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VIDEO EDITOR: Always Be On Your Game And Don't Fall Behind The Competition

About this video 

Michael is a video editor for a corporation, which entails taking raw video that has been shot and cutting it together to create a story. He discovered in college that his passion for video production lies not in writing, but in creating the story out of the visuals, so video editing was the right fit for him. He was given this piece of advice that he is now passing on to you - always be on top of your game and don't fall behind the competition.

Degree: Video Production
Job Title: Video Editor

Job Summary: Film and Video Editors

Job Description

Film and video editors and camera operators record images that entertain or inform an audience. Camera operators capture a wide range of material for TV shows, motion pictures, music videos, documentaries, or news and sporting events. Editors construct the final productions from the many different images camera operators capture. They collaborate with producers and directors to create the final production.

On-the-Job Training


Additional Info

Most film editors have had several years of experience in related jobs before they are given an opportunity as an editor. They normally start out as an edit room assistant, taking notes or doing other simple tasks for an editor, before becoming an assistant editor. After several years of learning about editing as an assistant, they may be given an opportunity as an editor. Like camera operators, editors typically start out on small productions and move on to bigger and more expensive ones as they gain experience.

Quick Facts

Average salary
Average salary
National Statistic Change Location
$20,000 - $80,000
Projected job growth
Projected Job Growth
0 to 10 percent
Typical schedule
Typical schedule
Full-time, Irregular, Long hours, Varies Widely
Typical workplace
Typical workplace
Indoor, Outdoor
Personal qualities
Personal Qualities
Creativity, Detail oriented, Hand-eye coordination, Technical skills, Teamwork

