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About this video 

This senior vice president of an online education company spends his typical day talking to presidents of corporations, universities and hospitals about his healthcare education website. He is a jack of all trades, doing everything from business development to coding to cleaning his office. Not only are his job responsibilities varied, but his work experience is as well. He started out as a paramedic, then worked at a cardiac cath lab before starting this company 13 years ago. He tells us that though he didn't go the traditional education route, he feels that a better educational foundation would have been helpful in the long run.

Job Title: Senior VP - Online Education

Job Summary: Business Development

Job Description

Business development is a combination of networking, strategic analysis, marketing, and sales. Business development professionals can be involved in everything from the development of their employers' products and services, to the creation of marketing strategies, to the generation of sales leads, to negotiating and closing deals.

On-the-Job Training


Additional Info

There are business development jobs in all industries - from tech startups to huge international corporations. Sometimes they are considered as business-to-business sales.

Certification Requirement
Recommended by the American Society for Training and Development or the International Society for Performance Improvement.

Quick Facts

Average salary
Average salary
National Statistic Change Location
$50,000 - $150,000
Projected job growth
Projected Job Growth
10 to 20 percent
Typical schedule
Typical schedule
Full-time, Long hours
Typical workplace
Typical workplace
Travel, Indoor, Office
Personal qualities
Personal Qualities
Detail oriented, Networking, People skills, Verbal communication skills, Written communication skills, Teamwork, Leadership ability, Mathematical skills, Organizational skills, Problem solving skills

