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ACTRESS: Be Persistent And It Will Be Worth It

About this video 

Leila, and actress and student, fell in love with acting as a child when she attended stage acting camps. Her advice to people interested in acting is to try acting classes to get an idea of what the business is really like before jumping into it as a career.

Job Title: Actress

Job Summary: Actors

Job Description

Actors express ideas and portray characters in theater, film, television, and other performing arts media. They also work at theme parks or for other live events. They interpret a writer's script to entertain or inform an audience.

On-the-Job Training

Long-term on-the-job training

Additional Info

It takes many years of practice to develop the skills needed to be successful, and actors never truly finish training. They work to improve their acting skills throughout their career. Many actors continue to train through workshops or mentoring by a drama coach.

Every role is different, and an actor may need to learn something new each time. For example, a role may require learning how to sing or dance, or an actor may have to learn a foreign accent or how to play an instrument or a sport.

Many aspiring actors participate in high school, college, and local community plays. In television and film, actors usually start out in smaller roles or independent movies and work their way up to bigger productions.

Quick Facts

Average salary
Average salary
National Statistic Change Location
$0 - $250,000
Projected job growth
Projected Job Growth
0 to 10 percent
Typical schedule
Typical schedule
Long hours, Irregular, Varies Widely
Typical workplace
Typical workplace
Travel, Outdoor, Indoor
Personal qualities
Personal Qualities
Detail oriented, Creativity, Verbal communication skills, Artistic, Strength/stamina, People skills, Public speaking ability

