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CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE: Learning The Business From The Inside

About this video 

Charles is the customer service representative for Vamoose Bus, which entails assisting the customers with their various concerns and helping them get on their bus. Charles is looking to go into business marketing, and is using his current job as a learning opportunity for running his own business one day.

Job Title: Customer Service Representative
Employer: Vamoose Bus

Job Summary: Customer Service Representatives

Job Description

Customer service representatives interact with customers on behalf of an organization. They provide information about products and services and respond to customer complaints. Some also take orders and process returns.

On-the-Job Training

Short-term on-the-job training

Additional Info

Customer service representatives who answer questions about insurance or financial services often need a state license. Licensure requirements vary, but usually include passing a written exam. Some employers may provide training for these exams.

Quick Facts

Average salary
Average salary
National Statistic Change Location
$15,000 - $45,000
Projected job growth
Projected Job Growth
10 to 20 percent
Typical schedule
Typical schedule
Full-time, Part-time
Typical workplace
Typical workplace
Indoor, Office
Personal qualities
Personal Qualities
Patience, People skills, Problem solving skills, Verbal communication skills, Empathy

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P3.instances[0].transcript.parse_transcript_data({"transcript":"<p><span m='0'>My</span> <span m='465'>current</span> <span m='930'>job is</span> <span m='1395'>I</span> <span m='1860'>work</span> <span m='2325'>for a</span> <span m='2790'>bus company</span> <span m='3255'>named</span> <span m='3720'>Vamoose</span> <span m='4185'>Bus,</span> <span m='4650'>Inc.</span> <span m='5115'>What</span> <span m='5580'>I do</span> <span m='5770'>on a typical,</span> <span m='6110'>every day</span> <span m='6450'>basis</span> <span m='6942'>is</span> <span m='7434'>I</span> <span m='7926'>assist the</span> <span m='8418'>customers</span> <span m='8910'>with customer service.</span> <span m='9402'>I</span> <span m='9894'>load and</span> <span m='10386'>unload</span> <span m='10878'>the buses</span> <span m='11370'>and make sure</span> <span m='11862'>the passengers'</span> <span m='12354'>luggage</span> <span m='12846'>is</span> <span m='13338'>secure,</span> <span m='13830'>make</span> <span m='14322'>sure they get</span> <span m='14814'>a seat on the</span> <span m='15306'>bus,</span> <span m='15798'>make sure</span> <span m='16290'>they're</span> <span m='16782'>comfortable,</span> <span m='17274'>make sure they have</span> <span m='18258'>a pleasurable</span> <span m='18750'>trip.</span> <span m='19242'>That's all.</span> </p><p><span m='19750'>And</span> <span m='20410'>my</span> <span m='20810'>career</span> <span m='21210'>educational</span> <span m='21700'>path</span> <span m='22190'>was</span> <span m='22680'>business</span> <span m='23170'>marketing.</span> <span m='23660'>And</span> <span m='24150'>I always</span> <span m='24640'>wanted to</span> <span m='25130'>own my own</span> <span m='25620'>business.</span> <span m='26110'>So this right</span> <span m='26600'>here--</span> <span m='27580'>I'm</span> <span m='28070'>taking</span> <span m='28560'>in everything.</span> <span m='29050'>I'm</span> <span m='29540'>soaking it</span> <span m='30030'>all in,</span> <span m='30520'>because</span> <span m='31010'>you can</span> <span m='31500'>learn</span> <span m='31990'>anything</span> <span m='32480'>from</span> <span m='32970'>everything.</span> <span m='33460'>So</span> <span m='34440'>even though</span> <span m='34930'>I'm</span> <span m='35420'>not</span> <span m='36400'>directly</span> <span m='36900'>hands</span> <span m='37230'>on</span> <span m='39010'>helping</span> <span m='39120'>with</span> <span m='39485'>business</span> <span m='39850'>assistance,</span> <span m='40170'>I'm</span> <span m='40515'>learning</span> <span m='40860'>the business</span> <span m='41356'>because</span> <span m='41852'>I'm</span> <span m='44332'>micro-managing</span> <span m='44828'>these</span> <span m='45324'>customers every day.</span> </p><p><span m='46812'>I went to</span> <span m='47308'>school</span> <span m='48796'>at</span> <span m='49292'>[INAUDIBLE]</span> <span m='51276'>in North Carolina.</span> <span m='52268'>That was</span> <span m='52764'>a</span> <span m='53260'>two-year</span> <span m='53756'>plan to</span> <span m='54252'>transfer</span> <span m='54748'>to a</span> <span m='55244'>four-year</span> <span m='55740'>[? college and get ?]</span> <span m='56236'>a business</span> <span m='56732'>degree.</span> <span m='57724'>What</span> <span m='58220'>I</span> <span m='58468'>wish</span> <span m='58716'>I</span> <span m='58964'>knew</span> <span m='59212'>[INAUDIBLE].</span> <span m='61692'>I</span> <span m='62188'>wish</span> <span m='62684'>I knew</span> <span m='63180'>that</span> <span m='63676'>there was</span> <span m='64172'>going to be so</span> <span m='64668'>much</span> <span m='65164'>labor.</span> <span m='66156'>I really</span> <span m='66652'>just want</span> <span m='67148'>to be my</span> <span m='67644'>own</span> <span m='68140'>boss.</span> <span m='68636'>That's what</span> <span m='69132'>I wish I knew.</span> <span m='69630'>And</span> <span m='69930'>what</span> <span m='70230'>motivated me</span> <span m='70530'>to take</span> <span m='70830'>this</span> <span m='71430'>job?</span> <span m='71730'>Money--</span> <span m='72030'>I like</span> <span m='72330'>money.</span> <span m='72630'>If you like</span> <span m='72930'>money,</span> <span m='73230'>you</span> <span m='73530'>have to</span> <span m='73830'>have a</span> <span m='74130'>job.</span> <span m='74430'>You've</span> <span m='74730'>got to</span> <span m='75030'>have a</span> <span m='75330'>job.</span> </p><p><span m='77430'>Any</span> <span m='77730'>advice?</span> <span m='79230'>Stay</span> <span m='79530'>in</span> <span m='79830'>school,</span> <span m='80130'>get</span> <span m='80430'>your</span> <span m='80730'>education.</span> <span m='81330'>Don't</span> <span m='81630'>ever</span> <span m='81930'>let nobody</span> <span m='82230'>tell you</span> <span m='82530'>what can't</span> <span m='83130'>be,</span> <span m='83430'>because</span> <span m='83730'>you can</span> <span m='84030'>be anything</span> <span m='84330'>you</span> <span m='84630'>want to</span> <span m='84930'>be.</span> </p>","file":{"id":255657,"video_id":"2699079120001","name":"67763852","duration":85973,"thumbnail_url":null}});