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P3.instances[0].transcript.parse_transcript_data({"transcript":"<p><span m='320'>Currently,</span> <span m='900'>I</span> <span m='1080'>am</span> <span m='1420'>senior</span> <span m='1700'>vice</span> <span m='1940'>president</span> <span m='2600'>of an</span> <span m='3094'>education company,</span> <span m='3588'>an online</span> <span m='4082'>education</span> <span m='4576'>company.</span> <span m='6058'>One that I</span> <span m='6552'>helped</span> <span m='7046'>found</span> <span m='7935'>and</span> <span m='8330'>start</span> <span m='8680'>about</span> <span m='8930'>13</span> <span m='9270'>years</span> <span m='9510'>ago.</span> <span m='10746'>We</span> <span m='11229'>provide</span> <span m='11712'>education</span> <span m='12195'>to the</span> <span m='12678'>healthcare</span> <span m='13161'>community,</span> <span m='14127'>to almost</span> <span m='14610'>200,000</span> <span m='15576'>individuals</span> <span m='16059'>in</span> <span m='16542'>23</span> <span m='17025'>countries</span> <span m='17508'>worldwide.</span> <span m='19450'>On</span> <span m='19670'>a</span> <span m='19720'>daily</span> <span m='20280'>basis,</span> <span m='20910'>my</span> <span m='21070'>job</span> <span m='21490'>can</span> <span m='21690'>include</span> <span m='22020'>anything</span> <span m='22496'>from</span> <span m='22972'>talking</span> <span m='23448'>to</span> <span m='24880'>presidents</span> <span m='25600'>of</span> <span m='25730'>major</span> <span m='25990'>corporations,</span> <span m='26810'>universities,</span> <span m='27680'>hospitals,</span> <span m='29827'>building</span> <span m='30805'>the</span> <span m='31294'>actual code</span> <span m='31783'>behind</span> <span m='32272'>the</span> <span m='32761'>courseware</span> <span m='33250'>that we</span> <span m='33739'>deliver to</span> <span m='34228'>our</span> <span m='34717'>customers.</span> </p><p><span m='35206'>And even</span> <span m='35695'>so much</span> <span m='36184'>as</span> <span m='36673'>emptying the</span> <span m='37162'>trash and cleaning</span> <span m='37651'>a toilet once</span> <span m='38140'>in a while,</span> <span m='38629'>when need be.</span> <span m='40585'>I get to</span> <span m='41074'>do a little</span> <span m='41563'>bit of everything,</span> <span m='42052'>because my</span> <span m='42541'>responsibilities</span> <span m='43030'>are</span> <span m='44620'>pretty</span> <span m='44850'>wide,</span> <span m='45390'>pretty</span> <span m='45740'>far based.</span> <span m='50060'>My</span> <span m='50540'>education</span> <span m='51110'>career</span> <span m='51450'>path.</span> <span m='51810'>I</span> <span m='52000'>actually</span> <span m='53237'>have</span> <span m='53734'>no more</span> <span m='54231'>than a</span> <span m='54728'>high school</span> <span m='55225'>diploma.</span> <span m='56716'>But</span> <span m='57213'>yet</span> <span m='57710'>I've been</span> <span m='58210'>able to</span> <span m='58630'>work</span> <span m='58830'>my</span> <span m='58930'>way</span> <span m='59150'>through</span> <span m='59360'>a</span> <span m='59750'>number</span> <span m='60070'>of</span> <span m='60110'>different</span> <span m='60370'>industries.</span> <span m='60635'>I</span> <span m='60900'>started out</span> <span m='61388'>as a</span> <span m='61876'>certified</span> <span m='62364'>paramedic</span> <span m='62852'>in</span> <span m='63340'>Arizona.</span> </p><p><span m='64316'>I've</span> <span m='64804'>worked in a</span> <span m='65292'>cardiac</span> <span m='65780'>catch lab</span> <span m='66268'>at Texas</span> <span m='66756'>Heart Institute</span> <span m='67244'>in Houston.</span> <span m='68220'>One of the</span> <span m='68708'>biggest cath</span> <span m='69196'>labs in</span> <span m='69684'>the world.</span> <span m='70660'>And then</span> <span m='71148'>I met</span> <span m='71636'>a couple of</span> <span m='72124'>folks that</span> <span m='72612'>got me</span> <span m='73100'>excited</span> <span m='73588'>about</span> <span m='74076'>the potential</span> <span m='74564'>for a</span> <span m='75052'>company,</span> <span m='75540'>which is</span> <span m='76028'>what led us</span> <span m='76516'>to</span> <span m='77492'>found the</span> <span m='77980'>education thing</span> <span m='78468'>that I'm doing</span> <span m='78956'>now.</span> <span m='79444'>So</span> <span m='81920'>I</span> <span m='82060'>would</span> <span m='82580'>definitely</span> <span m='83260'>recommend</span> <span m='84467'>that</span> <span m='85241'>a</span> <span m='85630'>career</span> <span m='85990'>path</span> <span m='86245'>involves</span> <span m='87950'>more</span> <span m='88370'>than</span> <span m='88510'>just</span> <span m='88680'>high</span> <span m='88820'>school,</span> <span m='89140'>because</span> <span m='89450'>there</span> <span m='89580'>are</span> <span m='89620'>a</span> <span m='89680'>lot</span> <span m='89880'>of</span> <span m='89960'>things</span> <span m='90230'>that</span> <span m='90350'>I</span> <span m='90420'>had</span> <span m='90570'>to</span> <span m='90660'>learn</span> <span m='92295'>the</span> <span m='92690'>hard</span> <span m='92970'>method,</span> <span m='93290'>or</span> <span m='93665'>I guess</span> <span m='93920'>the school</span> <span m='94415'>of hard</span> <span m='94910'>knocks, so</span> <span m='95405'>to speak.</span> </p><p><span m='96395'>It was a</span> <span m='96890'>bit of a</span> <span m='97385'>challenge,</span> <span m='97880'>but I learned</span> <span m='98375'>a lot of things</span> <span m='98870'>along the way.</span> <span m='99230'>It was</span> <span m='99340'>good,</span> <span m='99710'>but</span> <span m='100010'>had I</span> <span m='100160'>had</span> <span m='100540'>a</span> <span m='100890'>little</span> <span m='101020'>better</span> <span m='101290'>educational</span> <span m='101740'>foundation,</span> <span m='102010'>it</span> <span m='102280'>might have</span> <span m='102410'>been a</span> <span m='102800'>little better for</span> <span m='103268'>me long term.</span> <span m='106080'>If</span> <span m='106490'>I</span> <span m='106660'>could</span> <span m='107770'>give</span> <span m='107960'>anybody</span> <span m='108440'>any</span> <span m='108670'>recommendations</span> <span m='109390'>or</span> <span m='109560'>suggestion,</span> <span m='110130'>or</span> <span m='110290'>if</span> <span m='110440'>I</span> <span m='110520'>would</span> <span m='110660'>do</span> <span m='110790'>anything</span> <span m='111120'>different,</span> <span m='111722'>the</span> <span m='112134'>one thing</span> <span m='112546'>that I've</span> <span m='112958'>always</span> <span m='113370'>believed in</span> <span m='113610'>is</span> <span m='113930'>never,</span> <span m='114220'>never,</span> <span m='114460'>never</span> <span m='114740'>give</span> <span m='115000'>up.</span> </p><p><span m='116220'>Part</span> <span m='116990'>of</span> <span m='117040'>my</span> <span m='117160'>personality</span> <span m='118070'>is</span> <span m='118300'>never</span> <span m='118550'>going</span> <span m='118650'>to</span> <span m='118700'>let</span> <span m='118910'>me</span> <span m='119230'>relax,</span> <span m='120030'>or</span> <span m='120990'>not work</span> <span m='121470'>a day in</span> <span m='121950'>my life.</span> <span m='122430'>There</span> <span m='122910'>are many</span> <span m='123390'>days I</span> <span m='123870'>work</span> <span m='124830'>seven</span> <span m='125310'>days a</span> <span m='125790'>week,</span> <span m='126270'>and sometimes</span> <span m='126750'>10 to</span> <span m='127230'>12 hours</span> <span m='127710'>every single</span> <span m='128190'>day</span> <span m='128680'>And I'm</span> <span m='128860'>doing</span> <span m='129100'>it</span> <span m='129169'>because</span> <span m='129360'>I</span> <span m='129669'>absolutely</span> <span m='129720'>love doing</span> <span m='130015'>it.</span> <span m='130750'>So</span> <span m='131630'>if I</span> <span m='131750'>were to</span> <span m='131930'>give</span> <span m='132120'>you</span> <span m='132450'>any one</span> <span m='132620'>recommendation,</span> <span m='133981'>it</span> <span m='134422'>would be</span> <span m='134863'>find something</span> <span m='135304'>that you</span> <span m='135745'>absolutely</span> <span m='136186'>love,</span> <span m='136915'>because</span> <span m='137200'>then</span> <span m='137360'>it's</span> <span m='137550'>not</span> <span m='137850'>work.</span> <span m='138150'>It's</span> <span m='138450'>fun.</span> </p>","file":{"id":255747,"video_id":"2701083969001","name":"69499032","duration":140500,"thumbnail_url":null}});