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DOULA: Giving Support And Friendship To Pregnant Women

About this video 

Seryna is a doula, or birthing companion - her job is to provide pregnant women with continuous labor support prior to, during and after childbirth. Seryna got her start as a doula when her friend became pregnant and needed the type of support that, as it turns out, is a doula's job to give.

Job Title: Doula

Job Summary: Doula

Job Description

A doula, also known as a labour coach, is a nonmedical person who assists a woman before, during, or after childbirth, as well as her partner and/or family by providing information, physical assistance, and emotional support.

On-the-Job Training

On the job training

Additional Info

Doulas vs. Midwives - A doula and a midwife are not the same thing, though they can often work well together. Midwives are medically trained and focus on delivering a healthy baby during labor, whereas doulas offer mental, physical, and emotional support to the mother and family before, during and after labor but do not have medical training or experience

Certification Requirement
Certification isn’t necessary to become a doula but it has benefits. If you decide to pursue certification, there are many programs available, so you’ll want to look into the philosophy, time requirements, and content to find which is right for you.

Quick Facts

Average salary
Average salary
National Statistic Change Location
$15,000 - $30,000
Projected job growth
Projected Job Growth
Not applicable
Typical schedule
Typical schedule
Irregular, Long hours, Varies Widely
Typical workplace
Typical workplace
Hospital / Clinic, Indoor, Travel, Home, Physically demanding
Personal qualities
Personal Qualities
Empathy, People skills, Verbal communication skills

