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MANAGING PARTNER, IN-DEPTH: Helping Servicemen Transition To Civilian Life

About this video 

This managing partner of a consulting firm describes the challenges of his job, what he likes most, his key decisions, how difficult getting into the industry is, and work-life balance. Juggling working with different agencies and personalities can be quite difficult, but this job helping servicemen transition to civilian life is a rewarding one.

Degree: Computer Science
Job Title: Managing Partner
Employer: Stafford Consulting

Job Summary: Management Analysts

Job Description

Management analysts, often called management consultants, propose ways to improve an organization's efficiency. They advise managers on how to make organizations more profitable through reduced costs and increased revenues.

On-the-Job Training


Quick Facts

Average salary
Average salary
National Statistic Change Location
$45,000 - $140,000
Projected job growth
Projected Job Growth
20 to 30 percent
Typical schedule
Typical schedule
Full-time, Long hours
Typical workplace
Typical workplace
Indoor, Office, Travel
Personal qualities
Personal Qualities
Analytical skills, Organizational skills, People skills, Problem solving skills, Verbal communication skills, Written communication skills, Detail oriented

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P3.instances[0].transcript.parse_transcript_data({"transcript":"<p><span m='460'>What do I</span> <span m='920'>like</span> <span m='1280'>most</span> <span m='1560'>about</span> <span m='1810'>my</span> <span m='1950'>job?</span> <span m='2550'>Is that</span> <span m='3015'>I'm helping</span> <span m='3480'>the</span> <span m='3945'>millions</span> <span m='4410'>of servicemen</span> <span m='4875'>that's</span> <span m='5340'>transitioning</span> <span m='5805'>to</span> <span m='6270'>the civilian</span> <span m='6800'>life,</span> <span m='7270'>and to</span> <span m='7740'>make sure</span> <span m='8192'>they have</span> <span m='8644'>the required</span> <span m='9096'>skills</span> <span m='9548'>to be successful</span> <span m='10452'>Some of the</span> <span m='10904'>challenging</span> <span m='11356'>things,</span> <span m='12260'>it's</span> <span m='12440'>hard</span> <span m='12720'>work, long</span> <span m='13170'>hours,</span> <span m='14136'>the</span> <span m='14619'>politics</span> <span m='15585'>of working</span> <span m='16068'>with different</span> <span m='16551'>agencies,</span> <span m='18100'>federal</span> <span m='18830'>agencies,</span> <span m='19630'>senior</span> <span m='19990'>members of different</span> <span m='20460'>agencies,</span> <span m='21010'>as</span> <span m='21250'>well</span> <span m='21370'>as</span> <span m='21610'>personalities.</span> <span m='23400'>And being</span> <span m='23860'>able</span> <span m='24320'>to manage</span> <span m='24780'>personalities.</span> <span m='27080'>Key</span> <span m='27550'>decisions</span> <span m='27760'>in</span> <span m='28030'>life</span> <span m='28420'>were</span> <span m='28640'>to</span> <span m='29110'>get commission</span> <span m='29410'>in the</span> <span m='29906'>military</span> <span m='30898'>and to</span> <span m='31394'>pick up</span> <span m='31890'>the</span> <span m='32386'>career</span> <span m='32882'>field</span> <span m='33378'>and</span> <span m='33874'>acquisition</span> <span m='34370'>of program</span> <span m='34866'>management,</span> <span m='35858'>which has</span> <span m='36354'>led me</span> <span m='36850'>to, when</span> <span m='37346'>I retire,</span> <span m='37842'>to be able</span> <span m='38338'>to</span> <span m='38834'>start my own</span> <span m='39330'>company</span> <span m='39826'>and also</span> <span m='40322'>be a managing</span> <span m='40818'>partner</span> <span m='41314'>in a</span> <span m='42306'>corporation.</span> </p><p><span m='48260'>In</span> <span m='48430'>the career</span> <span m='48510'>field</span> <span m='48880'>where I've</span> <span m='49340'>chosen,</span> <span m='50350'>program</span> <span m='50791'>management,</span> <span m='51232'>it's not very</span> <span m='51673'>difficult.</span> <span m='53440'>Just</span> <span m='53630'>go</span> <span m='53770'>to</span> <span m='53870'>college,</span> <span m='54580'>get a</span> <span m='55320'>degree in</span> <span m='55820'>business,</span> <span m='57230'>take the</span> <span m='57505'>appropriate</span> <span m='57780'>certifications</span> <span m='58920'>and</span> <span m='59411'>work hard</span> <span m='59902'>and you can</span> <span m='60393'>get what you want.</span> <span m='65310'>My</span> <span m='65459'>work and</span> <span m='65890'>life</span> <span m='66160'>balance</span> <span m='66465'>is</span> <span m='66770'>pretty</span> <span m='67269'>difficult.</span> <span m='67768'>I work</span> <span m='68267'>on the day.</span> <span m='68766'>I'm a single</span> <span m='69265'>parent</span> <span m='69764'>with two</span> <span m='70263'>kids.</span> <span m='70762'>I also</span> <span m='71261'>coach</span> <span m='71760'>AAU</span> <span m='72259'>basketball</span> <span m='72758'>team</span> <span m='73257'>for the last</span> <span m='73756'>10</span> <span m='74255'>years.</span> <span m='74754'>So</span> <span m='76251'>I'm</span> <span m='76750'>pretty busy</span> <span m='77250'>managing</span> <span m='77720'>all</span> <span m='78160'>three.</span> <span m='79360'>And on the weekends,</span> <span m='80052'>we're</span> <span m='80400'>out</span> <span m='80530'>playing</span> <span m='81080'>sports</span> <span m='81530'>and I'm educating</span> <span m='81985'>youth</span> <span m='82440'>on the</span> <span m='82895'>weekends.</span> <span m='83350'>So</span> <span m='84880'>life</span> <span m='85210'>has</span> <span m='85550'>to be</span> <span m='85830'>balanced</span> <span m='85970'>with</span> <span m='86430'>your</span> <span m='86540'>family,</span> <span m='86860'>your</span> <span m='87180'>job,</span> <span m='87820'>and then</span> <span m='88100'>those</span> <span m='88410'>extracurricular</span> <span m='88830'>aspirations</span> <span m='89130'>that</span> <span m='89430'>you</span> <span m='89730'>have.</span> </p>","file":{"id":255646,"video_id":"2701297269001","name":"67429636","duration":90453,"thumbnail_url":null}});