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MAGAZINE EDITOR: A Good Journalist Will Have a Well-Rounded Education

About this video 

As an Editor, one usually begins a career as a writer in various fields and works his or her way to becoming an Editor. It is important to remember that all subjects are important, to become a well-rounded individual with a broad education. A degree in Journalism is usually the place to start.

Degree: Journalism
Job Title: Editor
Employer: Radiologist Trade Magazine

Job Summary: Writers and Authors

Job Description

Writers and authors develop original written content for advertisements, books, magazines, movie and television scripts, songs, and online publications.

The following are some types of writers and authors:

Copywriters prepare advertisements to promote the sale of a good or service. They often work with a client to produce advertising themes, jingles, and slogans.

Biographers write a thorough account of a person’s life. They gather information from interviews and research about the person to accurately portray important events in that person's life.

Novelists write books of fiction, creating characters and plots that may be imaginary or may be based on real events.

Songwriters compose music and lyrics for songs. They may write and perform their own songs or sell their work to a music publisher. They sometimes work with a client to produce advertising themes, jingles, and slogans and may be involved in marketing the product or service.

Playwrights write scripts for theatrical productions. They produce lines for actors to say, stage direction for actors to follow, and ideas for theatrical set design.

Screenwriters create scripts for movies and television. They may produce original stories, characters, and dialogue or turn a book into a movie or television script. Some may produce content for radio broadcasts and other types of performance.

On-the-Job Training

Some on the job training can be expected if you work for a newspaper or magazine.

Quick Facts

Average salary
Average salary
National Statistic Change Location
$30,000 - $110,000
Projected job growth
Projected Job Growth
3 to 9 percent
Typical schedule
Typical schedule
Varies Widely
Typical workplace
Typical workplace
Home, Indoor, Office, Remote
Personal qualities
Personal Qualities
Creativity, Written communication skills, Patience

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P3.instances[0].transcript.parse_transcript_data({"transcript":"<p><span m='440'>I'm</span> <span m='600'>Jim</span> <span m='880'>Knaub.</span> <span m='1190'>I'm</span> <span m='1460'>the</span> <span m='1660'>editor</span> <span m='2270'>of</span> <span m='2650'><i>Radiology</i></span> <span m='3120'><i>Today</i></span> <span m='3590'>magazine,</span> <span m='4310'>a</span> <span m='4390'>trade</span> <span m='4710'>magazine</span> <span m='6020'>read</span> <span m='6180'>by</span> <span m='6330'>radiologists</span> <span m='7260'>and</span> <span m='7350'>radiology</span> <span m='8119'>administrators.</span> <span m='9560'>It's</span> <span m='9780'>a</span> <span m='9850'>news</span> <span m='10220'>magazine</span> <span m='10900'>about</span> <span m='11220'>the</span> <span m='11300'>business</span> <span m='11770'>of</span> <span m='11890'>radiology.</span> </p><p><span m='13555'>I</span> <span m='13900'>got</span> <span m='14090'>into</span> <span m='15450'>this</span> <span m='15740'>business</span> <span m='16140'>as you would</span> <span m='16545'>expect.</span> <span m='16950'>I've got</span> <span m='17450'>a degree in</span> <span m='17950'>Journalism</span> <span m='18450'>from</span> <span m='18950'>Bloomsburg</span> <span m='19450'>University</span> <span m='20110'>in</span> <span m='20200'>Pennsylvania.</span> <span m='21370'>And</span> <span m='21880'>I've</span> <span m='21990'>been</span> <span m='22220'>in</span> <span m='22360'>Journalism</span> <span m='22960'>ever</span> <span m='23280'>since--</span> <span m='24530'>from</span> <span m='24750'>there.</span> <span m='25390'>I</span> <span m='25590'>started</span> <span m='26050'>a</span> <span m='26140'>newspaper</span> <span m='26515'>as</span> <span m='26890'>a</span> <span m='26950'>sportswriter</span> <span m='27856'>and</span> <span m='28310'>just</span> <span m='28570'>wanted</span> <span m='28960'>to</span> <span m='29050'>stop</span> <span m='29360'>working</span> <span m='29710'>nights</span> <span m='29970'>and</span> <span m='30050'>weekends,</span> <span m='30530'>so</span> <span m='30680'>I</span> <span m='30890'>got</span> <span m='31000'>into</span> <span m='31120'>technical</span> <span m='31600'>writing</span> <span m='32409'>in</span> <span m='32549'>trade.</span> <span m='33350'>And</span> <span m='33490'>that's</span> <span m='33700'>how</span> <span m='33800'>I</span> <span m='33890'>got to</span> <span m='34200'>here.</span> </p><p><span m='35620'>I</span> <span m='35650'>guess</span> <span m='35870'>the</span> <span m='35940'>biggest</span> <span m='36270'>piece</span> <span m='36440'>of</span> <span m='36510'>advice</span> <span m='36900'>I</span> <span m='36970'>would</span> <span m='37190'>give</span> <span m='37420'>to</span> <span m='37540'>people</span> <span m='38990'>about</span> <span m='39580'>looking</span> <span m='39905'>into this</span> <span m='40230'>trade</span> <span m='40670'>is,</span> <span m='41080'>when</span> <span m='41210'>you're</span> <span m='41390'>in</span> <span m='41490'>school,</span> <span m='41880'>you</span> <span m='42040'>see</span> <span m='42290'>all</span> <span m='42380'>that</span> <span m='42510'>stuff</span> <span m='42740'>in your</span> <span m='43030'>major,</span> <span m='44130'>all</span> <span m='44330'>that</span> <span m='44520'>stuff</span> <span m='44870'>that's</span> <span m='45080'>outside</span> <span m='45570'>your</span> <span m='45680'>major</span> <span m='46910'>is</span> <span m='47370'>really</span> <span m='47710'>important</span> <span m='48250'>if</span> <span m='48350'>you're</span> <span m='48440'>going</span> <span m='48610'>to</span> <span m='48660'>be</span> <span m='48850'>in</span> <span m='48980'>this</span> <span m='49160'>business</span> <span m='50130'>because</span> <span m='50440'>in Journalism</span> <span m='50856'>you never</span> <span m='51272'>know</span> <span m='51690'>what</span> <span m='51840'>you</span> <span m='51960'>need.</span> <span m='52220'>And</span> <span m='52350'>the</span> <span m='52830'>broader</span> <span m='53160'>your</span> <span m='53340'>education,</span> <span m='54252'>the</span> <span m='54710'>more</span> <span m='55120'>applicability</span> <span m='55830'>you</span> <span m='55980'>have</span> <span m='56450'>when</span> <span m='56872'>you</span> <span m='58140'>find</span> <span m='58450'>the</span> <span m='58510'>job</span> <span m='59510'>in a</span> <span m='59820'>niche</span> <span m='59950'>publication,</span> <span m='60830'>which</span> <span m='60980'>is</span> <span m='61090'>where</span> <span m='61220'>most of the</span> <span m='61610'>jobs</span> <span m='61910'>are</span> <span m='62210'>these days.</span> </p>","file":{"id":167949,"video_id":"2708099369001","name":"121587318","duration":63267,"thumbnail_url":null}});