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NURSE LVN: A Rewarding Career

About this video 

Ephraem is a Nurse at a hospital. He loves his career because he is always helping people get better. Ephraem tells us what he likes and also dislikes about his job, his career and educational path and what he wished he knew.

School: Unitek College
Degree: Nursing
Job Title: Nurse LVN
Employer: Saratoga Children's Hospital

Job Summary: Nurse Midwives and Direct-Entry Midwives

Job Description

Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNMs) are nurses with hospital-based midwifery training. Most CNMs practice in clinics and hospitals and are also primary health care providers to women. They perform physical exams, prescribe medications including contraceptive methods, order laboratory tests as needed, provide prenatal care, gynecological care, labor and birth care, as well as health education and counseling to women of all ages.

Direct-Entry Midwives are specialists in birth outside the hospital, at home and in free-standing birth centers.

On-the-Job Training

Apprenticeship for Direct-Entry Midwives.

Additional Info

In order to become a certified nurse midwife, you must have either a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN), an associate’s degree in nursing or a diploma from an approved nursing program. Once those requirements are fulfilled, you’ll need to pursue your master’s degree, as well as have one to two years of nursing experience and a license to practice as a registered nurse (RN).

Through this graduate-level education, students specializing in midwifery load up on courses like anatomy, biochemistry, genetics, research, family planning and primary care of women. These programs generally take 24 to 36 months to complete, depending on the individuals’ course loads and the particular program curriculum.

Once a master’s degree is completed, all certified nurse midwives must take and pass the national board exams, which are given four times a year throughout the country.

Certification Requirement
Certification by the American Midwifery Certification Board (AMCB).

Quick Facts

Average salary
Average salary
National Statistic Change Location
$75,000 - $90,000
Projected job growth
Projected Job Growth
0 to 26 percent
Typical schedule
Typical schedule
Full-time, Irregular, Long hours
Typical workplace
Typical workplace
Hospital / Clinic, Indoor, Remote, Office, Home, Travel
Personal qualities
Personal Qualities
Empathy, Patience, People skills, Leadership ability, Strength/stamina, Verbal communication skills

