-life balance. To do well in this job, you must have a good work ethic and a lot for the ocean. Beware though for you will not make very much money, which has caused more than one sailor to leave the profession.

Job Title: Tour Boat Captain

Job Summary: Sailors and Marine Oilers

Job Description

Stand watch to look for obstructions in path of vessel, measure water depth, turn wheel on bridge, or use emergency equipment as directed by captain, mate, or pilot. Break out, rig, overhaul, and store cargo-handling gear, stationary rigging, and running gear. Perform a variety of maintenance tasks to preserve the painted surface of the ship and to maintain line and ship equipment. Must hold government-issued certification and tankerman certification when working aboard liquid-carrying vessels. Includes able seamen and ordinary seamen.

On-the-Job Training

Significant on the job training can be expected for entry level works for the first year.

Certification Requirement
Required to have a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Other licenses may be required, depending on the specifications of the job.

Quick Facts

Average salary
Average salary
National Statistic Change Location
$20,000 - $60,000
Projected job growth
Projected Job Growth
15 to 25 percent
Typical schedule
Typical schedule
Full-time, Seasonal
Typical workplace
Typical workplace
Military, Outdoor, Physically demanding, Travel
Personal qualities
Personal Qualities
Hand-eye coordination, Likes working with hands, Strength/stamina, Technical skills, Teamwork, Adventurous