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P3.instances[0].transcript.parse_transcript_data({"transcript":"<p><span m='130'>I</span> <span m='390'>am a</span> <span m='700'>video</span> <span m='1080'>editor</span> <span m='1520'>for</span> <span m='1890'>a</span> <span m='1970'>corporation.</span> <span m='3070'>So,</span> <span m='3320'>basically,</span> <span m='3750'>what</span> <span m='3930'>I</span> <span m='4019'>do</span> <span m='4410'>is</span> <span m='5350'>I</span> <span m='5500'>take</span> <span m='5920'>the</span> <span m='6300'>raw</span> <span m='6560'>video</span> <span m='6930'>that</span> <span m='7260'>has</span> <span m='7500'>been</span> <span m='7660'>shot,</span> <span m='8460'>and</span> <span m='8840'>I</span> <span m='8990'>put</span> <span m='9190'>it</span> <span m='9290'>all</span> <span m='9410'>together</span> <span m='9800'>to</span> <span m='9930'>the</span> <span m='9990'>story.</span> <span m='10710'>So,</span> <span m='10980'>basically,</span> <span m='11920'>the</span> <span m='12070'>visuals</span> <span m='12430'>that</span> <span m='12530'>you're</span> <span m='12680'>seeing</span> <span m='13480'>is</span> <span m='13710'>a</span> <span m='13760'>story.</span> </p><p><span m='15300'>I've</span> <span m='15450'>always</span> <span m='15630'>been</span> <span m='15750'>a</span> <span m='15820'>visual</span> <span m='16100'>person.</span> <span m='16840'>Loved</span> <span m='17120'>movies,</span> <span m='17485'>loved</span> <span m='17850'>TV</span> <span m='18100'>shows.</span> <span m='19020'>So,</span> <span m='20000'>basically,</span> <span m='20780'>in</span> <span m='21060'>high</span> <span m='21280'>school</span> <span m='21730'>we</span> <span m='21860'>had</span> <span m='22110'>a</span> <span m='22160'>broadcast</span> <span m='22750'>club.</span> <span m='23400'>So</span> <span m='23570'>I</span> <span m='23660'>joined</span> <span m='23980'>that.</span> <span m='24580'>Really</span> <span m='24820'>discovered</span> <span m='25340'>that</span> <span m='25490'>I</span> <span m='25650'>loved</span> <span m='26020'>telling</span> <span m='26320'>the</span> <span m='26390'>stories</span> <span m='26900'>through</span> <span m='27700'>video</span> <span m='28230'>and</span> <span m='28380'>not</span> <span m='28560'>necessarily</span> <span m='28880'>writing.</span> <span m='29690'>So</span> <span m='30990'>then</span> <span m='31400'>I</span> <span m='31520'>went</span> <span m='31830'>to</span> <span m='32000'>college</span> <span m='32450'>to</span> <span m='32500'>study</span> <span m='32810'>for</span> <span m='34110'>video</span> <span m='34470'>production,</span> <span m='35480'>and</span> <span m='35850'>then</span> <span m='36250'>I</span> <span m='36670'>pursued</span> <span m='36890'>an</span> <span m='37040'>internship.</span> <span m='38050'>And</span> <span m='39250'>during</span> <span m='39450'>that</span> <span m='39600'>process,</span> <span m='39970'>I</span> <span m='40070'>really</span> <span m='40310'>found</span> <span m='40470'>my</span> <span m='40580'>passion</span> <span m='41220'>and</span> <span m='41500'>knew</span> <span m='41700'>that</span> <span m='41990'>it</span> <span m='42070'>was</span> <span m='42210'>what</span> <span m='42390'>I</span> <span m='42440'>want</span> <span m='42630'>to</span> <span m='42690'>pursue.</span> </p><p><span m='44800'>Well,</span> <span m='44900'>my</span> <span m='44980'>advice</span> <span m='45810'>kind</span> <span m='46030'>of</span> <span m='46080'>comes</span> <span m='46280'>in</span> <span m='46380'>two</span> <span m='46530'>parts.</span> <span m='47150'>The</span> <span m='47250'>first</span> <span m='47430'>part</span> <span m='47720'>is</span> <span m='48370'>pursuing</span> <span m='48770'>your</span> <span m='48880'>passion</span> <span m='49480'>and</span> <span m='50010'>really</span> <span m='50320'>having</span> <span m='50640'>that</span> <span m='50840'>fire</span> <span m='51110'>in</span> <span m='51180'>your</span> <span m='51280'>belly</span> <span m='51530'>to</span> <span m='52000'>do</span> <span m='52260'>what</span> <span m='52490'>you</span> <span m='52620'>love</span> <span m='52860'>to</span> <span m='52960'>do.</span> <span m='54100'>And</span> <span m='54300'>then</span> <span m='54440'>the</span> <span m='54510'>second</span> <span m='54840'>part</span> <span m='55110'>of</span> <span m='55190'>that</span> <span m='55460'>is,</span> <span m='56730'>this</span> <span m='56960'>was</span> <span m='57100'>advice</span> <span m='57390'>that</span> <span m='57500'>was</span> <span m='57650'>given</span> <span m='57850'>to</span> <span m='58010'>me,</span> <span m='58370'>is</span> <span m='59900'>always</span> <span m='60970'>be</span> <span m='61130'>on</span> <span m='61230'>top</span> <span m='61460'>of</span> <span m='61580'>your</span> <span m='61690'>game</span> <span m='62900'>and</span> <span m='63300'>don't</span> <span m='63560'>fall</span> <span m='63780'>behind</span> <span m='64090'>the</span> <span m='64150'>competition.</span> </p><p><span m='64769'>Because</span> <span m='65519'>if</span> <span m='65650'>you</span> <span m='65760'>think</span> <span m='65960'>about</span> <span m='66340'>it,</span> <span m='68196'>if</span> <span m='68590'>you</span> <span m='68790'>go</span> <span m='68950'>to</span> <span m='69020'>school</span> <span m='69500'>for--</span> <span m='70000'>I</span> <span m='70060'>mean,</span> <span m='70250'>I</span> <span m='70310'>went</span> <span m='70440'>to</span> <span m='70500'>school</span> <span m='70680'>for</span> <span m='70810'>video</span> <span m='71040'>production.</span> <span m='72130'>So</span> <span m='73920'>I</span> <span m='74110'>learned</span> <span m='74510'>all</span> <span m='74760'>the</span> <span m='74900'>current</span> <span m='75280'>skills</span> <span m='75650'>that</span> <span m='75810'>were</span> <span m='75950'>out</span> <span m='76210'>there,</span> <span m='76490'>and</span> <span m='76670'>then</span> <span m='77070'>I</span> <span m='77160'>graduated.</span> <span m='78010'>But</span> <span m='78680'>if</span> <span m='78820'>you</span> <span m='78920'>think</span> <span m='79130'>about</span> <span m='79460'>it,</span> <span m='80340'>think</span> <span m='80520'>about</span> <span m='80700'>how</span> <span m='80960'>many</span> <span m='81190'>other</span> <span m='81280'>people</span> <span m='81560'>were</span> <span m='81740'>in</span> <span m='81900'>your</span> <span m='82110'>class</span> <span m='82920'>that</span> <span m='83170'>you're</span> <span m='83570'>competing</span> <span m='84080'>against</span> <span m='85070'>and</span> <span m='85270'>then</span> <span m='85620'>all</span> <span m='85910'>the</span> <span m='86010'>people</span> <span m='86580'>who</span> <span m='86770'>are</span> <span m='86860'>behind</span> <span m='87340'>you</span> <span m='87500'>like,</span> <span m='87930'>maybe</span> <span m='88180'>one</span> <span m='88400'>or</span> <span m='88450'>two</span> <span m='88650'>years</span> <span m='88960'>behind</span> <span m='89290'>you,</span> <span m='89380'>who</span> <span m='89600'>are</span> <span m='89740'>learning</span> <span m='90090'>those</span> <span m='90210'>same</span> <span m='90440'>skills</span> <span m='91170'>plus</span> <span m='91530'>some.</span> <span m='92090'>So</span> <span m='92480'>it's</span> <span m='92640'>really</span> <span m='92860'>about</span> <span m='93230'>improving</span> <span m='93820'>and</span> <span m='94000'>keeping</span> <span m='94290'>on</span> <span m='94370'>top</span> <span m='94570'>of</span> <span m='94680'>your</span> <span m='94770'>game</span> <span m='95350'>to</span> <span m='95450'>be</span> <span m='95590'>the</span> <span m='95670'>best</span> <span m='95920'>that</span> <span m='96040'>you</span> <span m='96170'>can</span> <span m='96510'>be.</span> </p>","file":{"id":255721,"video_id":"2700915488001","name":"69221048","duration":97727,"thumbnail_url":null}});