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DISTRICT LEAD COUNSELOR: Advising Kids Through Academic Decisions And Home Life Issues

About this video 

Sherce, the lead counselor of her school district, spends her typical day talking to students about their academic plans, home life, and school situation. When she was in school, she along with other kids of deployed parents where asked to see a school counselor. It was then that she realized that this was a career, and that this would be her career.

Job Title: District Lead Counselor
Employer: Copperas Cove Independent School District

Job Summary: Educational, Guidance, School, and Vocational Counselors

Job Description

School counselors help students develop social skills and succeed in school. Career counselors assist people with the process of making career decisions by helping them choose a career or educational program.

On-the-Job Training


Additional Info

School counselors must have a state-issued credential to practice. This credential can be called a certification, a license, or an endorsement, depending on the state. Most states require a criminal background check as part of the credentialing process.

Certification Requirement
Required by the American School Counselors Association.

Quick Facts

Average salary
Average salary
National Statistic Change Location
$30,000 - $90,000
Projected job growth
Projected Job Growth
15 to 25 percent
Typical schedule
Typical schedule
Typical workplace
Typical workplace
Indoor, Office
Personal qualities
Personal Qualities
Empathy, People skills, Verbal communication skills, Patience, Problem solving skills, Written communication skills

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P3.instances[0].transcript.parse_transcript_data({"transcript":"<p><span m='410'>My</span> <span m='520'>name</span> <span m='700'>is</span> <span m='780'>Sherce</span> <span m='1180'>Hampton.</span> <span m='1750'>I'm</span> <span m='2040'>the</span> <span m='2330'>district</span> <span m='2750'>lead</span> <span m='2970'>counselor</span> <span m='3740'>at</span> <span m='4210'>Copperas</span> <span m='4710'>Cove</span> <span m='5040'>Independent</span> <span m='5300'>School</span> <span m='5560'>District.</span> <span m='6540'>On</span> <span m='6850'>a</span> <span m='6900'>day-to-day</span> <span m='7750'>basis,</span> <span m='8590'>I</span> <span m='9380'>talk</span> <span m='9680'>to</span> <span m='9780'>students</span> <span m='10260'>a</span> <span m='10320'>lot.</span> <span m='11560'>I talk</span> <span m='11830'>to</span> <span m='11920'>them</span> <span m='12050'>about</span> <span m='12380'>their</span> <span m='12690'>academic</span> <span m='13380'>plans</span> <span m='14000'>for</span> <span m='14110'>the</span> <span m='14210'>future,</span> <span m='15270'>and</span> <span m='15940'>also</span> <span m='17270'>talk</span> <span m='17520'>to them</span> <span m='17670'>about</span> <span m='17940'>things</span> <span m='18200'>that are</span> <span m='18310'>going</span> <span m='18620'>on</span> <span m='18890'>inside</span> <span m='19390'>the</span> <span m='19470'>home,</span> <span m='21510'>any</span> <span m='22350'>situation</span> <span m='22930'>that's</span> <span m='23160'>going</span> <span m='23420'>on</span> <span m='23600'>at</span> <span m='23790'>school,</span> <span m='24200'>and</span> <span m='24300'>different</span> <span m='24550'>things</span> <span m='24790'>like</span> <span m='24990'>that.</span> </p><p><span m='25550'>All</span> <span m='25740'>my</span> <span m='25930'>life,</span> <span m='26260'>when</span> <span m='26360'>I</span> <span m='26420'>grew</span> <span m='26640'>up,</span> <span m='26810'>I always</span> <span m='27200'>knew</span> <span m='27410'>that</span> <span m='27560'>I</span> <span m='27630'>wanted</span> <span m='28060'>to</span> <span m='28210'>be</span> <span m='29080'>a</span> <span m='29240'>teacher</span> <span m='30320'>slash</span> <span m='30830'>counselor.