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CHIEF EDUCATION OFFICER, IN-DEPTH: The Responsibility Of A Small Team

About this video 

Jackson, chief education officer of Front Row Education, describes the challenges of working on a small team and his work-life balance. He tells us that he needs to be motivated in his work by something that excites him, which is what his current job does.

Degree: Quantitative Finance
Job Title: Chief Education Officer
Employer: Front Row Education

Job Summary: Self-Enrichment Education Teachers

Job Description

Self-enrichment teachers instruct in a variety of subjects that students take for fun or self-improvement, such as music and foreign languages. These classes generally do not lead to a degree or certification, and students take them voluntarily to learn new skills or gain understanding of a subject.

On-the-Job Training


Additional Info

Self-enrichment teachers generally need to have some experience in the field in which they teach. For example, a pottery teacher should have some experience in designing and making pottery. They can get this experience through formal work experience, but they can also get it through volunteer work or personal hobbies. Formal education programs may prefer to hire workers who have some teaching experience.

Quick Facts

Average salary
Average salary
National Statistic Change Location
$20,000 - $45,000
Projected job growth
Projected Job Growth
15 to 25 percent
Typical schedule
Typical schedule
Full-time, Flexible, Part-time
Typical workplace
Typical workplace
Personal qualities
Personal Qualities
Patience, Empathy, People skills, Verbal communication skills

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P3.instances[0].transcript.parse_transcript_data({"transcript":"<p><span m='710'>I</span> <span m='750'>feel</span> <span m='870'>like</span> <span m='3400'>the</span> <span m='3540'>significant</span> <span m='4090'>responsibility</span> <span m='4450'>that</span> <span m='4810'>we</span> <span m='5020'>have</span> <span m='5580'>as</span> <span m='6090'>a</span> <span m='6150'>small</span> <span m='6510'>team</span> <span m='7100'>to</span> <span m='7500'>be</span> <span m='7640'>doing</span> <span m='8720'>a</span> <span m='8840'>range</span> <span m='9240'>of</span> <span m='9340'>different</span> <span m='9650'>things</span> <span m='11080'>and</span> <span m='11860'>using</span> <span m='12200'>my</span> <span m='12360'>expertise,</span> <span m='14390'>but</span> <span m='14530'>then</span> <span m='14750'>also</span> <span m='15270'>learning</span> <span m='15820'>new</span> <span m='16020'>things</span> <span m='16450'>to</span> <span m='17270'>fill</span> <span m='17840'>the</span> <span m='18350'>gaps</span> <span m='18670'>that</span> <span m='18820'>I</span> <span m='18890'>don't</span> <span m='19070'>have,</span> <span m='19890'>to</span> <span m='21410'>work</span> <span m='21940'>with</span> <span m='22100'>a three</span> <span m='22370'>person</span> <span m='22640'>team</span> <span m='22910'>on</span> <span m='23020'>a</span> <span m='23060'>business</span> <span m='23430'>like</span> <span m='23800'>this.</span> </p><p><span m='24840'>My</span> <span m='25000'>work</span> <span m='25230'>life</span> <span m='25440'>balance</span> <span m='25980'>is,</span> <span m='27960'>again,</span> <span m='28310'>tilted</span> <span m='28700'>towards</span> <span m='29150'>work.</span> <span m='29620'>I</span> <span m='29740'>feel</span> <span m='30080'>like</span> <span m='30350'>I'm</span> <span m='30600'>willing</span> <span m='30920'>to</span> <span m='31000'>put</span> <span m='31200'>in</span> <span m='31310'>the hours</span> <span m='31650'>that's</span> <span m='31990'>required</span> <span m='32600'>for</span> <span m='33290'>something</span> <span m='33660'>I'm</span> <span m='33800'>passionate</span> <span m='34160'>about.</span> <span m='35460'>When</span> <span m='35880'>I</span> <span m='35970'>was</span> <span m='36170'>younger,</span> <span m='36680'>I</span> <span m='36720'>was</span> <span m='36900'>willing</span> <span m='37180'>to</span> <span m='37240'>put</span> <span m='37400'>in</span> <span m='37500'>the</span> <span m='37650'>hours</span> <span m='38030'>for</span> <span m='38410'>anything,</span> <span m='39720'>but</span> <span m='40360'>at</span> <span m='40590'>this</span> <span m='40810'>point,</span> <span m='41370'>I</span> <span m='41660'>have</span> <span m='41860'>to</span> <span m='41940'>be</span> <span m='42060'>motivated</span> <span m='42670'>by</span> <span m='42790'>something</span> <span m='43110'>I'm</span> <span m='43310'>really</span> <span m='43570'>excited</span> <span m='43960'>about,</span> <span m='44210'>and</span> <span m='44360'>interested</span> <span m='44820'>in.</span> <span m='45280'>And</span> <span m='45410'>that's</span> <span m='45640'>what</span> <span m='46990'>doing</span> <span m='47250'>some</span> <span m='48160'>entrepreneurial</span> <span m='48550'>allows</span> <span m='48850'>you to</span> <span m='49150'>do.</span> </p>","file":{"id":255771,"video_id":"2701282599001","name":"69781910","duration":50580,"thumbnail_url":null}});