Informational Interviews

Honest Videos from Real Professionals

Young people across the country are worried about which type of job they’ll like and how they can break into the career of their dreams. However, very few people take the step of talking to lots of people already working in those careers. PathSources’ video team works tirelessly to bring you thousands of streaming informational interviews on video to help you make informed decisions about your future.

Curriculum Platform

Blended Learning: Employability Curriculum for 21st Century Jobs

PathSource’s curriculum team has created an online modular curricular platform for 21st century job skills and soft skills. Teachers can create their own customized semester-long curriculum from scratch in 10 minutes. It’s completely aligned to the Common Core, the National Career Development Guidelines and the American School Counselor Association National Standards for Students.

Career Database

Critical Insights Into Thousands of Jobs

There are thousands of careers available about which your students are unaware. We have put together a database for them to easily browse through a very broad range of careers with information on job duties, education requirements, salaries, and more.

Transcriptions & Subtitles

Searchable and Accessible to Every Student

Every PathSource video has subtitles and real-time clickable and searchable transcriptions. These give users the ability to easily find and jump to any point in the video.


Barrier Free Career Education For English Language Learners

The subtitles and transcriptions that accompany every PathSource video are available in nearly any language for an additional fee. This is one of the key features that makes PathSource America’s premier career education tool for English Language Learners.

Spanish(Latin American)

HD Video Quality

Industry's First!

Teachers frequently will play a video on a projector and the quality is so bad that it is barely viewable. Don’t worry. We offer high definition options on our videos so they look as good on a projector as on a regular screen. Who wants blurry videos when almost every device is HD compatible?

Career Assessment

Better Life Decisions in 6 Minutes!

PathSource students have access to the most dynamic career assessment/interest inventory available today. The system learns over time, creating better results for young people every day! It only takes 6 minutes.

School & Class Management

Set Up Your Classes in Minutes

States, districts, schools and classes can be added and edited easily within the system. Unlike other education software, PathSource doesn’t require teachers to add their students into the database. The proprietary PathSource system takes care of that for you!

Customizable Online Assignments

We’ll Build Assignments to Fit Your Needs

PathSource offers a range of outstanding pre-built assignments and interactive games. These include an editable video scavenger hunt, essay assignments and questions that pop up at the end of the videos. Reports on students’ responses, individually and in aggregate, are immediately available to teachers.

Individual Student Profile

One-to-One Career Counseling Made Easy

Teachers, counselors and administrators can see exactly what each student is doing on the platform, including what videos they’ve seen, what careers they’ve searched for and how they’ve completed each assignment. This enables enhanced in depth one-to-one post-secondary support and counseling.

Reports & Statistics

See Our Data!

PathSource offers immediately actionable deep insights into students’ career interests, post-secondary plans and goals based on their activity on the platform. Teachers and administrators can slice up data by gender, ethnicity, grade level and other characteristics.

Proven Results

100% of Teachers and 93% of Students Recommend PathSource

Efficacy data from districts across the country proves teachers and students love PathSource. For example, in the Chicago Public Schools 100% of teachers said that they would recommend PathSource to other teachers. In the San Francisco Unified School District 93% of students said that they would recommend PathSource to a friend.

Great Career Education Software Is Not Out of Reach! Every School Can Afford PathSource!