</span> <span m='32460'>Growing</span> <span m='32860'>up,</span> <span m='33305'>I</span> <span m='33750'>used</span> <span m='33940'>to</span> <span m='34010'>play</span> <span m='34320'>Barbies.</span> <span m='35080'>And</span> <span m='35340'>my</span> <span m='35470'>Barbie</span> <span m='35810'>was</span> <span m='36030'>always</span> <span m='36330'>a</span> <span m='36400'>teacher</span> <span m='37100'>or a</span> <span m='37460'>therapist.</span> <span m='38520'>And</span> <span m='39490'>when</span> <span m='39600'>my</span> <span m='39740'>dad</span> <span m='40020'>was</span> <span m='40180'>away</span> <span m='40460'>at</span> <span m='40720'>Desert</span> <span m='40880'>Storm,</span> <span m='42070'>the</span> <span m='42200'>school</span> <span m='42470'>counselor</span> <span m='42840'>called</span> <span m='43100'>me</span> <span m='43200'>into</span> <span m='43410'>the</span> <span m='43490'>office.</span> <span m='44490'>And</span> <span m='45960'>she</span> <span m='46170'>had</span> <span m='46750'>a</span> <span m='46870'>group</span> <span m='47360'>for</span> <span m='47940'>students</span> <span m='48530'>who--</span> <span m='48710'>the</span> <span m='48820'>parents</span> <span m='49170'>were</span> <span m='49270'>deployed.</span> <span m='50260'>And</span> <span m='50640'>that's</span> <span m='50910'>when</span> <span m='51020'>I</span> <span m='51100'>realized</span> <span m='51700'>that</span> <span m='52280'>a</span> <span m='52370'>person</span> <span m='52760'>can</span> <span m='52940'>be</span> <span m='54470'>a</span> <span m='54560'>counselor</span> <span m='55020'>within</span> <span m='55280'>the</span> <span m='55350'>school.</span> <span m='55750'>So</span> <span m='55910'>that's</span> <span m='56260'>when</span> <span m='56490'>I</span> <span m='56590'>decided</span> <span m='57170'>that</span> <span m='57300'>I</span> <span m='57390'>wanted</span> <span m='57780'>to</span> <span m='57930'>be</span> <span m='58610'>a</span> <span m='58660'>school</span> <span m='58930'>counselor.</span> </p><p><span m='59860'>I</span> <span m='60160'>wish</span> <span m='60700'>that</span> <span m='60920'>I</span> <span m='61080'>knew</span> <span m='61850'>as</span> <span m='62130'>a</span> <span m='62440'>school</span> <span m='62760'>counselor</span> <span m='63720'>that</span> <span m='63930'>I</span> <span m='64060'>would</span> <span m='64360'>be</span> <span m='64470'>doing</span> <span m='64720'>a</span> <span m='64760'>lot</span> <span m='64920'>of</span> <span m='64989'>paperwork,</span> <span m='66170'>not</span> <span m='66420'>as</span> <span m='66560'>much</span> <span m='66850'>counseling.</span> <span m='68710'>I</span> <span m='68860'>really</span> <span m='69120'>wish</span> <span m='69930'>that</span> <span m='70130'>I</span> <span m='70210'>knew</span> <span m='70460'>that</span> <span m='70840'>in</span> <span m='70950'>the</span> <span m='71010'>high</span> <span m='71280'>school</span> <span m='71590'>it's</span> <span m='71780'>a</span> <span m='71820'>lot</span> <span m='72020'>of</span> <span m='72120'>scheduling</span> <span m='73160'>and</span> <span m='73310'>things</span> <span m='73610'>like</span> <span m='73860'>that,</span> <span m='74130'>not</span> <span m='74460'>just</span> <span m='74760'>sitting</span> <span m='74980'>down</span> <span m='75230'>and</span> <span m='75310'>talking</span> <span m='75610'>to</span> <span m='75680'>students</span> <span m='76180'>all</span> <span m='76330'>the</span> <span m='76430'>time.</span> </p>","file":{"id":265724,"video_id":"2698933952001","name":"70666594","duration":77738,"thumbnail_url":null}});