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P3.instances[0].transcript.parse_transcript_data({"transcript":"<p><span m='600'>Sailing.</span> <span m='1210'>I</span> <span m='1360'>love</span> <span m='1530'>being</span> <span m='1760'>on</span> <span m='1950'>the</span> <span m='2040'>water.</span> <span m='4480'>That's</span> <span m='4970'>really</span> <span m='5240'>all</span> <span m='5500'>it</span> <span m='5600'>is</span> <span m='5800'>for</span> <span m='5920'>me.</span> <span m='6560'>And</span> <span m='7210'>so</span> <span m='7330'>I</span> <span m='7430'>work</span> <span m='7800'>during</span> <span m='8080'>the</span> <span m='8150'>day</span> <span m='8500'>to</span> <span m='8590'>get</span> <span m='8790'>enough</span> <span m='9000'>people</span> <span m='9270'>on</span> <span m='9460'>the</span> <span m='9550'>boat</span> <span m='9820'>so</span> <span m='9920'>that</span> <span m='10080'>I</span> <span m='10130'>could</span> <span m='10260'>work</span> <span m='10540'>on</span> <span m='10680'>the</span> <span m='10760'>boat</span> <span m='11000'>at</span> <span m='11120'>the</span> <span m='11210'>end</span> <span m='11380'>of</span> <span m='11490'>the</span> <span m='11590'>day.</span> <span m='12130'>That's</span> <span m='12480'>the</span> <span m='12580'>reward</span> <span m='12980'>for</span> <span m='13140'>me.</span> </p><p><span m='14110'>Making</span> <span m='14440'>ends</span> <span m='14630'>meet</span> <span m='14860'>during</span> <span m='15130'>the</span> <span m='15220'>slow</span> <span m='15460'>season.</span> <span m='16680'>Being</span> <span m='16990'>in</span> <span m='17090'>the</span> <span m='17180'>tourist</span> <span m='17550'>industry,</span> <span m='18570'>you</span> <span m='18800'>are</span> <span m='19170'>very</span> <span m='19490'>much</span> <span m='20680'>at</span> <span m='21050'>the</span> <span m='21200'>mercy</span> <span m='21740'>and</span> <span m='21920'>at</span> <span m='22120'>the</span> <span m='22180'>hands</span> <span m='22680'>of</span> <span m='23260'>people's</span> <span m='23810'>travel</span> <span m='25800'>plans.</span> <span m='26280'>So</span> <span m='26520'>summertime</span> <span m='27200'>is</span> <span m='27360'>nice</span> <span m='28040'>in</span> <span m='28260'>Maui.</span> <span m='28650'>Wintertime</span> <span m='29330'>is</span> <span m='29500'>great</span> <span m='29990'>with</span> <span m='30120'>all</span> <span m='30290'>of</span> <span m='30450'>our</span> <span m='30580'>whales.</span> <span m='31410'>But</span> <span m='31630'>the in</span> <span m='31880'>between,</span> <span m='32360'>you</span> <span m='32460'>really</span> <span m='32689'>have</span> <span m='32870'>to</span> <span m='33000'>plan</span> <span m='33410'>ahead</span> <span m='34220'>for</span> <span m='34330'>those</span> <span m='34490'>slow</span> <span m='34770'>seasons.</span> <span m='35420'>Because</span> <span m='35820'>in</span> <span m='36020'>most</span> <span m='36320'>tourist</span> <span m='36690'>industries,</span> <span m='37280'>that's</span> <span m='37430'>how</span> <span m='37600'>it</span> <span m='37720'>is.</span> </p><p><span m='38270'>I</span> <span m='38410'>think</span> <span m='38720'>just</span> <span m='40180'>stepping</span> <span m='40640'>into</span> <span m='40870'>the</span> <span m='41040'>unknown.</span> <span m='42190'>I had</span> <span m='42450'>never</span> <span m='42710'>lived</span> <span m='42980'>on</span> <span m='43150'>Maui.</span> <span m='43350'>I</span> <span m='43410'>had</span> <span m='43580'>never</span> <span m='43790'>worked</span> <span m='44190'>on</span> <span m='44320'>a</span> <span m='44380'>sailing</span> <span m='44890'>yacht,</span> <span m='45170'>but</span> <span m='45320'>I've</span> <span m='45480'>always</span> <span m='45700'>had</span> <span m='45820'>a</span> <span m='45870'>passion</span> <span m='46300'>to</span> <span m='46370'>be</span> <span m='46500'>on</span> <span m='46640'>the</span> <span m='46730'>water,</span> <span m='47090'>and</span> <span m='47210'>sailing,</span> <span m='47740'>and</span> <span m='48370'>in paradise.</span> <span m='49060'>So</span> <span m='50750'>I</span> <span m='50860'>think</span> <span m='51556'>just</span> <span m='52490'>stepping</span> <span m='52930'>into</span> <span m='53140'>the</span> <span m='53290'>unknown,</span> <span m='53630'>and</span> <span m='53750'>going</span> <span m='54090'>for</span> <span m='54390'>it,</span> <span m='54760'>and</span> <span m='54940'>not</span> <span m='55150'>looking</span> <span m='55500'>back.</span> </p><p><span m='56500'>I</span> <span m='56610'>think</span> <span m='56820'>if</span> <span m='56910'>you</span> <span m='57010'>have</span> <span m='57170'>the</span> <span m='57250'>good</span> <span m='57450'>work</span> <span m='57870'>ethic,</span> <span m='58420'>then</span> <span m='58900'>it's</span> <span m='59090'>not.</span> <span m='60190'>A</span> <span m='60250'>lot</span> <span m='60490'>of</span> <span m='60560'>people</span> <span m='61470'>think</span> <span m='61670'>of</span> <span m='61790'>as</span> <span m='62150'>it's</span> <span m='62260'>like</span> <span m='62490'>a</span> <span m='62510'>vacation</span> <span m='63150'>dream</span> <span m='63470'>job,</span> <span m='64140'>which</span> <span m='64319'>it</span> <span m='64400'>really</span> <span m='64739'>is.</span> <span m='65370'>But</span> <span m='66740'>the</span> <span m='66870'>realities</span> <span m='67520'>are</span> <span m='67660'>that</span> <span m='67860'>it's</span> <span m='68070'>not</span> <span m='68340'>a</span> <span m='68410'>lot</span> <span m='68630'>of</span> <span m='68770'>money,</span> <span m='69490'>so</span> <span m='70030'>a</span> <span m='70070'>lot</span> <span m='70310'>of</span> <span m='70360'>people</span> <span m='70650'>don't</span> <span m='70930'>stick</span> <span m='71170'>around.</span> <span m='71990'>So</span> <span m='72280'>if you</span> <span m='72410'>have</span> <span m='72560'>a</span> <span m='72620'>good,</span> <span m='72840'>hard</span> <span m='73140'>work</span> <span m='73350'>ethic,</span> <span m='73830'>and</span> <span m='74080'>you</span> <span m='74420'>love</span> <span m='75070'>ocean,</span> <span m='75690'>then</span> <span m='76820'>you'll</span> <span m='77030'>do</span> <span m='77190'>just</span> <span m='77460'>fine.</span> </p><p><span m='78050'>Work</span> <span m='78340'>is my</span> <span m='78770'>life,</span> <span m='79200'>but</span> <span m='79380'>it's</span> <span m='79530'>OK</span> <span m='79860'>for</span> <span m='80010'>me,</span> <span m='80240'>because</span> <span m='80690'>I</span> <span m='80860'>love</span> <span m='81180'>to sail.</span> <span m='81780'>And</span> <span m='82890'>I</span> <span m='82920'>always</span> <span m='83190'>tell</span> <span m='83420'>people,</span> <span m='83890'>do</span> <span m='84120'>what</span> <span m='84270'>you</span> <span m='84410'>love.</span> <span m='84800'>And</span> <span m='84890'>if</span> <span m='84960'>you</span> <span m='85100'>love</span> <span m='85300'>what</span> <span m='85420'>you're</span> <span m='85540'>doing,</span> <span m='85860'>then</span> <span m='85950'>it's</span> <span m='86090'>really</span> <span m='86310'>not</span> <span m='86560'>work.</span> <span m='87530'>And</span> <span m='88980'>that's</span> <span m='89210'>pretty</span> <span m='89450'>much</span> <span m='89780'>it.</span> <span m='90020'>On</span> <span m='90130'>my</span> <span m='90250'>days</span> <span m='90550'>off,</span> <span m='90780'>I</span> <span m='90840'>go</span> <span m='90990'>sailing.</span> <span m='91680'>So</span> <span m='93210'>I</span> <span m='93440'>found</span> <span m='94130'>a</span> <span m='94200'>good</span> <span m='94370'>balance</span> <span m='94840'>for</span> <span m='94980'>me.</span> </p>","file":{"id":391623,"video_id":"3476336876001","name":"2524-Kerstin-BoatCaptain2 In-depth","duration":96363,"thumbnail_url":null}});