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P3.instances[0].transcript.parse_transcript_data({"transcript":"<p><span m='130'>My</span> <span m='200'>name</span> <span m='360'>is</span> <span m='470'>Ephraim,</span> <span m='1880'>and</span> <span m='2140'>I</span> <span m='2270'>am</span> <span m='2890'>currently</span> <span m='3750'>a Nurse, a</span> <span m='4130'>Pediatric</span> <span m='4650'>Nurse</span> <span m='5180'>at</span> <span m='5230'>Saratoga's</span> <span m='6000'>Children's</span> <span m='6140'>Hospital.</span> </p><p><span m='7150'>Typical</span> <span m='7490'>day</span> <span m='7640'>as a</span> <span m='7790'>nurse,</span> <span m='8860'>I</span> <span m='8950'>clock</span> <span m='9260'>in,</span> <span m='10450'>I</span> <span m='10530'>check</span> <span m='10760'>to</span> <span m='10860'>see</span> <span m='11060'>all</span> <span m='11180'>my</span> <span m='11330'>patients</span> <span m='11590'>that I'm</span> <span m='11940'>in</span> <span m='12050'>charge</span> <span m='12340'>of</span> <span m='12770'>to see</span> <span m='13320'>that</span> <span m='13680'>they're</span> <span m='13850'>all</span> <span m='14000'>well</span> <span m='14200'>taken</span> <span m='14450'>care</span> <span m='14620'>of.</span> <span m='15550'>The</span> <span m='15890'>previous</span> <span m='16460'>shift</span> <span m='16750'>nurse</span> <span m='16940'>will</span> <span m='17080'>give</span> <span m='17230'>me</span> <span m='17360'>an update</span> <span m='17890'>as to</span> <span m='18040'>how</span> <span m='18200'>their</span> <span m='18410'>night</span> <span m='18700'>or</span> <span m='18810'>how</span> <span m='18970'>their</span> <span m='19130'>day</span> <span m='19330'>has</span> <span m='19470'>been</span> <span m='19640'>so</span> <span m='19810'>far</span> <span m='20000'>depending</span> <span m='20265'>what</span> <span m='20530'>shift</span> <span m='20740'>I'm</span> <span m='20950'>in</span> <span m='21060'>charge</span> <span m='21320'>of.</span> <span m='22200'>And</span> <span m='22520'>I</span> <span m='22590'>proceed</span> <span m='23020'>on</span> <span m='23230'>with</span> <span m='23400'>all</span> <span m='23640'>the</span> <span m='23750'>daily</span> <span m='25600'>care</span> <span m='26040'>tasks,</span> <span m='27320'>set</span> <span m='27610'>up</span> <span m='27810'>their</span> <span m='28240'>equipment,</span> <span m='29370'>check</span> <span m='29650'>their</span> <span m='29760'>vital</span> <span m='30090'>signs,</span> <span m='31390'>and</span> <span m='31780'>put</span> <span m='31980'>together</span> <span m='32330'>what</span> <span m='32490'>else</span> <span m='32680'>is</span> <span m='32800'>necessary</span> <span m='33410'>for</span> <span m='33500'>me</span> <span m='33650'>to</span> <span m='33740'>put</span> <span m='33940'>together</span> <span m='35030'>their</span> <span m='35270'>regiment,</span> <span m='35930'>medications,</span> <span m='36780'>and/or</span> <span m='37130'>treatments.</span> </p><p><span m='37530'>To</span> <span m='37900'>describe</span> <span m='38310'>my</span> <span m='38380'>career</span> <span m='38620'>and</span> <span m='38710'>educational</span> <span m='39005'>path,</span> <span m='41630'>I</span> <span m='41800'>wanted</span> <span m='42060'>to</span> <span m='42120'>become</span> <span m='42420'>a</span> <span m='42450'>nurse.</span> <span m='43050'>Very</span> <span m='43250'>simple,</span> <span m='44060'>I</span> <span m='44150'>took</span> <span m='44360'>prerequisites</span> <span m='45690'>at</span> <span m='45990'>a</span> <span m='46290'>college.</span> <span m='47160'>And then</span> <span m='47500'>I</span> <span m='47530'>went</span> <span m='47730'>to</span> <span m='47820'>nursing</span> <span m='48080'>school,</span> <span m='48910'>graduated</span> <span m='49430'>nursing</span> <span m='49730'>school,</span> <span m='50860'>took</span> <span m='51040'>my</span> <span m='51200'>board</span> <span m='51460'>exam,</span> <span m='52360'>got</span> <span m='52560'>my</span> <span m='52700'>license,</span> <span m='53380'>applied</span> <span m='53750'>for</span> <span m='53940'>a</span> <span m='53980'>job,</span> <span m='54940'>acquired</span> <span m='55330'>a</span> <span m='55360'>job,</span> <span m='56290'>worked</span> <span m='56510'>as</span> <span m='56610'>a</span> <span m='56670'>nurse.</span> </p><p><span m='57930'>It</span> <span m='58050'>would've</span> <span m='58260'>been</span> <span m='58480'>nice</span> <span m='58810'>to</span> <span m='58930'>know</span> <span m='60390'>that</span> <span m='62120'>you</span> <span m='62340'>actually</span> <span m='62680'>get</span> <span m='62910'>tired</span> <span m='63270'>working</span> <span m='64050'>a full</span> <span m='64300'>weeks'</span> <span m='64569'>of</span> <span m='64670'>work,</span> <span m='65250'>and</span> <span m='65430'>you've</span> <span m='65530'>got</span> <span m='65680'>to</span> <span m='65750'>prepare</span> <span m='66140'>yourself</span> <span m='66520'>for</span> <span m='66610'>that</span> <span m='66830'>sometimes.</span> <span m='68000'>And</span> <span m='68190'>even</span> <span m='68410'>if</span> <span m='68510'>you're</span> <span m='68620'>not</span> <span m='68830'>prepared</span> <span m='69200'>for it,</span> <span m='69500'>you</span> <span m='69930'>deal</span> <span m='70140'>with</span> <span m='70330'>it</span> <span m='70530'>and</span> <span m='70800'>that's</span> <span m='71000'>just</span> <span m='71320'>something</span> <span m='71660'>that</span> <span m='71820'>comes</span> <span m='72020'>with</span> <span m='72100'>the</span> <span m='72200'>territory.</span> </p><p><span m='73290'>Learning</span> <span m='73630'>about</span> <span m='74280'>becoming</span> <span m='74720'>a</span> <span m='74760'>nurse</span> <span m='75890'>and</span> <span m='76090'>practicing</span> <span m='76680'>to</span> <span m='76740'>become</span> <span m='77120'>a</span> <span m='77160'>nurse</span> <span m='77420'>are</span> <span m='77530'>just</span> <span m='78440'>two</span> <span m='78600'>completely</span> <span m='79050'>different</span> <span m='79380'>things.</span> <span m='80420'>Rewarding</span> <span m='80930'>but</span> <span m='82610'>you</span> <span m='82720'>also</span> <span m='82960'>learn</span> <span m='83160'>a</span> <span m='83180'>lot</span> <span m='83440'>about</span> <span m='83680'>yourself.</span> </p>","file":{"id":691636,"video_id":"","name":"3124-Nurse.mp4","duration":84844,"thumbnail_url":null}});

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