Educational Path

Education requirement
Education Requirement
High school degree
Associate degree
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P3.instances[0].transcript.parse_transcript_data({"transcript":"<p><span m='520'>I</span> <span m='780'>am</span> <span m='1180'>a</span> <span m='1590'>doula,</span> <span m='2075'>or</span> <span m='2560'>otherwise</span> <span m='3030'>known</span> <span m='3400'>as</span> <span m='3690'>a</span> <span m='4167'>birthing</span> <span m='4644'>companion.</span> <span m='5121'>A day</span> <span m='5598'>in a</span> <span m='6075'>birthing</span> <span m='6552'>companion</span> <span m='7029'>is</span> <span m='9760'>getting</span> <span m='9950'>in</span> <span m='10180'>contact</span> <span m='11180'>with</span> <span m='11820'>a</span> <span m='12290'>girl</span> <span m='12760'>who</span> <span m='13230'>is</span> <span m='13700'>pregnant</span> <span m='14640'>and in</span> <span m='15110'>need of</span> <span m='15580'>services.</span> </p><p><span m='16990'>And</span> <span m='17680'>the</span> <span m='17930'>type</span> <span m='18220'>of</span> <span m='18490'>services</span> <span m='18570'>we</span> <span m='18830'>offer</span> <span m='19467'>them</span> <span m='20221'>are</span> <span m='20600'>basic,</span> <span m='22123'>you know,</span> <span m='22576'>services</span> <span m='23029'>as</span> <span m='23482'>in</span> <span m='23935'>taking care</span> <span m='24388'>of their</span> <span m='25920'>health</span> <span m='26250'>needs,</span> <span m='26710'>seeing if</span> <span m='27172'>they need to</span> <span m='27634'>get to the</span> <span m='28096'>doctor's</span> <span m='28845'>correctly,</span> <span m='29930'>getting</span> <span m='30310'>them</span> <span m='30640'>nutrition,</span> <span m='32116'>helping</span> <span m='32500'>them</span> <span m='32860'>get</span> <span m='33010'>into</span> <span m='33220'>exercise</span> <span m='33705'>classes,</span> <span m='34410'>everything</span> <span m='35025'>they</span> <span m='35280'>would</span> <span m='35460'>possibly</span> <span m='35865'>need</span> <span m='36525'>in</span> <span m='36780'>order</span> <span m='37160'>to</span> <span m='37360'>prepare</span> <span m='37510'>themselves</span> <span m='38315'>for</span> <span m='38690'>a</span> <span m='38980'>baby</span> <span m='39020'>to</span> <span m='39470'>come.</span> </p><p><span m='39968'>How did</span> <span m='40466'>you start</span> <span m='40964'>your career?</span> </p><p><span m='43296'>My friend</span> <span m='43662'>got</span> <span m='44030'>pregnant.</span> <span m='45950'>It was</span> <span m='46210'>from</span> <span m='46540'>oh my</span> <span m='46770'>god,</span> <span m='47030'>I'm pregnant</span> <span m='47520'>to--</span> <span m='47950'>and</span> <span m='48400'>she'd</span> <span m='48540'>didn't</span> <span m='48660'>know</span> <span m='48940'>what</span> <span m='49100'>to</span> <span m='49280'>do.</span> <span m='49650'>And</span> <span m='49965'>I</span> <span m='50280'>had</span> <span m='50340'>just</span> <span m='50680'>taken</span> <span m='51600'>a</span> <span m='51990'>course</span> <span m='52730'>by</span> <span m='54290'>a</span> <span m='54750'>midwife</span> <span m='55350'>caller</span> <span m='56210'>and</span> <span m='57010'>she</span> <span m='57390'>had</span> <span m='57630'>taught,</span> <span m='57905'>well</span> <span m='58280'>basically</span> <span m='58390'>how</span> <span m='58675'>to be</span> <span m='58960'>a</span> <span m='59350'>doula,</span> <span m='59750'>you know. Just how to</span> <span m='60220'>be a basic</span> <span m='60410'>supporter,</span> <span m='60780'>you</span> <span m='61130'>know.</span> <span m='61580'>So</span> <span m='62130'>that's how</span> <span m='62450'>I</span> <span m='62860'>started.</span> </p><p><span m='63115'>I</span> <span m='63370'>just</span> <span m='63450'>started</span> <span m='63930'>supporting</span> <span m='64250'>my</span> <span m='64510'>friend,</span> <span m='64640'>you</span> <span m='65069'>know,</span> <span m='65280'>and she</span> <span m='65450'>said she</span> <span m='66060'>was</span> <span m='66340'>craving this,</span> <span m='66790'>I'd</span> <span m='67050'>go get</span> <span m='67190'>her it,</span> <span m='67490'>you</span> <span m='67700'>know.</span> <span m='68140'>If she want</span> <span m='68240'>to</span> <span m='68390'>go</span> <span m='68430'>to</span> <span m='68570'>the</span> <span m='68670'>movies,</span> <span m='68760'>we'd go</span> <span m='69110'>to the</span> <span m='69465'>movies,</span> <span m='69820'>you</span> <span m='70233'>know.</span> <span m='71060'>We'd</span> <span m='71310'>go</span> <span m='71490'>swimming</span> <span m='71640'>together,</span> <span m='72030'>you</span> <span m='72490'>know.</span> </p><p><span m='72630'>I'd</span> <span m='72950'>get the</span> <span m='73130'>boyfriend</span> <span m='73300'>to</span> <span m='73635'>come</span> <span m='73970'>to</span> <span m='74420'>the</span> <span m='74780'>doctor's</span> <span m='75090'>visits</span> <span m='75640'>with</span> <span m='75830'>her,</span> <span m='76050'>you know.</span> <span m='76410'>And</span> <span m='76790'>she would</span> <span m='77020'>get</span> <span m='77160'>really</span> <span m='77420'>excited</span> <span m='77790'>about that</span> <span m='78060'>we'd</span> <span m='78270'>go</span> <span m='78590'>do</span> <span m='78950'>things</span> <span m='79240'>like</span> <span m='79510'>shopping</span> <span m='79660'>for</span> <span m='80040'>the</span> <span m='80150'>baby</span> <span m='80670'>and,</span> <span m='81050'>you</span> <span m='81360'>know,</span> <span m='83170'>it's fun.</span> <span m='83665'>It's a</span> <span m='84160'>lot of</span> <span m='84655'>cool things, helping</span> <span m='85150'>them out and</span> <span m='85645'>getting</span> <span m='86140'>their</span> <span m='86635'>first stages</span> <span m='87130'>of their life</span> <span m='87625'>together</span> <span m='88130'>which is</span> <span m='88430'>really</span> <span m='88690'>important.</span> </p><p><span m='89390'>Well,</span> <span m='89740'>I</span> <span m='89980'>wish</span> <span m='90300'>I</span> <span m='90380'>knew</span> <span m='90550'>how</span> <span m='90680'>much fun</span> <span m='90940'>this</span> <span m='91170'>work</span> <span m='91410'>actually</span> <span m='92115'>was</span> <span m='92370'>and</span> <span m='92695'>how</span> <span m='93020'>important</span> <span m='93505'>this</span> <span m='93810'>work</span> <span m='93990'>is</span> <span m='94250'>to</span> <span m='94440'>our</span> <span m='94510'>society,</span> <span m='95552'>and</span> <span m='95920'>to</span> <span m='97010'>mainly</span> <span m='97385'>women.</span> <span m='98065'>You</span> <span m='98370'>know,</span> <span m='98660'>we</span> <span m='99920'>are</span> <span m='100665'>the</span> <span m='101260'>carriers</span> <span m='101560'>of</span> <span m='101905'>the</span> <span m='102250'>future.</span> </p><p><span m='103130'>I find</span> <span m='103570'>the most</span> <span m='104010'>challenging</span> <span m='104450'>thing</span> <span m='104760'>about</span> <span m='105050'>my</span> <span m='105300'>job</span> <span m='105480'>is</span> <span m='105790'>getting</span> <span m='105990'>women</span> <span m='106290'>to</span> <span m='106570'>actually</span> <span m='106680'>open</span> <span m='107170'>up</span> <span m='107623'>to you</span> <span m='108076'>and</span> <span m='108530'>tell</span> <span m='109030'>them</span> <span m='109220'>what</span> <span m='109420'>they</span> <span m='109590'>truly</span> <span m='109905'>need</span> <span m='110220'>inside</span> <span m='111030'>because</span> <span m='111250'>not</span> <span m='111650'>a</span> <span m='111800'>lot</span> <span m='111880'>of</span> <span m='112070'>people</span> <span m='112140'>are</span> <span m='112630'>able</span> <span m='112790'>to</span> <span m='113090'>just</span> <span m='113390'>share their</span> <span m='113690'>feelings</span> <span m='113990'>and</span> <span m='114290'>actually</span> <span m='114590'>just</span> <span m='114890'>listen</span> <span m='115790'>and</span> <span m='116090'>be</span> <span m='116390'>there for</span> <span m='116690'>them</span> <span m='116990'>and,</span> <span m='117590'>you</span> <span m='117890'>know,</span> <span m='118190'>so I</span> <span m='118490'>think</span> <span m='118790'>that</span> <span m='119090'>is</span> <span m='119390'>the</span> <span m='119690'>hardest</span> <span m='119990'>part at</span> <span m='120290'>first.</span> <span m='120590'>You know,</span> <span m='120890'>you</span> <span m='121190'>really got to</span> <span m='121490'>learn</span> <span m='121790'>to</span> <span m='122090'>listen</span> <span m='122390'>well.</span> </p>","file":{"id":265708,"video_id":"2700978366001","name":"71772085","duration":123583,"thumbnail_url":null}});