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P3.instances[0].transcript.parse_transcript_data({"transcript":"<p><span m='900'>My</span> <span m='1070'>name's</span> <span m='1350'>Leila.</span> <span m='1680'>And</span> <span m='1910'>I'm</span> <span m='2060'>an</span> <span m='2150'>actress.</span> <span m='3190'>A</span> <span m='3260'>typical</span> <span m='3670'>day</span> <span m='3970'>is</span> <span m='4250'>I'm</span> <span m='4380'>still</span> <span m='4670'>in</span> <span m='4750'>school.</span> <span m='5210'>So</span> <span m='5630'>I'm</span> <span m='5820'>still</span> <span m='6210'>studying</span> <span m='6780'>and</span> <span m='6860'>all</span> <span m='6980'>that</span> <span m='7240'>stuff.</span> <span m='7790'>But</span> <span m='9410'>I</span> <span m='9860'>have</span> <span m='10230'>different</span> <span m='10590'>photos</span> <span m='11180'>that</span> <span m='11320'>I</span> <span m='11450'>submit</span> <span m='11910'>for</span> <span m='12010'>my</span> <span m='12140'>different</span> <span m='12450'>auditions</span> <span m='13000'>that</span> <span m='13150'>I</span> <span m='13240'>get.</span> </p><p><span m='13980'>I</span> <span m='14200'>have</span> <span m='14450'>an</span> <span m='14560'>agent</span> <span m='15480'>who</span> <span m='15870'>will</span> <span m='16030'>send</span> <span m='16309'>me</span> <span m='16410'>out</span> <span m='16560'>on</span> <span m='16650'>auditions.</span> <span m='17370'>And</span> <span m='18890'>there's</span> <span m='19270'>websites</span> <span m='19890'>that</span> <span m='20020'>you</span> <span m='20110'>can</span> <span m='20270'>go</span> <span m='20440'>on</span> <span m='20720'>to,</span> <span m='20990'>where</span> <span m='21260'>you</span> <span m='21770'>get</span> <span m='21880'>notifications</span> <span m='22690'>about</span> <span m='23110'>possible</span> <span m='23960'>jobs</span> <span m='24380'>that</span> <span m='24510'>you</span> <span m='24630'>can</span> <span m='24820'>do,</span> <span m='25000'>as</span> <span m='25130'>far</span> <span m='25310'>as</span> <span m='25430'>acting.</span> <span m='25840'>And</span> <span m='26250'>I</span> <span m='26370'>just</span> <span m='26470'>submit</span> <span m='26950'>for</span> <span m='27060'>stuff</span> <span m='27310'>like</span> <span m='27490'>that</span> <span m='27720'>and</span> <span m='28010'>hope for</span> <span m='28130'>the</span> <span m='28200'>best.</span> </p><p><span m='28730'>And</span> <span m='29870'>occasionally,</span> <span m='30125'>I</span> <span m='30380'>come</span> <span m='30550'>in</span> <span m='30630'>for</span> <span m='30760'>auditions.</span> <span m='31410'>And</span> <span m='31560'>then,</span> <span m='31940'>if</span> <span m='32400'>I</span> <span m='32710'>get</span> <span m='32820'>the</span> <span m='32940'>audition,</span> <span m='33440'>then</span> <span m='33730'>go</span> <span m='33890'>into</span> <span m='34130'>work.</span> </p><p><span m='35300'>Well,</span> <span m='35480'>how</span> <span m='35640'>I</span> <span m='35700'>got</span> <span m='35910'>into</span> <span m='36130'>acting</span> <span m='36700'>was</span> <span m='37350'>when</span> <span m='37550'>I</span> <span m='37650'>was</span> <span m='37850'>really</span> <span m='38080'>little,</span> <span m='38480'>I</span> <span m='38630'>did</span> <span m='38970'>some</span> <span m='39320'>different,</span> <span m='39870'>like,</span> <span m='40430'>stage</span> <span m='40970'>acting</span> <span m='41390'>camps</span> <span m='41830'>and</span> <span m='41960'>stuff.</span> <span m='42310'>And</span> <span m='42470'>I</span> <span m='42560'>just</span> <span m='42820'>loved</span> <span m='43380'>acting.</span> <span m='43960'>And</span> <span m='44130'>then,</span> <span m='44790'>I</span> <span m='44980'>would</span> <span m='45230'>see</span> <span m='45450'>the</span> <span m='45550'>movies</span> <span m='46150'>and</span> <span m='46280'>be,</span> <span m='46420'>like,</span> <span m='46790'>just,</span> <span m='47080'>I</span> <span m='47200'>want</span> <span m='47440'>to</span> <span m='47530'>do</span> <span m='47760'>that,</span> <span m='48110'>and</span> <span m='48950'>got</span> <span m='49130'>into</span> <span m='49370'>it</span> <span m='49450'>from</span> <span m='49590'>there.</span> </p><p><span m='50710'>Well,</span> <span m='51090'>what I</span> <span m='51160'>wish</span> <span m='51425'>I knew</span> <span m='51690'>in</span> <span m='51980'>the</span> <span m='52070'>beginning</span> <span m='52570'>was</span> <span m='53010'>it</span> <span m='53210'>doesn't</span> <span m='53530'>happen</span> <span m='53940'>overnight.</span> <span m='55280'>But</span> <span m='55540'>if</span> <span m='55800'>you</span> <span m='56010'>just</span> <span m='56390'>keep</span> <span m='56660'>at it</span> <span m='56935'>and</span> <span m='57210'>keep</span> <span m='57470'>trying,</span> <span m='58440'>it'll</span> <span m='58730'>be</span> <span m='58850'>worth it in</span> <span m='59090'>the</span> <span m='59160'>end,</span> <span m='59680'>for</span> <span m='59820'>sure.</span> </p><p><span m='60160'>If</span> <span m='60580'>you're</span> <span m='60610'>thinking</span> <span m='60800'>about</span> <span m='60990'>going</span> <span m='61270'>into</span> <span m='61310'>acting,</span> <span m='61880'>I</span> <span m='62020'>would</span> <span m='62220'>say,</span> <span m='63380'>try</span> <span m='63910'>some</span> <span m='64170'>acting</span> <span m='64569'>classes</span> <span m='65129'>to</span> <span m='65290'>really</span> <span m='65500'>get</span> <span m='65700'>an</span> <span m='65770'>idea</span> <span m='66250'>of</span> <span m='66370'>what</span> <span m='66510'>the</span> <span m='66580'>business</span> <span m='67050'>is</span> <span m='67260'>before</span> <span m='67350'>you</span> <span m='67700'>jump,</span> <span m='68200'>you know,</span> <span m='68330'>both</span> <span m='68550'>feet</span> <span m='68800'>in.</span> <span m='69365'>But</span> <span m='69680'>once you</span> <span m='69900'>have</span> <span m='70050'>figured</span> <span m='70390'>that</span> <span m='70600'>out,</span> <span m='70880'>then</span> <span m='70980'>just</span> <span m='71200'>keep</span> <span m='71430'>going</span> <span m='71760'>at</span> <span m='72000'>it</span> <span m='72280'>over</span> <span m='72540'>and over</span> <span m='72880'>again</span> <span m='73050'>and</span> <span m='73130'>be</span> <span m='73270'>persistent.</span> </p>","file":{"id":255674,"video_id":"2700800948001","name":"68085774","duration":74538,"thumbnail_url":null}});

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